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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Kill After Kill

Review by Gary Hill

Here we get a newly remastered edition of 1992's Kill After Kill from Exciter. I know I refer to a lot of this as thrashy. That's certainly accurate, and by the time this album was recorded, thrash was a thing. Factually, though, Exciter were considered one of the original speed metal bands, and that genre predates (and was one of the influences on) thrash. I will say that, despite the remaster, the sound here definitely has a real indie metal vibe to it. So much metal at the time had that kind of production. It is not great, but it is what one expects from that era when talking about the more underground bands. That said, the opener probably suffers the most, seeming to be missing a lot of the bottom end. All in all, though, this is a strong disc that works well in this release.

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Track by Track Review
Rain of Terror
Driving frantic metal is on the menu as this gets underway. It's quite raw, but part of that is the production. It's furious, too. This is literally a screamer, and it's a great way to start the album.
No Life No Future
If anything, this ups the ante. It has more of a bottom edge than the opener did, as a function of the production. This has a real old-school thrash sound and really rocks.
Cold Blooded Murder
Here we get another screaming hot metal tune. I love the blasts of change on this thing. In fact, I'd say that, as strong as the previous two tracks were, this is the best thing here to this point. It's definitely a highlight of the disc.
Smashin 'Em Down
Another standout, this is so furious and mean in sound. The mix of more sung vocals juxtaposed with screamed works really well. The guitar solo on this is particularly meaty.
Shadow of the Cross
Coming in slower and doomy, there is a definite Black Sabbath angle here. This is definitely more doom metal than thrash. That allows it to bring some variety to the table. The fact that it's extremely strong makes it one of the standouts. In fact, this might be my favorite song here.
Dog Eat Dog
More in the frantic thrashy zones again, this is another powerhouse screamer. The guitar solo section on this is so intense.
Anger, Hate and Destruction
Another screamer, this is more furious speed metal.
The Second Coming
It didn't seem possible, but here they increase the speed and intensity. This is a real powerhouse and another highlight of the disc.
Born to Kill (live)
This live track is another screaming hot thrasher or speed metal tune.
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