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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Katie Callahan

The Water Comes Back

Review by Gary Hill

Katie Callahan's music feels both familiar and fresh. The blend of sounds presented here is fairly wide from folk music to Americana and much more. Callahan's voice also seems familiar and unique at the same time. This set just works so well. It's lyrical, artistic and just plain cool.

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Track by Track Review
In A Garden
An ambient arrangement starts this. When the vocals join, the backdrop is pretty much strictly rhythmic. This song has a classy world music angle and a lot of charm and style. Other instrumental elements emerge later, more as augmentation. The organ, in particular lends a retro, gospel vibe.
One Sided Sea
This has more of a mainstream alternative rock pop vibe. It's a strong and effective piece of music. It's also a nice change from the opener.
I love the melodic, yet rhythmic groove on this number. The track moves and evolves well. It is a little understated compared to the one that preceded it. It's all class, though.
While not a huge change, there are some hints of country music in the mix here. This song manages to stand taller than the pieces that came before it.
I Miss God
I really like this one a lot. It has a great energy and some cool hooks. This song has some soaring moments and really just gels so well.
Notre Dame
There is some European cafe music in the mix on this. The cut has some Americana wandering around within its boundaries, too. It's a classy tune on a disc that is full of class.
Burn It Down
Acoustic guitar brings this song into being. As the vocals come in, it feels like something Bob Dylan would write. This definitely has a lot of folk music in the mix. I don't have the lyric sheet for this album, but this song seems very topical.
Sri Lanka
Mellow and echoey, there is a lot of artsy magic in the mix on this number.
More of a balladic cut, there is a lot of drama and magic built into this number. It powers up nicely at points and feels like a song that has a story to tell.
I Won't Give Up
There is a healthy helping of folk music built into this song. The number has a great flow and a lot of style.
Goodbye Baby
I love the retro groove on this song. The tune has a mid-tempo arrangement and some great hooks. This is all class and one of my favorites here.
Low Tide
There is a lot of echoey art rock turned alternative in the mix on this song. It's dramatic and evocative. This gets much more powerful in later sections, really rising upward in intensity and volume. It makes for quite the satisfying closer.
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