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June 2020 - Issue 142
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Mohamed Assani - Wayfinder
Review by Gary Hill

I nearly landed this under "non-prog." It is very world-music based.

Be-Bop Deluxe - Modern Music: Deluxe Edition
Review by Gary Hill

This new double-disc collection brings us the original mix of a classic Be-bop Deluxe album along with a new mix.

John Cage - Lollipops
Review by Gary Hill

In terms of musical history, you really can't overlook John Cage. I remember taking a class on the history of American music in college, and composers like Cage were a big part of the twentieth century coverage.

David Cross and Peter Banks - Crossover
Review by Gary Hill

Peter Banks was the original guitarist in Yes, formed the band Flash after that, and created solo music for years, in addition to other projects like his Empire band.

Deep Energy Orchestra - The Return
Review by Gary Hill

This act is always intriguing. They combine world music (heavily built around sitar) with fusion, prog rock and more.

Epic Tantrum - Abandoned in the Stranger's Room
Review by Gary Hill

This double CD set is quite an interesting release. The first disc, Abandoned, is a studio album.

Nick Finzer - Cast of Characters
Review by Gary Hill

I've debated whether to land this under non-prog or progressive rock. Make no mistake, this is not progressive rock at all.

Fish on Friday - Black Rain
Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another set from this act and was very impressed. I feel equally impressed with this new release.

Fughu - Lost Connection
Review by Gary Hill

This act is based in Argentina. Their sound has a lot of electronic music, techno and even heavy metal in it.

Alex Goodman - Impressions in Blue and Red
Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing set. It could go under non-prog as jazz. I'd consider it more fusion, which we generally land under progressive rock, though.

Gordon Grdina Septet - Resist
Review by Gary Hill

This new set is quite intriguing. I previously reviewed a set from Gordon Grdina (with his Nomad Trio - in our last issue).

Ken Hensley - Tales Of Live Fire & Other Mysteries
Review by Gary Hill

This is a great new box set from original Uriah Heep keyboardist Ken Hensley. The mix of sounds here runs pretty wide.

Gary Husband & Markus Reuter - Music of Our Times
Review by Gary Hill

Both Gary Husband and Markus Reuter are legendary musicians who have been involved with many projects over the years.

Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg - Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun
Review by Gary Hill

I generally wouldn't consider Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship to be progressive rock, although they both have prog tendencies at times.

Kosmos (Finland) - Ajan Peili
Review by Gary Hill

There are two bands we've reviewed by this name over the years. This one is from Finland, and all the lyrics are in Finnish, but English translations are included on the lyric sheet.

Kosmos (Finland) - Ajan Peili (vinyl edition)
Review by Gary Hill

There are two bands we've reviewed by this name over the years. This one is from Finland, and all the lyrics are in Finnish, but English translations are included on the lyric sheet.

The Lovetones - Myriad
Review by Gary Hill

I've landed this under progressive rock. Perhaps that's not the right choice, but honestly, I think there are definitely prog elements in pretty much everything on the disc.

Music by Gestalt - Debussy's Fawn
Review by Gary Hill

What do you get when you combine classical music with jazz and some rock?

Nyxem - Behind the Veil of Light
Review by Gary Hill

When I got this set to review, I thought it might be heavy metal. Certainly there is a lot of metal in the mix.

Fernando Perdomo - Out To Sea 3: Storm
Review by Gary Hill

It's always a bit tough to pin Fernando Perdomo down to one sound. I generally land him under progressive rock, but this one fits a lot more firmly under that heading than some others do.

Anthony Phillips - Strings Of Light
Review by Gary Hill

Many probably know Anthony Phillips' name as the original guitarist for Genesis. If that's all you know, though, you are really missing out.

Renaissance - Turn of the Cards (box set)
Review by Gary Hill

This new set is pretty exceptional. It features three CDs and one DVD.

David Sancious - Eyes Wide Open
Review by Gary Hill

The cover of this disc describes it as a "movie for your ears." Musically this is essentially fusion.

