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February 2011 - Issue 86
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Agents of Mercy - Dramarama
Review by Gary Hill

I’ve been amazed by the quality of music being released in 2010. 

Anima Mundi - The Way
Review by Mark Johnson

I was searching for new music one day when I found this album. 

Robert Calvert - Lucky Leif and the Longships
Review by Gary Hill
Lucky Leif and the Longships was the follow up to Robert Calvert’s Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters. 
Alex Carpani - The Sanctuary
Review by Gary Hill
2010 has seen the release of some of the best music in recent memory. 
Mark Clarke - Moving to the Moon
Review by Gary Hill
This disc might not be the most obvious choice for progressive rock inclusion.
Clover Seeds - The Opening
Review by Gary Hill
I’m sure there are those who will quibble with this disc being put into the progressive rock heading.
Earthshine - Live @Bob's
Review by Larry Toering

On Live @ Bob's, tracks one through seven are recorded at Bob's studio in Billings, MT.

Exhibit A - Make Mine a Lobster
Review by Gary Hill
I don’t think too many will disagree with putting this under progressive rock.
Fernwood - Sangita
Review by Scott Montgomery
This is a real gem!  It’s one of the most deliciously satisfying albums that I have heard all year.  
Frozen Ocean - Frozen Ocean
Review by Scott Montgomery
I found this band after listening to their music on their My Space site.
Trey Gunn - I’ll Tell What I Saw (1993 – 2010)
Review by Gary Hill

This compilation disc shows a lot of versatility. It features recordings released by various projects that featured Trey Gunn. Most of it is instrumental, but there are some vocals.

Hawkwind - Live ‘74
Review by Gary Hill
This album was originally released as the third disc of the 1999 Party set. 
Hawkwind - Masters of the Universe
Review by Gary Hill
This compilation is really only so important. On the one hand, were it not for “It’s So Easy,” every track on the set would have been released on album previously. 
Hawkwind - PXR5
Review by Gary Hill
This Hawkwind disc has a bit of a different sound than some of their other albums had.
Isaboe - Love Sun
Review by Gary Hill
I was originally going to put this CD into the non-prog category.
Kansas - Freaks Of Nature
Review by Greg Olma

Kansas was looking to get back to their original sound.  

Kansas - Vinyl Confessions
Review by Greg Olma

Kansas will always be remembered for their Leftoverture and Point Of Know Return albums and will always be linked to the 70s.  

Lake - Lake/Paradise Island
Review by Gary Hill
Lake was a German band that did a great job of straddling the fence between catchy pop rock and progressive rock. 
Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul 2
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second album from Lunatic Soul, the side project of Riverside front man Mariusz Duda.
Majestic - Ataraxia
Review by Mark Johnson
This is easily one of the best albums of 2010.
Phil Manzanera - The Music 1972-2008
Review by Gary Hill
Any time a compilation like this is released, fans will debate whether they like the choice of songs included or not. 
Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose
Review by Gary Hill
In the third installment of the Bat Out of Hell series, Meat Loaf finds himself surrounded by a lot of very talented musicians.
North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks
Review by Gary Hill
Perhaps the most pervasive influence to be heard on this album is The Buggles.
Omenopus - Time Flies
Review by Gary Hill
The EP Portents was the first we heard from Omenopus. 
Painting The Prototype - Painting The Prototype
Review by Gary Hill

I’m sure there are those who will dispute whether this fits under progressive rock.

Painting The Prototype - The ProtoHype
Review by Gary Hill
I am sure there are people out there who will disagree with this falling under the heading of progressive rock.
Rexartrefkin - Rex 1
Review by Gary Hill
Rexartrefkin is a trio from Florida and Rex 1 is their four song debut.
Sherbs - The Skill
Review by Larry Toering
After many years as "Sherbet,” one of Australia's top exports of the 70's, the group changed the name to read “Sherbs” in 1980 and released two subsequent mild hit AOR records in the US.
Sokoband - Sokoband
Review by Gary Hill
The easiest way to describe the sound of Sokoband in a short phrase would be “smooth fusion grooves.”
Space Opera - Safe at Home
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve never heard of this band before. As strong as this release is, that’s a real shame.
Tri State Corner - Ela Na This
Review by Larry Toering
Tri State Corner is a multi cultural rock band with Greek string instrument the bouzouki.
Virgin Steele - Black Light Bacchanalia
Review by Gary Hill

When I first got this CD I put into the heavy metal pile because of the band name and some of the titles.

Wax - Melted
Review by Gary Hill
This band was apparently very big in Philadelphia in the late 1960s.
Yes - In A Word: Yes 1969-
Review by Gary Hill

This box set is a class act. The whole thing comes in something that resembles a book. 

