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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Frau Fleischer

When the Sun's Down

Review by Gary Hill

The sound of this duo is very hard to pin down. I mean, it all exists sort of in a general techno zone. They bring in things ranging from metal to Goth, EDM and more at various points. This unique mix of sounds creates for an unusual experience.

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Track by Track Review
This powers in with a metal energy and approach. The vocals with two different styled vocals alternating bring a more punk edge. This is driving and fierce. It's also raw. It does seem to go on a little too long without enough variety. The closing techno styled thing is interesting, though.
Holy Crown
Much more of a techno or industrial grind, this has some intriguing changes. It's definitely more complex than the opener. It's also more effective.
Piece of Meat
Keyboards start this one. It works out from there feeling a bit like Nine Inch Nails. It gets seriously fierce and driving later along the road, but it stays quieter than some of the others.
Baby I'm Free
This comes in with a techno meets EDM vibe. It's another classy tune. The vocals and keyboards really take control later.
Coming in driving, metallic and fierce, this has a dark Gothic meets techno vibe to it.
Parts of this are decidedly metallic and fierce at that. Yet there are still Goth and techno things at play much of the time. To me, this is one of the most effective pieces here.
Bloody Curls
I really dig the creepy techno vibe of this number. This turns more driving later. The track earns a minor parental advisory for the lyrics.
A Boy Was Shot
This song has a rich, thick sound. It has a techno driving motif, but it's also artsy.
Bad Girl
This is a hard edged and catchy rocker. It is without question, my favorite piece. It has a harder driving grind in contrast to the opening movement. It still has plenty of variety built into it, but just overall gels better for me.
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