Siena Root - The Secret of Our Time
Review by Gary Hill

This is the latest set from Siena Root. I think it might be the best of theirs I've heard.

Cory Smythe - Accelerate Every Voice
Review by Gary Hill

It seems appropriate that this release is being reviewed in the same issue as a collection by John Cage. This is similar to his work in the way that it is very much outside the box and experimental.

Talinka - Rainbow Over Kolonaki
Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another set from this act. I put that one under progressive rock.

Brian Tarquin - Brian Tarquin Project - Vegas Blue
Review by Gary Hill

You can always count on Brian Tarquin to put together some strong projects, This is no exception.

Judie Tzuke - Chrysalis Recordings
Review by Gary Hill

When I'm getting the list of items ready for review for a new issue, I spin bits of CDs with which I'm not familiar to decide where it should fit in terms of genre classification.

Various Artists - Kraut! Die innovativen Jahre des Krautrock 1968-1979
Review by Gary Hill

This is a new set that's part of a new series. It gathers up krautrock songs. This first set is a double disc set that's very strong.

Darryl Way - Destinations
Review by Gary Hill

You really can't go wrong with a Darryl Way project. He's one of those musicians who you can count on for quality.

YYY - Aquadungeon
Review by Gary Hill

This could land under non-prog as more of an alternative rock set. I think based on the artsy characteristic and experimental nature that it fits more in the prog zone, though.

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut - Zilla With Her Eyes Shut
Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed the single "Whisper Whisper" in the last issue of Music Street Journal.

Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Cirith Ungol - Forever Black
Review by Mike Korn

Cirith Ungol, named after the evil valley from “Lord of the Rings," is one of the ultimate  cult metal bands from the United States, with a history stretching back to the mid-70s.

Fervence - Ghost
Review by Gary Hill

This act combines modern nu-metal with alternative rock, epic metal and more.

From Hell - Rats & Ravens
Review by Gary Hill

This is the latest set from thrash/death metal band From Hell. This is a reasonably effective set.

Ratt - The Atlantic Years: 1984-1990
Review by Gary Hill

This new box set assembles Ratt's five albums on Atlantic Records. Of course, the title probably gave that away, right?

Non-Prog CD Reviews
D.G. Adams - Dangerous (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed an album from D.G. Adams. That set landed in the singer-songwriter zone.

Alias Wayne - Faux Pas
Review by Gary Hill

This is a solo project by Ranzel X Kendrick. The music here has a nice range of sound.

Patrick Ames - Liveness
Review by Gary Hill

This set will definitely not be for everyone. If you like things like Tom Waits, you might find a kinship to this.

Ivan Beecroft - The Cynical Express
Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed a couple other releases from Ivan Beecroft. Like those, this new set is a bit rough around the edges at times, but also quite effective.

Black 47 - St. Patrick's Day Party
Review by Gary Hill

This new collection features music designed to help create the mood for your very own St. Patrick's Day party.

Jim Capaldi - Open Your Heart: Island Recordings 1972-1976
Review by Gary Hill

This collection from Jim Capaldi is so strong. It gathers up three albums across four years of his career.

Brei Carter - Smiling EP
Review by Gary Hill

It seems to that there have been several movements in country music in the last decade or two.

Ava Cherry - Testify Love (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill

It wouldn't be hard to imagine that this new single would have been a big hit in the disco era. There is a very retro element to this cut.

John DeMena - Dreams and Lies
Review by Gary Hill

This has moments that land along the lines of progressive rock. Still other sections lean on the heavy metal genre.

D.O.A. - Treason
Review by Gary Hill

I need to point out one thing at the start of this review. I am in no way going to comment on the political content of this release. I review music.

Lily Frost - Retro-Moderne
Review by Gary Hill

This new set from Toronto-based artist Lily Frost is strong. It has a nice blend of Americana (largely from the guitar sounds) and pop music from various eras along with other elements.

The fundaMentals - High Crimes In Lo-Fi
Review by Gary Hill

This new set from The fundaMentals is not a big change for them. It is, however, another effective set.

Head Fake - EP2
Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing set. The bulk of it feels as if it could have come from the 1980s.

