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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Dusan Jevtovic

Am I Walking Wrong?

Review by Gary Hill

This is a purely instrumental album with a pretty wide range of sounds. Most of this fits somewhat in the crunchy territory of modern King Crimson, but not all of it lands there. Even when it does work well within that description, it frequently has other elements in the mix, too. Whatever you call it, this is good stuff.

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Track by Track Review
You Can't Sing, You Can't Dance

The first minute or so of this is rather ambient, stripped back and odd. It powers out into hard edged stuff that’s like modern King Crimson. It’s metallic.

Am I Walking Wrong?
Another heavy, screaming tune, King Crimson is again a valid reference point. This is driving and powerful.
Drummer's Dance
No less heavy, somehow this seems more melodic. It’s also more closely related to fusion. That said, there’s a mellower section mid-track that brings it more into the realm of space music. Still, the bass brings the fusion home even in that movement. Some heavier, yet symphonic music is heard later as the drums just pound away. That section crescendos to end the piece.
One on One
Coming in like a blues rock tune, this moves out to some killer heavy music that really calls to mind modern King Crimson. The piece continues by alternating between those two sounds and sometimes combining them.
In the Last Moment II
This is mellower than a lot of the music. It’s also kind of mysterious and ominous. It works through a number of shifts and changes and the whole thing is really cool. It’s got some really rocking sections and is one of the most effective cuts of the album.
Embracing Simplicity
A bit of percussion opens this track. From there a much mellower, melodic sound enters. This makes me think of Radiohead a bit. Later the cut develops into a harder rocking, driving jam that has a lot in common with King Crimson. That eventually drops away, though and more mellow stuff returns.
Third Life
This is a unique, and very cool piece. It’s arguably the strangest thing on the disc. It’s got ambient sounds along with backwards tracking, bits of oddities and much more. As unusual and bizarre as it is, it’s also quite cool.
This short (less than a minute) cut is very much like modern King Crimson. 
As the title suggests, this is rather bluesy. It’s also got a rather off-kilter quirky vibe to it. Those King Crimson elements still apply, but this also has lots of blues and even some surf music in the mix.
If You See Me Again
A blast of weird sound effects starts this. Then acoustic guitar brings the most mainstream sound of the set. The odd musical layers that come over the top transform it back into the realm of tasty strangeness, though. The cut does get more of that melodic progressive rock out front as it continues. This is a unique piece and one of the more effective of the set, especially given the variety it brings.  


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