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April 2012 - Issue 93
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Aethellis - Northumbria
Review by Gary Hill
The new release from Aethellis, this one seems to stretch out a bit further than the previous set did.
Astralfish - Far Corners
Review by Gary Hill
Since both Don Falcone and Bridget Wishart are involved in this project, as they are in Spirits Burning, one might expect this to sound like that act.
Case in Theory - Cinematic
Review by Gary Hill
At times this feels more like nu-metal, but more often than not it’s kind of a modern progressive rock.
The Coloursound - Guilty for the First Time / Hold On (single)
Review by Gary Hill
I like The Coloursound. I reviewed their last disc and this single is the follow up.
Copernicus - Victim of the Sky
Review by Gary Hill
I like Copernicus. He’s certainly not for everyone, but his type of art turned music is cool.
Delusion Squared - Delusion Squared II
Review by Gary Hill
The debut Delusion Squared disc was strong, but this surpasses it.
Dixie Dregs - Dregs Of The Earth
Review by Larry Toering
In 1980 this music was not an abundant commodity, and that is why it remains one of my favorite prog albums of all time.
Euler's Number - Escape to Eurybia
Review by Gary Hill
It would seem that progressive rock audiences would be the most obvious fan base for this album.
Flying Colors - Flying Colors
Review by Larry Toering
Flying Colors, for once in a long time prove that rock music can still be everything it's supposed to be in a landscape that constantly attempts to limit it.
Roger Glover - And The Guilty Party – Snapshot
Review by Larry Toering
Roger Glover assembled some fine musicians in the shape of Warren Haynes and daughter Gillian, and called them “The Guilty Party.”
Heaven & Earth - Heaven & Earth - Featuring Stuart Smith
Review by Larry Toering
This is a review of the Japanese import version of Heaven & Earth which features a lot of musicians that Stuart Smith assembled for this great band.
Lana Lane - El Dorado Hotel
Review by Gary Hill
It’s hard to go wrong with Lana Lane.
MoeTar - From These Small Seeds
Review by Gary Hill
The music on this disc is definitely progressive rock. It wanders between varying styles throughout, though.
Noctem Aeternus - The Hours
Review by Gary Hill
The Hours is an intriguing album that seems to defy classification.
Points North - Road Less Traveled
Review by Gary Hill
Fans of fusion will really enjoy this instrumental album.
Trevor Rabin - Jacaranda
Review by Larry Toering
Trevor Rabin returns with the upcoming release of  Jacaranda in tow, and it's a heavy load to take in all in one sitting.
Reanimation - Giants Hide Among Us
Review by Mindy Minor
The Reanimation album Giants Hide Among Us features the works of Michael Shanahan.
RPWL - Beyond Man and Time
Review by Gary Hill
The obvious comparison when it comes to RPWL is Pink Floyd.
Rush - ABC 1974
Review by Greg Olma
This disc is something I have had in bootleg form for quite a few years but it’s nice to finally get it with some upgraded sound.  
Rush - Time Stand Still: The Collection
Review by Gary Hill
You have to wonder how many compilation discs featuring essentially the same music can be released.
Steve Sabet - From My Living Room
Review by Gary Hill
Steve Sabet proves himself to be a solid instrumentalist and songwriter with From My Living Room.
Soniq Theater - Force Majeure
Review by Gary Hill
With Soniq Theater you always have a general idea of what the music will be like.
Soniq Theater - Overnight Sensation
Review by Gary Hill
I dig the music that Soniq Theater, which is the name that Alfred Mueller works under for his music, creates.
Soniq Theater - Unknown Realities
Review by Gary Hill
Alfred Mueller records under the name “Soniq Theater” and has been quite prolific over the years.
Spock's Beard - The X Tour Live
Review by Gary Hill
When Spock’s Beard filmed and recorded this show in 2010, they had no idea the type of significance it would have.
Sunshine Superman - Sunshine Superman
Review by Gary Hill
Combining progressive rock with psychedelic and jazz, this is a cool set.
Telergy - The Exodus
Review by Gary Hill
This is a disc based on the book of “Exodus.” Just that knowledge makes this a concept album.
TU - Live From Russia
Review by Grant Hill
Russia bears mystery and curious allure to many advanced musicians from the West.
Simone Vignola - Going to the Next Level
Review by Gary Hill
I really like this disc a lot. Simone Vignola is incredibly talented.
Vinyl Floor - Peninsula
Review by Gary Hill
With Peninsula Vinyl Floor seem to have managed quite a feat. In fact, perhaps one could argue they’ve achieved several accomplishments.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Blaze Bayley - The King Of Metal
Review by Larry Toering
Blaze Bayley has been through an awful lot in the last several years, and rather than go through all of that stuff, it's best to key in on what he's done in the studio on this hot new release.
Cocaine Moustache - On the Mirror
Review by Gary Hill
Had I heard this disc the year it came out, it would have made my list of best discs.
Corrosion of Conformity - Technocracy
Review by Mike Heitzman
This album was released in 1987 by Metal Blade Records, and to digress, I found out in a recent interview with Reed Mullin that Tom Araya from Slayer helped get them signed up with Metal Blade.
La Paz - Granite
Review by Larry Toering
This is a disc that has been a long time coming, from Doogie White's old band that never got its due and wound up defunct for years on end.
Powertrain - Tracks
Review by Gary Hill
With Tracks, Powertrain has released a disc that should please fans of power metal and bands like Rainbow.
Thy Catafalque - Rengeteg
Review by Mike Korn
From the darkened forests of Hungary comes one of the most surprising metal records of the new millennium.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Audioscam - When the Money's Gone
Review by Gary Hill
This short EP features just four songs.
Ball ‘n’ Chain - Sands of Time
Review by Gary Hill
This is an awesome disc that just plain rocks.
Blue Öyster Cult - Blue Öyster Cult