Yes - The Ultimate Yes
Review by Gary Hill
This 35th Anniversary collection of Yes shares a lot of material with other compilations of theirs.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Black Sabbath - Past Lives
Review by Gary Hill
This set features live recordings of the original lineup of Black Sabbath. 
Disturbed - Asylum
Review by Gary Hill
I remember hearing a couple songs from Disturbed early in their career and finding myself unimpressed.
Judas Priest - Point of Entry Expanded Edition
Review by Gary Hill
When Point of Entry was released, it was definitely an unexpected sound for Judas Priest.
Judas Priest - Sin After Sin Expanded Edition
Review by Gary Hill
Sin After Sin was really a transitional album for Judas Priest.
Sevendust - Cold Day Memory
Review by Vivian Lee
Nu-metallers Sevendust have returned with an eighth offering, Cold Day Memory. 
Star One - Victims of the Modern Age
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second album from Star One. 
Twisted Sister - Club Daze Vol. 1
Review by Travis Jensen
In the early days of the origins of metal music, names like Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple and Judas Priest were just a few bands that defined what we have been influenced heavily by today.
Twisted Sister - You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
Review by Mike Korn
I'm really glad to see this ‘80s classic getting the deluxe re-release treatment.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Acid Drinkers - Fish Dick Zwei – The Dick Is Rising Again
Review by Gary Hill
Acid Drinkers is apparently a popular band in their native Poland, although this is the first I’ve heard of them.
Aerosmith - Draw the Line
Review by Gary Hill
This is considered to be one of the weaker albums from Aerosmith. 
America - America’s Greatest Hits – History
Review by Gary Hill
As the title suggests, this is a greatest hits collection. The thing is, the music here is exceptionally strong.
Patrick Campbell-Lyons - The 13 Dalis
Review by Gary Hill
Patrick Campbell-Lyons was a big part of the London psychedelic scene with his band Nirvana.
Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight
Review by Gary Hill

Heaven Tonight really seemed to be a transitional album for Cheap Trick.

Chromatic Black - Chromatic Black
Review by Gary Hill
Time to jump on my soap box a bit here.
Amy Coleman - Goodbye New York
Review by Gary Hill
The music here runs the gamut from pure jazz to hard edged classic rock and at times borders on progressive rock.
Fair Warning - Talking Ain’t Enough
Review by Gary Hill
It amazes me that this band is virtually unknown in the United States. 
The Grateful Dead - In the Dark
Review by Gary Hill
Many Dead Heads considered this album to be a sell out for the Grateful Dead.
The Gray Lions - Run Wild
Review by Larry Toering
This is a great debut CD from a band with a lot of history, produced by the legendary Mark Hudson, father of Kate Hudson and member of the famous Hudson Brothers who had a hit TV show in the 70's.
Reverend Horton Heat - Laughin' and Cryin' with the Reverend Horton Heat
Review by Larry Toering
On the latest release from this massive underground delight, we are treated to more classic country than on previous outings.
Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow
Review by Gary Hill

The debut disc by Jefferson Airplane, many tout this as being some kind of near perfect release.

Kindred Saint - Kindred Saint
Review by Gary Hill

A hard rocking trio, Kindred Saint has released an exceptional debut with this self-titled album.

Kiss - Rock and Roll Over
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed the song “Calling Dr. Love” on the review of the Kiss Klassics disc of Sonic Boom, so, for the sake of consistency, I’ll adapt that review for use here.
Lake - Ouch!
Review by Gary Hill
If the world were fair, then Lake would have been superstars.
Lake - The Blast of Silence
Review by Gary Hill
The Blast of Silence represented a new album from Lake, but it wasn’t the same band who had produced all the classic Lake albums.
Lance Lopez - Salvation From Sundown
Review by Gary Hill
Fans of hard edged blues would be well advised to pick this disc up.
Ryan Montbleau Band - Heavy on the Vine
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve heard this disc and band praised on NPR quite a bit.
Natural Gas - Natural Gas (Digital Remastered 2010)
Review by Gary Hill

This is a digital remaster of the Natural Gas album that was released in 2009.

