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Live One Hot Night DVD

Review by Greg Olma

I never thought that Y&T got the respect they deserved. They always seemed to be on the edge of being huge but for whatever reason, they could not seem to make that jump. I have a feeling record company politics and timing might had a lot to do with it because it certainly had nothing to do with the quality of their musical output. From the first Yesterday and Today record to their last CD Endangered Species, there has always been a level of quality that has never dipped. Many of my friends just never got them, no matter how often I flew the Y&T flag in front of them. Well, ultimately it is their loss because there are plenty of us fans out there. The fact that Y&T are still out there putting on shows to sellout crowds while many of their peers are no where to been seen just makes my point even stronger.

Well, I will get off my soapbox now and let you know about the DVD. One of the first things that will strike you is the videography. You can tell that this was produced in the older style of video production. The edit cuts are more relaxed giving you the feeling that you are in the audience watching the show. Many of today’s DVDs are edited in such a way that the vibe is ruined because of the quick multiple edits. On One Hot Night, you don’t miss any of the action and you get to relax and enjoy the shots. If you are a guitar player, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The older videos were great because you could watch a guitar solo and see how the artist did it. That is exactly the same kind of style that is used for this DVD (with modern technology of course).

I know I haven’t mentioned the music yet but I wanted to lay the groundwork for what you will be seeing. Now that I have covered things visually, musically, the band are in fine form. The songs have stood the test of time because quite honestly, they are well written, catchy tunes. I can’t think of any other way of saying it. Dave Meniketti sounds just as good as he did when I saw them live in 1983. He has always been a great guitarist/vocalist/frontman and time has been on his side for sure. Phil Kennemore is as solid as he ever been. Maybe the injection of new blood has made a difference. Mike Vanderhule has taken over the drum stool and although Leonard Haze was great, Vanderhule is just as good. John Nymann has taken over for Stef Burns (who took over for Joey Alves) and he fits in perfectly. He has a style that complements Meniketti’s and they work together perfectly. This is as solid of a Y&T lineup as there has ever been. And I’m not forgetting about the songs. You get a show of mostly greatest hits with many other gems thrown in like “Lonely Side Of Town” and “Winds Of Change” to name a couple. Visually and musically, the first DVD is great from start to finish. That’s right, I said first DVD because you get another DVD with extras. Although I don’t view all of the extras as essential, you do get a view into the world of Y&T. You get backstage footage, soundcheck footage, and a lot of video on the many fans that the boys came in contact with that night. They also throw in 3 songs from the 2006 Bang Your Head!!! Festival making the bonus disc a really nice extra. Although my review copy didn’t contain it, there is also an audio CD of the highlights of the main concert. If you are a fan, you already probably either have this or are waiting for your copy to arrive but if you are one of those people that never “got” Y&T first time around, then I recommend that you get it because there might be hope for you yet.

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