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R40 DVD/BluRay Set

Review by Greg Olma

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet since this DVD/Blu-Ray set had been announced.  Most Rush fans are passionate about the band and its music, so it only makes that any release by these three Canadians would result in both good and bad reviews.  Most of the “bad” reviews focus on the fact that the majority of this visual set has been released before.  Like most die-hard fans, they get upset that the band does not reward them for their undying support with only releasing all new material.  I get that argument and can see how someone could get upset by having to spend over $100 to purchase something for only one disc of new gems.  I counter that by saying that some of these concerts are available on Blu-Ray for the first time, so those who want to “upgrade” to the latest version are getting something new in these already released concerts.  To some, that is not worth the high price tag, but others will see the benefit.  You can’t please everyone so why try? 

The real reason to purchase this package is for the bonus disc of rarities that span 40 years.  In that respect, this visual set is worth every penny.  We were given snippets of video from a 1974 show in Ontario, but here we get almost the full show (“In The Mood” is cut short).  There was also some footage on the documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage from a 1976 show but here we get all of the footage.  Anyone who is an old-time fan will be extremely psyched to see this old concert film.  We also get “Lock And Key” from the Hold Your Fire tour which looks like an outtake from the A Show Of Hands release.  If this footage exists, I don’t know why they just didn’t re-edit that DVD and include the rest of the songs from that show to make it a complete concert (and include it here).  Included on this disc is also a partial concert from 1997 where they performed all parts of “2112” live.  Again, I’m sure the rest of the show was filmed, so why not include the whole concert?  It is a minor quibble, but being a complete-ist, I would have wanted the full concert, especially since I know it is “out there.” Rounding off the rest of the DVD is the funny closing film (seen at “Time Machine” tour) starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel and the band’s 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.  Like I mentioned earlier, many fans are angry about having to spend over $100 for just basically the bonus disc.  While I understand that, I have to say that was happy enough to buy this DVD set (on Blu-Ray) and upgrade some of my earlier shows along with getting a disc of some awesome footage. 

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