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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Johnny Kidd

So What?! - The Brits Are Rocking Vol.7

Review by Gary Hill

This new collection of music from Johnny Kidd is quite strong. To my ears these guys are among the better (and perhaps most forward leaning) of their early rock and roll contemporaries. I previously reviewed an early vinyl and CD set from them, and this has a lot of the same music. That said, the other CD included songs by other artists as the bonus material. This has some BBC performances instead. I think that just looking at the CDs, that makes this the better set. Since I reviewed all the songs from the non-BBC part of this previously in that review, those track reviews are used here for the sake of consistency. This also includes an extensive booklet.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2023  Volume 2. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
This song has some of the main riffing from the group's big hit "Please Don't Touch," and even that line. This is a strong rocker, but perhaps a bit too much like that other one.
So What
I like this stomper quite a bit, but it's not one of the standout tunes. The piano is a lot of fun, though.
Linda Lu
More of a stripped back rock and roller, this is entertaining, but not at the same level as some of the rest here.
I Can Tell
The guitar solo on this is incendiary. The tune has a great early 60s rock sound to it. It's another classy song.      
Longin' Lips
More of a standard old-school rock and roller, this doesn't work as well for me. The guitar solo is pretty awesome, though.
I Want That
A cool rock and roller, there is a lot of style and charm built into this thing.
A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues
I really love some of the guitar work on this number. It's not a particularly unique song beyond that, but that guitar is enough to elevate this.
Weep No More, My Baby
Here we get another more typical 50s tune. It's another that's again more of an "also ran."
Shakin' All Over
I first heard this tune as performed by the Yardbirds. I really love their version. This original of the tune, though, is so tasty, as well. It has the killer riffing that makes it so cool. There are some great twists and turns on this. It's a lot of fun. It's a bit strange how it seems to fade out with the song still underway.
I love the guitar sound on this killer tune. There is a great echoey angle to this.
A rock and roller with so much class, this is a lot of fun.     
Hurry On Back To Love
The style and charm are escalated here. This is such a tasty number. It's a bit subtler and slower.
Let's Talk About Us
I dig some of the energized parts of this, but it's another that's more typical of 50s rock and roll. I love the guitar solo on this number.
Please Don't Touch
I first heard this done by Girlschool and Motörhead. It's a great rocker there, and here. This has a definite retro (but contemporary at the time) sound. It captures much of the same magic as the version I'm used to hearing does. This is more melodic and less direct than the version Lemmy and company did, but you'd expect that.
Big Blon' Baby
This 50s rocker is solid, but not all that special.
You Got What It Takes
There is more of a pop rock and roll feeling to this. This is not bad, but there is a lot better music here.
Please Don't Bring Me Down
I dig the groove and vibe on this cut. The track has some trippy, echoey vibes to it. I'm reminded a bit of The Yardbirds on this. Of course, this predates that band.
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
This is fiery and kind of raw. It has almost a punky edge to it. It's a real powerhouse.
Magic Of Love
With more of a 50s rock and roll vibe, this is a good song, but not really a highlight. I do like the echoey guitar soloing.
If You Were The Only Girl In The World
Now, this is a ballad that's a bit too sappy for me. I'm not a fan of this one at all. The backing vocals are particularly syrupy.
BBC Recordings
That's All You Gotta Do

After an introduction by the presenter, the band dig into this killer old-time rock and roller.

My Babe
Again, after another introduction, they launch into the tune. This has some killer old-time grooves at play. I really dig the guitar solo on this thing.
Growlin' (Growl)
This is so much fun. The vocal arrangement is intriguing and unusual. The tune rocks, rolls and grooves. There is, of course, another spoken introduction here.
I Go Ape (vocal: Tom Brown)
This 1950s styled cut gets an introduction at the beginning. The piece comes in rather like a ballad. The tune rocks like crazy from there.
Brian Matthew Talks to Johnny
This introduction, which includes a dialog and a dedication, is its own track.       
I dig the mysterious groove on this song. It's all class.
This is fun stuff. It also starts with a spoken introduction. I dig the guitar riffing, and while this has vocals of the title, it's otherwise an instrumental. It really has a surf guitar vibe to it. This has such smoking hot guitar work at play.
Never Mind (vocal: Mike West)
I'm reminded of Elvis Presley to some degree on this cut. The tune has a great energy and groove to it. This one was also preceded by an introduction.
Please Don't Touch
This version of their big hit works well. It's also preceded by an introduction.
Brian Matthew Talks to Johnny
Here we get another dialog, that includes a request from listeners and a little information.          
Weep No More, My Baby
More like a Buddy Holly type tune, this rock and roller works well here in this performance. The guitar solo section on this though has such a killer retro sound to it.
Brian Matthew Talks to Johnny
Here we get more of a dialog, this time talking about their current record and future plans. It also introduces the next number.
If You Were The Only Girl In The World
I'm not crazy about this one. It's a slow moving, country leaning tune with doo wop backing vocals. This is really the only tune here that doesn't work for me.
Shakin' All Over
After the mandatory introduction, they launch into this killer tune. It's a great way to end the CD.


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