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VH-1 Behind the Music Extended DVD

Review by Greg Olma

I remember when MTV and VH-1  used to play music videos.  Back in the heyday, they were a force to be reckoned with, and I feel they really changed the music landscape.  Bands lived and died by the video and when things started to shift, VH-1 appealed to its old metal demographic by producing documentaries of some of the biggest metal artists.  While not all of their Behind the Music episodes are available on DVD, I’m really glad they decided to release this Megadeth version in its extended form.  There isn’t much in the way of bonus material except for the video of "Moto Psycho" from The World Needs a Hero.  I guess the inclusion of that video is due to the fact that the Behind the Music story only goes up to that album.  Lack of bonus material aside, this DVD documentary is done with all the drama you would expect from a VH-1 production.  It really is a “warts and all” story of a band that against many odds still thrives today.  The story really focuses on Dave Mustaine (as it should) with a healthy dose of recently departed bassist David Ellefson.  We go through a little childhood summary, but the meat of the story doesn’t really get going until Metallica is brought into the picture.  They go through the formation of thrash and then Mustaine’s firing from that band.  The anger from that betrayal led to the formation of Megadeth.  This is no Disney story, and VH-1 does an admirable job of not only bringing up the drugs, egos, and multiple rehab stints but also focusing on the music that was created during that tumultuous time.  I won’t go into detail as I feel that fans need to see this DVD with great older pictures, footage and new interviews by the people who were there at the beginning.  The one thing that the viewer can take from this documentary is also the determination Mustaine has in not only trying to beat his former band, but also in forging ahead no matter what obstacles arise.  I would hardly call Megadeth an underdog, but throughout the whole DVD you keep routing for them.

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