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Black Moon Circle

Flowing into the Third Dimension (vinyl LP)

Review by Gary Hill

This album is made up of two epic length pieces of instrumental space rock. There are valid comparisons to be made to Oresund Space Collective, particularly because that band's Scott Heller plays on this. The music here resembles that to some degree, but perhaps it's a bit harder rocking that what one expects from them. To some degree this feels like a combination of space rock and stoner rock. Whatever you call it, though, this is classy stuff.

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Track by Track Review
Side A
Barnard´s Loop

Distorted guitar starts this off and creates a bit of a repetitive vibe at the start. It eventually begins to work into more of a cohesive cut as a guitar riff takes command. It really develops very slowly, but starts to turn out to metallic, hard-edged space rock as it works forward. Like all good space music, nothing here changes quickly, but this really moves onward in some interesting and intense directions. Imagine merging Sleep with an instrumental Hawkwind. You would probably get something very close to this cut. This space rock stomper works really well. This really gets powerful at times. This is an epic piece weighing in at almost 23 and a half minutes.

Side B

This is even longer, running more than 26 minutes. The guitar sound that opens it is hard rocking and really fiery.  This isn't a huge change from the previous one, but it seems like that one took a while to get to smoking hot intensity, but this one comes straight in with that kind of fury and power. In some ways this has more variety than the previous cut did. There is a drop down to some seriously mellow space rock later in the piece. They really get into some groove territory as that part makes its way forward. They eventually bring it down to some seriously mellow spacey sounds later in the piece. It works out to really trippy stuff further down that musical road. It continues to evolve from there growing back out to more of traditional space rock jam for a time. They ramp it downward later to take it to the close.

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