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July 2023 - Issue 160
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Dave Askren / Jeff Benedict - Denver Sessions
Review by Gary Hill
Just to clear the air at the start of this review, this is not progressive rock.
Blues Image - Next Voyage
Review by Gary Hill
Blues Image are probably most famous for their hit song "Ride Captain Ride." Mike Pinera was not only the founder of the band, but also wrote that song and played guitar on it and sang it.
Charles Brown - A New Awakening
Review by Gary Hill
This instrumental album is truly a solo release, with Charles Brown doing everything here. There is a decent range, and this lands well in the progressive rock zone.
Circus 2000 - I Am The Witch: The Anthology
Review by Gary Hill
You might not have heard of Circus 2000 before. I know I hadn't.
Sylvie Courvoisier & Cory Smythe - The Rite of Spring - Spectre d'un songe
Review by Gary Hill
This is an album made up of music played by two pianists. Now, you might think, "that doesn't sound like progressive rock to me."
Crack the Sky - From the Wood
Review by Gary Hill
Crack the Sky has a history of creating progressive rock. I have to say that without that I'm not sure I'd land this mostly acoustic set there.
Joe Deninzon - Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius - Beyond The Curtain: Live at ProgStock (four disc set)
Review by Gary Hill
With the recent news that Joe Deninzon has become the violinist in Kansas, it is a safe bet that a lot of people are just now discovering his music.
Mark Dresser - Tines of Change
Review by Gary Hill
Bass is the instrument of choice here. In fact, it's the only instrument.
Michael Franklin and Timothy Franklin - Anahata
Review by Gary Hill
This album is pretty amazing.
Lars Fredrik Frøislie - Fire Fortellinger
Review by Gary Hill
Lars Fredrik Frøislie is the keyboardist for Wobbler, who I have reviewed in the past. This solo album consists of just four songs, but two of those are over 15-minutes long.
Hugh Hopper - Jazzloops / The Stolen Hour
Review by Gary Hill
This double CD set includes two rare albums from Hugh Hopper. For those who don't know, Hopper was at one time a member of Soft Machine.
Jade Warrior - Eclipse & Fifth Element: The 1973 Recordings Remastered 2CD Edition
Review by Gary Hill
This new double disc set collects Jade Warrior's two 1973 albums in one set. Of course, the discs get remastered in the process.
Jade Warrior - Wind Borne - The Island Albums 1974-1978
Review by Gary Hill
This new box set gathers up four albums from Jade Warriors into this four-CD set. The discs are all remastered, and each is comes in its own cardboard sleeve.
Kinetic Element - Chasing The Lesser Light
Review by Gary Hill
I have reviewed several releases from Kinetic Element over the years. This latest is sort of a concept album that is based on the past, present and future of space exploration.
Kong - Traders Of Truth
Review by Gary Hill
I think that if this were the first album from Kong I'd heard, I'd probably land it under heavy metal. It would be a pretty odd metal album, though.
Le Mur - keep your fear away from me (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed several of Le Mur's releases over the years. I have always liked this German act.
Leagus - Flora Eallin
Review by Gary Hill
This music is experimental. It's often jazzy, but there are rock elements.
Lunar - The Illusionist
Review by Gary Hill
I am sure there are those who will argue that this should go under heavy metal. Honestly, based on some of the music here, I agree.
Kurt Michaels - Stones from the Garden
Review by Gary Hill
Kurt Michaels just keeps releasing cool albums. This new disc often bridges a gap between more mainstream rock and progressive.
M-Opus - At The Mercy Of Manannán
Review by Gary Hill
This is an unusual act.
Pardon The Interruption - Hot N' Fresh
Review by Gary Hill
I've landed this under progressive rock. I can see people disagreeing with that. Here's my reasoning. First, there is some prog on a number of the songs.
Rush - Hemispheres (40th Anniversary Edition)
Review by Greg Olma
In 1978, Rush was riding high after two consecutive albums that pushed their presence into the prog spotlight.  After a short break that followed a tour of the UK, the band went back to Wales to record this prog masterpiece.  
