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Metal/Prog Metal DVD/Video Reviews

Body Count

Live in L.A. DVD

Review by Gary Hill

When I reviewed their Smokeout performance DVD I remarked how it was the only video available from the group, and that was a shame. It wasn't that their performance was bad, but just that there were technical issues and a less than enthusiastic crowd to pull down the energy of the band. Well, as if in answer to my request, we now have Body Count Live In L.A. I have to say, this is more like it!

This show was a memorial concert for members of the outfit that are no longer with us, and it was recorded at the Troubador club in 2005. It must have been one awesome show because this DVD rocks! These guys do a smoking live performance of their brand of rap metal, and I hate to use that term because of all the pretenders out there flying under that banner. These guys play smoking metal with Ice T. rapping overtop. Now that's authenticity. Neither form of music takes the backseat as both are always there. It's pretty obvious here that, like most bands, these guys draw a lot of energy from the crowd. As opposed to that other video where there wasn't much response from the audience, here the fans are high energy and into it. What effect does that have? Well, the performance from the band is pumped up a lot further from the feedback they are getting. It's a pretty typical equation, but I don't know if I've ever seen a more obvious example than the one seen on these two videos. While the first one showed a band doing a competent set, this one showcases an outfit that's purely on fire.

There really are no weak moments here as the band wind their way through songs old and new. If you like rap metal, then you will love this DVD. If you don't like rap metal, you probably haven't heard Body Count because this is the real deal. I guess the only negative I can point out here is that this DVD doesn't include any bonus features. The back of the case says that it does, but they aren't there on my copy. Mind you, that might be because of the fact that it's a promo. The truth of the matter is, though, this show is so strong that it doesn't matter. They also include a CD with two brand new tracks set to appear on their next CD. I can't wait to hear that album, as these guys are a unique phenomenon, and a killer one at that.

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