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Leader of Down

Cascade Into Chaos

Review by Gary Hill

Würzel (Michael Burston) was the leader of this band. They were working on this album when he died in 2011. The rest of the group have continued to work on the set, and it's now released. Würzel is probably best known for his tenure in Motorhead, and this does have a lot of connections to Motorhead. Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Fast Eddie Clarke all put in guest performances for one thing. Beyond that, though, there is a definite Motorhead sound, but with more of a pure metal edge built into it, in all of this music. This is a raw, take no prisoners set that still manages to have some catchy hooks. Other guests on the album include Cliff Evans of Tank, Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe and Lee Richards of Godsmack.

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Track by Track Review
Paradise Turned into Dust
Mean metal is on display here. The vocals are trademark Lemmy Kilmister. This sounds quite a bit like Motorhead in a lot of ways. It gets a bit of a parental advisory. There is a little bit of Lemmy talking in the studio at the end of it.
Cascade into Chaos
A fast paced metal riff opens this cut. This is furious and so powerful. The guitar work is on fire, and the whole tune screams with style and energy. There is a drop back to bass, and the cut builds up with some strangeness from there.
People Say I'm Crazy
A bit rawer and more punky, this is another hard-edged metal stomper. This makes me think of something like Accept a bit, but with different vocals.
Serial Killjoy
A bit more of a mainstream rocker, there are some cool chorus hooks here. Yet they don't sacrifice any of the power or meat to get there. This is just a catchy metal stomper.
Children of Disease
The guitar solo section on this thing is incredible. The whole track has a powerhouse, raw metal approach, but that extended instrumental movement really makes it. Phil Campbell provides the second guitar solo on the track.
Fast Eddie Clarke guests here, providing both guitar and vocals. This feels a lot like Motorhead. It's fast paced and mean with a real cutting edge to it. The guitar work on this is incendiary, and the whole cut is just so cool.
Punch & Geordie
We get more mean metal here. This is rather raw, but still manages to pull of hooks and style.
I love the energized jamming that starts this thing. It's another powerhouse on a disc that shows no signs of slowing or weakening. This has some more of those killer raw hooks, too. In fact, this is one of the catchiest tunes here. For some reason I'm reminded of a more metal Thin Lizzy on this rocker.
The Killing Rain
More of an extreme metal vibe permeates this cut. There is a real evil feeling to it. It's a bit of a change from a lot of the rest and really rocks.
Laugh at the Devil
Mr. Kilmister is back on the album's closer, and Fast Eddie Clarke is on the tune, too. This cut feels like Motorhead, but on their most metallic day.
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