Review by Scott Prinzing
The debut of any band is always interesting to go back to for a second look.  
Jon Burrows - Elvis Found Alive
Review by Gary Hill
This is music from the documentary of “Elvis Found Alive.”
Chelsea - Once Upon A Time....In The Heart
Review by Larry Toering
This is not an easy artist to describe by any stretch of the imagination, on a release that is even more difficult to nail who's playing what.
Bryan Dunn - Sweetheart of the Music Hall
Review by Gary Hill
There’s a wide range of sounds on this disc. For my money, the disc works best when Dunn doesn’t reach too much for a pop sound.
Empire Escorts - Empire Escorts
Review by Larry Toering
Empire Escorts is a brand new band from New Jersey on the rise.
Noel Gallagher - High Flying Birds
Review by Mark Johnson
Noel Gallagher needs no introduction to fans of the world famous, multi-platinum, Manchester, UK band Oasis. 
The Joy Formidable - The Big Roar
Review by Kat Heitzman
This London based alternative rock band has a lot going on with a multitude of different sounds coming from this CD.
Jon Macey - Intention
Review by Gary Hill
Jon Macey is a member of Fox Pass, and I really enjoyed their disc when I reviewed it, so I expected great things here.
Leigh Marble - Where the Knives Meet between the Rows
Review by Larry Toering
Leigh Marble comes down from a long painful experience on his third release, after being thrown some of life's difficult curve balls.
Milo Greene - 1957
Review by Larry Toering
This is a two track record from a great folk band called “Milo Greene.” What their name means I have no idea, but they're an interesting band with a lot of creative energy and a surrealistic vibe.
Rick Price - The Water’s Edge
Review by Bruce Stringer
Rick Price would probably best be known in Australia for his hit, “Heaven Knows,” but he has managed to strip away the old, long haired, smiley pop look and presents himself as the riverside thinking man’s songwriter, the Billy Bob Thornton of the Australian music world, if you will.
Prima Donna - Bless This Mess
Review by Gary Hill
Hard rock that combines punk, roots rock and goth along with new wave, this is tasty.
Robbie Robertson - How to Become Clairvoyant
Review by Scott Prinzing
Robbie Robertson is someone who I’ve always been aware of for his work with The Band, but other than watching a video of The Last Waltz film by Martin Scorsese about 20 years ago, my only insight into his life and influences were through the first two Band albums, Music from Big Pink and The Band, plus The Basement Tapes album they did with Dylan.  
Sep7ember - Strange Ways of Going Home
Review by Gary Hill
This band has produced an album with a pretty wide range of sounds.
Michael Stanley - The Hang
Review by Larry Toering
Michael Stanley whips out another release after last year’s excellent Just Another Night.
Walter Trout - Blues For The Modern Daze
Review by Larry Toering
This is the 21st album Walter Trout has been involved in recording, but he only started making solo records in 1998.
Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth
Review by Rick Damigella
At the risk of you not reading this entire review, let’s get something straight from the get go: Van Halen’s A Different Kind of Truth is a must-listen album - five out of five.
You Say France and I Whistle - Angry Men
Review by Gary Hill
“You Say France and I Whistle” is one of the strangest band names I’ve ever heard.
DVD/Video Reviews
The Beatles - Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This documentary is quite similar to the From Straight to Bizarre documentary I reviewed last time. This time, though, the focus is on Apple Records, the boutique label formed by the Beatles.
The B-52s - With The Wild Crowd! Live In Athens, GA BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always enjoyed the B-52s. From the first time I heard “Rock Lobster” I was hooked. They are billed as the ultimate party band, and I’d have to say that title fits.
Phil Collins - Live at Montreux 2004 BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
Let’s get one thing out of the way right from the start, taken by itself, this would not be a progressive rock review.
Dinosaur Jr - Bug: Live at the 9:30 Club - In the Hands of the Fans DVD
Review by Gary Hill
You’d truly be hard pressed to find a band with a sound as massive or loud as Dinosaur Jr.
Heaven & Earth - The Making Of Heaven & Earth DVD
Review by Larry Toering
Stuart Smith put together this band some time ago and made an album, then later put out this amazing DVD that showcases many of the proceedings in the studio while working on the project.
Ian Hunter - Live At Rockpalast Featuring Mick Ronson DVD
Review by Gary Hill
By the time of this concert (1980) Mott the Hoople had been defunct for quite some time.
Public Image Ltd - Live At Rockpalast DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Public Image Ltd is not the Sex Pistols.
Dexter Romweber - Two Headed Cow DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This DVD is an interview heavy documentary about Dexter Romweber.
Santana - Live at Montreux 2011 BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
Recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2011, this BluRay captures Carlos Santana creating the kind of music he wants to create.
Strawberry Fields - Live Strawberry Fields DVD
Review by Larry Toering
This wonderful performance is captured from the Silesian Theater in Katowice, Poland concert on April 20th, 2011, and it's the perfect setting for this very hypnotic prog band with a trip-hop twist.
Talking Heads - Chronology DVD
Review by Gary Hill
While Talking Heads became popular and mainstream, when they started out they were decidedly underground.
Transatlantic - Live In Europe DVD
Review by Larry Toering
This two disc set wasn't an easy pick between the three Transatlantic DVD's on the market, but ultimately I chose this one because I could review it at MSJ as it hadn’t been covered yet.
Bandless Abandon
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Tom Neely of Bandless Abandon from 2012
Blaze Bayley
Interview by Larry Toering and Scott Prinzing