New York Dolls - Dancing Backward In High Heels
Review by Larry Toering
Set for release in March of 2011, New York Dolls return from their successful last outing Cause I Sez So.
James Nixon - Live in Europe
Review by Gary Hill
Combining blues, gospel, R & B and soul, James Nixon never fails to entertain.
The 1-10s - Fighting for a Golden Age
Review by Gary Hill
The sound of this band is well rooted in a garage 1960s hard rock texture. 
Liz Phair - Funstyle
Review by Gary Hill
This set is a two disc release. The first disc is a new album by Liz Phair. The second is a disc composed of her earliest cassette only songs.
7 Walkers - 7 Walkers
Review by Gary Hill
In many ways the main claim to fame of 7 Walkers is that longtime Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann is the drummer for this outfit.
Todd Sharpville - Porchlight
Review by Gary Hill
This album is considered to be blues, and indeed, a lot of it is pure blues.
Styx - Caught in the Act
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say that, while this CD set is entertaining, after seeing the current lineup of Styx live, and comparing it to this, I think they, ultimately are a stronger band without Dennis DeYoung than they would have been had he continued in the group. 
Carol Ann Timmel - Near Misses
Review by Gary Hill

Carol Ann Timmel hails from New York, but her roots are in the south.

Various Artists - Natural Selections Vol. 1
Review by Gary Hill
This is a sampler of artists from the Asheville, North Carolina area. The music is mostly along the punk rock boundaries, but it covers a lot of range within that field.
Charles Walker - Soul Stirring Thing
Review by Gary Hill
Charles Walker has given us a tasty CD that combines modern rock with classic blues, R & B and soul.
DVD/Video Reviews
David Bowie - Rare and Unseen DVD
Review by Gary Hill

These Rare and Unseen collections are quite intriguing in terms of what you get.

Genesis - Live at Wembley Stadium DVD
Review by Gary Hill
While I prefer the proggier side of Genesis, listening to (and watching) this concert, you just can’t deny the charm and power of this music.
Hawkwind - Solstice at Stonehenge 20th Anniversary Edition DVD
Review by Gary Hill

This is a very good, but not great DVD.

Judas Priest - Electric Eye DVD
Review by Gary Hill

I can’t recommend this DVD enough for long time fans of Judas Priest. First off, it starts off with all the videos from MTV.

Judas Priest - Live Vengeance ’82 DVD
Review by Gary Hill

As the title suggests, this DVD captures Judas Priest live in 1982 on their Screaming for Vengeance tour. 

Various Artists - America's Music Legacy - Dixieland Jazz DVD
Review by Gary Hill

Looking at the box to this series, one might assume that these DVDs are documentaries. They are not.

Yes - Classic Artists DVD
Review by Gary Hill

Yes seldom do anything in a small way when it can be done in an epic manner. 

Yes - The Lost Broadcasts DVD
Review by Gary Hill

For hardcore Yes fans, this is a real treasure.

Anima Mundi
Interview by Mark Johnson

Interview with Roberto Diaz and Virginia Peraza of Anima Mundi from 2011 Return to Menu

Blackmore's Night
Interview by Gary Hill, Rick Damigella and Larry Toering

Interview with Candice Night of Blackmore’s Night from 2010

Djam Karet
Interview by Scott Montgomery

Interview with Gayle Ellett of Djam Karet from 2011

Interview by Mike Korn

Interview with Ashmedi of Melechesh from 2011

Interview by Mark Johnson
Interview with Giancarlo Erra of Nosound from 2010
Salim Ghazi Saeedi
Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Salim Ghazi Saeedi from 2010

Roine Stolt
Interview by Gary Hill, Mike Korn, Greg Olma and Josh Turner

Interview with Roine Stolt from 2011

Interview by Mark Johnson

Interview with Mark Trueack of Unitopia from 2010

Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Rick Levy of Wax from 2010

Concert Reviews
Disturbed - Live in Rockford, Illinois, January, 2011
Review by Gary Hill
Disturbed headlined, and for that reason they played longer than any of the other bands on the bill.
Reverend Horton Heat - Live in Portland, Oregon, December 2010
Review by Larry Toering

A Reverend Horton Heat show is always a guaranteed blast and this particular night was on par with their usual bucket of backyard fireworks. 

Killing Joke - Live in Portland, Oregon, December, 2010
Review by Larry Toering

It was ice cold out and so was the band, as I was coming in without knowing really what to expect I picked up on several distractions at a killing expense.

Korn - Live in Rockford, Illinois, January, 2011
Review by Gary Hill
Korn was the third band on a four band bill in Rockford, Illinois.
Sevendust - Live in Rockford, Illinois, January 2011
Review by Gary Hill
When I heard the new CD from Sevendust I felt that it was a bit too generic and overproduced.
Book Reviews
AC/DC - High-Voltage Rock 'n' Roll: The Ultimate Illustrated History written by Phil Sutcliffe
Review by Gary Hill

I’d have to say that this is one instance when you really can judge a book by its cover.

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