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Lady Antebellum

Own the Night World Tour DVD

Review by Gary Hill

More often than not, I dislike the modern wave of country music that’s more rock or pop than real country.  In a lot of ways Lady Antebellum’s music fits that category, but I love this band. I think it’s because it doesn’t seem like they are intentionally reaching for some cross-genre thing. This is just how the group sounds naturally. Additionally, these people are talented. The vocal harmonies are amazing and they know how to write songs. Sometimes the music fits under solid rock music. Other times it’s definitely country. More often than not, though, it fits somewhere in the soft rock meets pop territory. It’s always entertaining, though.

This is a concert, interspersed with little bits of interview, backstage/off stage footage, old film of the band in their early days and other footage. The one complaint here, and I keep talking about this in video reviews, I wish they gave you an option to just play the concert, start to finish, without any of that other stuff. Come on, it’s DVD, you can set it up as an option. It’s not that hard. Yet, so many times these days you see these videos set up like this where the interview and other clips interrupt the flow of the concert. When will someone get the idea and do it right?

Still, that’s only a minor issue when the material is this good. First off, the concert footage itself is great and the band just sounds awesome. If all you got was that, this would be worth owning. The truth is, though, the interviews add so much. These three people come across and genuine, down to earth people who are both talented and very nice. That says a lot. I really hope as good as this band is that they find continued success. It’s also great to see that artists who actually make real music without the aid of pitch-perfect and recorded sample loops can be successful. It gives hope that real music will continue to thrive. This is a great DVD for fans of Lady Antebellum. Even if you’ve never heard them and just enjoy good pop music with great vocal harmonies, pick this up today. You won’t be disappointed.

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