Interview with Blaze Bayley from 2012

Corrosion of Conformity
Interview by Mike Heitzman

Interview with Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity from 2012

Echo Us
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Ethan Matthews of Echo Us from 2012
Flying Colors
Interview by Larry Toering

Interview with Casey McPherson of Flying Colors from 2012

Lunatic Soul
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Mariusz Duda of Lunatic Soul from 2012
Primal Fear
Interview by Mike Korn

Interview with Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear from 2012

Trevor Rabin
Interview by Larry Toering, Gary Hill and Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Trevor Rabin from 2012

The Void’s Last Stand
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Jonas Wingens of The Void's Last Stand From 2012
Concert Reviews
Corrosion of Conformity - Live in Chicago, March 2012
Review by Mike and Kat Heitzman

The stage at the Double Door is only waist high so seeing Corrosion of Conformity in this small up close and personal venue was a dream come true.

Guns N' Roses - Live in Chicago, February 2012
Review by Kat and Mike Heitzman

While we’ve seen many shows at the House of Blues in Chicago, we’ve never seen the place as packed as it was for Guns N' Roses.

Roger Hodgson - Live in Milwaukee, March 2012
Review by Greg Olma

For those of you who don’t know it, Roger Hodgson was the main singer/songwriter for Supertramp. 

Michael Schenker - Group - Live in Libertyville, Illinois, March 2012
Review by Greg Olma

Michael Schenker and UFO have always shared a special bond with Chicago and the Chicagoland area.  

Michael Schenker - Group - Live in Portland, Oregon, February, 2012
Review by Larry Toering

Michael Schenker and the boys turned up in great spirits to a sold out show that was nothing short of the most fun night to be had in a while.

Book Reviews
Various Artists - Classic Rock Revisited Vol. 1: Rock Icons & Metal Gods written by Jeb Wright
Review by Larry Toering
I haven't read very many books complied strictly of interviews, but it is a format I greatly appreciate.
Various Artists - The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock written by Charles Snider
Review by Scott Montgomery
The preface takes us “back in time: The 1970s…”  The personalized context introduces Snider’s authorial tone – relaxed, knowledgeable and thoughtful, without even a hint of pretense or pomposity.
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