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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Lynne Hanson

Ice Cream In November

Review by Gary Hill

As strong as this release is, and it is strong, I think I prefer the previous album I reviewed from Lynne Hanson to this one. That said, there are some tunes here that seem even stronger than anything on the previous one. It just seems to play things a little too safe on some of the others. Still, this is quite effective and worth of Hanson's catalog.

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Track by Track Review
This has some killer Americana built into it. It's an up-tempo romp that's so much fun.
Hip Like Cohen
More of a bouncy, modern pop rock sound is on display here. I like this, but not as much as the previous number.
Ice Cream In November
The title track is slow moving and dreamy. It's all class. In fact, I'd consider this to be one of the standout pieces on the album.
Hundred Mile Wind
This has a real roots music angle to it. It's set in a modern take on an old-school country and western sound. It has some more modern pop rock vibes at play, too.
Orion's Belt
Piano and vocals are the central elements at the heart of this number. The arrangement fills out a bit, and the cut delivers a lot of emotion.
Birds Without A Feather
I dig this bluesy number quite a bit. It's slow moving and stripped back. It's one of the highlights of the set for me.
Latin guitar is the first thing heard here. From there we get more of a rockabilly sound for the song proper. It' gets some hints of early Blondie built into it, too. This is another highlight. In fact, it might be my favorite song of the whole set. It gets dramatic, a little symphonic and very classic as it continues. There is some killer Latin guitar soloing later in the tune.        
In On A Wing
There is a killer Americana vibe to this song. It even turns toward space rock at times. For some reason this makes me think of "After Dark" by Tito and Tarantula to some degree.
One Of Those Days
More of a pure modern pop rock sound is at the core of this. I really dig some of the over layers of sound later. They bring an almost proggy goodness to it.
Puzzle Pieces
I dig the melodic echoey guitar solo on this number a lot. The track is set in a mainstream pop rock zone.
Le Bon Moment
With lyrics in French, this is a more modern sounding pop rock number. It works well.    
This Heart Of Mine
There are plenty of classic and retro grooves to this cut. The number overall is a modern mainstream pop styled rocker. It has some great layers of sound laced over the top at points.
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