Taiko Saito - Tears of a Cloud
Review by Gary Hill
The first thing I should get out of the way is that this is not progressive rock. In fact, it's not rock music at all.
Brandon Seabrook's Epic Proportions - brutalovechamp
Review by Gary Hill
It's a pretty safe bet you've never heard anything quote like this.
Tangerine Dream - Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2
Review by Gary Hill
This box set of Tangerine Dream live performances is massive. It is spread across seven CDs and includes more than six hours of music.
Tangerine Dream - Deadly Care
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new release of a soundtrack album from Tangerine Dream. The electronic, and mostly ambient sounds here definitely fit as a movie soundtrack.
Unquiet Music Ltd - MEMEmusic
Review by Gary Hill
As unique as the last album from Unquiet Music Ltd. was, I think this is even more "out there." Yet, it's strangely compelling.
Van der Graaf Generator - The Bath Forum Concert, 2CD, Blu-Ray & DVD Box Set
Review by Gary Hill
This new box set documents a concert from March 1st, 2022. We get two CDs of audio, but this also includes both a DVD and Blu-Ray of the concert.
Various Artists - Wind Of Change – Progressive Sounds Of 1973, 4CD Box Set
Review by Gary Hill
This four-CD set has some great music contained within. We get some of the bigger prog acts in terms of songs from Renaissance, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Electric Light Orchestra, Procol Harum and Yes.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Apex Origin - Beyond a Lifetime
Review by Gary Hill
This band hails from France. They play a type of music that combines heavy metal, hard rock, prog and more.
Deicide - Once Upon The Cross / Serpents Of The Light
Review by Gary Hill
This collection of two Deicide albums in one double disc set is classy. You know, I'm not actually a fan of death metal in general.
Killer - Hellfire
Review by Gary Hill
Have you heard a lot of Belgian heavy metal bands? Well, Killer is one such band.
Kings Of Thrash - Best Of The West - Live At The Whisky A Go Go
Review by Gary Hill
This group includes three former members of Megadeth: David Ellefson, Chris Poland and Jeff Young. In this concert performance they play a set of music from that act.
Michael Schenker - Rock Machine (vinyl picture disc)
Review by Gary Hill
While I know Michael Schenker is generally considered a heavy metal artist, I think most times he's more hard rock.
Brian Tarquin - & Heavy Friends - Brothers In Arms
Review by Gary Hill
I have reviewed several of these charity works from Brian Tarquin. They are all guitar heavy releases.
Warfare - The Lemmy Sessions (3 CD set)
Review by Gary Hill
Warfare was one of the earliest bands to merge punk rock and heavy metal. This new collection is the first release of an alternate mix of their 1985 album Metal Anarchy.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Dave Brubeck - Dave Brubeck Trio - Live from Vienna 1967
Review by Gary Hill
This is a rare, and unusual, recording from Dave Brubeck. They were touring as a quartet, but saxophonist Paul Desmond missed the plane to Vienna. 
Draff - Needs No Encouragement
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed two EPs from this act for this issue of Music Street Journal. Released in 2022, this is the more recent of the two.
Draff - Not Recommended
Review by Gary Hill
I'm reviewing two EPs from this New Jersey act in this issue of Music Street Journal. This one was released in 2021.
ELOUR - Blood Running
Review by Gary Hill
This is a great album. It really pushes a lot of the right buttons for me.
Rene Erickson - Silent Street
Review by Gary Hill
Although he's well versed in other instruments, too, this new release from Rene Erickson focuses entirely on his acoustic guitar work.
Falkner Evans - Through the Lens
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second album from Falkner Evans that I have heard and reviewed. Like the previous one, this is all solo instrumental piano music.
Howlin' Wolf - Boy, You Got The Blues There Vol. 1 (vinyl record)
Review by Gary Hill
This ten-inch, 45 RPM record features some alternate takes and unreleased songs from Howlin' Wolf. I love the raw blues edge that the music has.
M. CRANE - Swearing off Fame
Review by Gary Hill
While the name "M. CRANE" might make one think that this is a solo artist, that is actually the band name. Over the years the one constant in the band has been singer, song-writer Nick Maskill.