Kimberly Hou - Opus One
Review by Gary Hill

Kimberly Hou's new set is a collection of piano solos that land in the zone of classical music.

Jefferson Airplane - Long John Silver / Thirty Seconds Over Winterland
Review by Gary Hill

This new double disc set collects the final studio album from Jefferson Airplane (until the reunion, that is) along with the live album that was released around the same time.

Lola Rising - Moving Forward
Review by Gary Hill

Lola Rising's new set shows a lot of promise. Taken as a whole, it isn't entirely successful, though.

Love Me in the Dark - Love Me in the Dark
Review by Gary Hill

This is the debut release from a duet. The two making up the group (Steve McCormick and Heather Donavon) share vocal duties.

Scotty McKay - Rocks
Review by Gary Hill

This new compilation CD captures some solid rock and roll music. This is very much old school music.

Sean Miller - Everywhere I Roam
Review by Gary Hill

Sean Miller hails from Michigan where he is part of the band The Real Ingredients. This is his new solo release.

The Missing Frets - Pipe Dreams
Review by Gary Hill

The roots of this act go back to South Africa. That's where songwriter, guitarist Shaun Lovell linked up with bassist Bind Lovell.

Missing Persons - Dreaming
Review by Gary Hill

I reviewed the previous disc from Missing Persons. In that review, I said that, while I liked the album, it wasn't so much a Missing Persons album.

Todd Warner Moore - Overnight Flight
Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed quite a few discs from Todd Warner Moore. This is his latest, and it might be his best.

Thomas Charlie Pedersen - Daylight Saving Hours
Review by Gary Hill

Thomas Charlie Pederson is no stranger to Music Street Journal. I've previously reviewed his band Vinyl Floor, but this is his solo release.

Andrew Reed - As a Bird of the Air...
Review by Gary Hill

There is some effective music here. In fact, it all works well.

Second Hand Mojo - After Midnight
Review by Gary Hill

The music this act makes feels like it would have been at home on the radio in the 1970s. Their brand of rocking sound is definitely set in that era.

Spirit - Tent Of Miracles
Review by Gary Hill

Here we have a new deluxe edition of a Spirit album that was released in 1990. The sound of the set has a remarkably retro vibe.

Big Joe Turner - The Complete Boss Of The Blues
Review by Gary Hill

This is a new double CD reissue of a classic blues album from the 1950s. Don't expect guitar-based blues here.

Various Artists - Destination Lust: Songs Of Love, Sex And Violence
Review by Gary Hill

This is an interesting collection. The tie that binds all of this together is the undercurrent of sex that was sort of hidden with a wink in the post World War II, pre-sexual revolution days.

Devon Worley Band - Teatime for Thieves
Review by Gary Hill

The mix of country music with hard rock and blues on this works so well. The vocals are exceptional.

Ted Wulfers - Tremolo Moon
Review by Gary Hill

The alternative rock meets Americana and blues rock sounds that merge on this set is such a classy release. Don't expect anything Earth-shattering in terms of creativity or unique nature.

Tapio Ylinen - Left Unsaid (The Longstanding Problems of Happiness)
Review by Gary Hill

With a singer-songwriter air to all of it, this disc has a lot of class and style built into it. It's only six songs, and I wish there were more.

DVD/Video Reviews
Flying Colors - Live In Europe DVD
Review by Greg Olma

Flying Colors is a prog super group that has been around for quite a few years now.

David Gilmour - In Concert DVD
Review by Greg Olma

This is an odd release from David Gilmour as it showcases mainly a show from 2001 and then adds in some additional pieces from a 2002 concert. 

Pink Floyd - Meddle: Classic Album Under Review DVD
Review by Gary Hill

I have always been a big fan of the Meddle album. As this documentary says, the disc is often sort of forgotten.

Various Artists - The Vinyl Revival DVD
Review by Gary Hill

Do you love vinyl? I do. So do all the people in this DVD. This documentary is really a love letter to the format.

Glass Hammer
Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Steve Babb of Glass Hammer from 2020

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