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U.K. Subs

Friends and Relations

Review by Eric Meli
As is the usual case with discs bearing this title, Friends and Relations isn’t an actual U.K. Subs CD, but more of a  compilation album of rare songs by the band as well as tracks by side projects. The CD version has two more songs then the L.P. version. The set starts out with some straight out punk and ends with a more melodic new wave sound with other styles splashed in between.

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Track by Track Review
U.K. Subs - Product Supply
The CD's opener is a  fast and loud rocker.
U.K. Subs - Rare Disease
This is a pretty melodic almost Goth sounding song about someone who seeks out misery.
U.K. Subs - Embryo
Here’s another fast one with kind of a Clash feel to it.
U.K. Subs - Teroristos
This track has a reggae/punk sound to it.
U.K. Subs - Phillips Environmental
Here is a protest song about a company stripping the land.
Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible - Too Much Reality
Before I read the track list on this one, I thought this kind of sounded like The Damned. Then I noticed that Captain Sensible is on it, and it made sense.
Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible - Space Virgins
There is a bit of an electronic/techno sound to this cut.
Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible - Human Traffic
This reminds me of The Sex Pistols with some rockabilly mixed into it.
Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible – Kamera
One of my favorites on the disc, this has kind of a 60s sound with an synthesized style voice  Also Captain Sensible plays keys with his iPhone.
Urban Dogs - Rebellion Song
Another one I really like, I could see this being covered by a Celtic punk band and still sounding great.
Urban Dogs - One Foot In The Grave
The first of two CD only tracks also has a Celtic punk sound to it .
Target Generation - Complete Surrender
A very mellow track, this is completely different from the previous cuts.
Target Generation - Sail The Wind
A beautiful love song, this is right on par with any 80s new wave band.
Target Generation - Think Of Me
I really like this, the other CD only cut. I really wish these guys would have been more successful.
Target Generation - The Things We Saw
There’s a hypnotic rhythm to this song that draws me into it.
Target Generation - King for a Day
This track has a really catchy pop/new wave sound to it.
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