One Adam One - Where Do I Begin
Review by Gary Hill
One Adam One is the name of an act featuring Adam Reichmann and Todd Schnitzer. This EP features an intriguing mix of music.
Patrick & Daniels - Good Vibes
Review by Gary Hill
Here we have an outfit focused on acoustic music. The fact that's it's vocals dominated, makes it feel a bit like a throw-back to bygone eras.
Lourdes Pita - Lamento Cubano
Review by Gary Hill
This album features songs in Spanish with a definite Latin angle to the music. It's sort of a compilation as many of the tracks here have appeared on Lourdes Pita's early releases.
Priest - Body Machine
Review by Gary Hill
This is an intriguing set of music. It's electronic, but it seems to move deftly between EDM, Goth, techno, 80s stuff like Depeche Mode and more.
RZN8R - Closing the Golden Gate
Review by Gary Hill
This collection is intriguing. It merges electronic music with soul, hip hop, jazz and more.
Michael Schenker - Ride on My Way (vinyl picture disc)
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed two Michael Schenker picture discs in this issue of Music Street Journal. The other one lands more firmly under heavy metal, but I think this is more hard rock. 

Neal Smith - KillSmith Goes West
Review by Gary Hill
Neal Smith is probably best known for his work as Alice Cooper's drummer. The fact is, he's released quite a few albums under his own name.
Steppenwolf - The Epic Years 1974-1976
Review by Gary Hill
Steppenwolf really created a sound that was so strong. Their brand of blues-leaning hard rock was fairly unique when they emerged in the 1960s.
Sun Wave Mountain Cave - Familiar To Me
Review by Gary Hill
This set from Minneapolis based band Sound Wave Mountain Cave is about as perplexing to nail down as that name.
Vince Taylor & The Playboys - Brand New Cadillac - The Brits Are Rocking Vol.8
Review by Gary Hill
Vince Taylor may not have invented old school rock and roll, but he sure did a great job of creating his version of it.
Matt Thompson - Accelerate
Review by Gary Hill
I am very much not the demographic for this music. It's set in the modern sort of pop sound that is heavily over-produced and relies on sounds that don't exist in nature.
Pat Travers - The Art of Time Travel
Review by Gary Hill
Pat Travers was one of the rock gods of the 1970s. It's great to see him still making music in the 21st Century.
Various Artists - Destination Beach: 30 Tunes for Dancing in the Sand
Review by Gary Hill
With summer time upon us, this collection from Bear Family seems appropriate.
Various Artists - That'll Flat Git It Vol. 40: Rockabilly & Rock 'n' Roll From The Vaults Of MGM, Cub and Metro Records
Review by Gary Hill
This collection from Bear Family has a good mix of sounds. We get things ranging from the country side to rock and roll, surf guitar and even jazz.
DVD/Video Reviews
Lee Kerslake - Not On The Heep: The Heavy Metal Saga Of Lee Kerslake DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Lee Kerslake was an important figure in hard rock and heavy metal, even if he wasn't a household name.
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50 Blu-Ray/DVD Edition
Review by Gary Hill
King Crimson is an unusual beast as a musical entity. I've been fascinated by the band about as long as I've known about them.
Alan Parsons - The Alan Parsons Project - Turn of a Friendly Card Blu-Ray
Review by Gary Hill
I've included this in the videos section, and therefore not done the usual track by track review because this is a Blu-Ray (in other words a video format). It's not really a video, though.
The Residents - The Residents Present Triple Trouble Blu-Ray
Review by Gary Hill
You can count on The Residents to do things in an unexpected way. I wasn't quite sure what to expect here, but it definitely wasn't an actual movie.
Concert Reviews
The Winery Dogs - Live in Houston, Texas, March 2023
Review by Greg Olma
The Winery Dogs are back, and I couldn’t be more excited.  It has been almost eight years since I saw them on stage, and I was lucky to catch them on this your for their latest release III.  
Book Reviews
Various Artists - Punks in the WIllows Written and Illustrated by Alex CF
Review by Gary Hill
This is an odd little book. It's also very cool. The message here is positive and one of unity and empowerment. 

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