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August 2014 - Issue 107
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
The Age of the Universe - Singularity
Review by Gary Hill
This isn’t progressive rock I the traditional sense of the term. It’s progressive rock in the way that any of the modern alternative rock inspired stuff like Radiohead and shoegaze is.
Amon Düül II - Düülirium
Review by Gary Hill
This is the first album from Amon Düül II in almost two decades.
And They Are Us - And They Are Us
Review by Gary Hill
This duo consists of visual artist /producer Dustin DeMilio (aka Dust Magnet) and guitarist Christopher Schreiner (aka Drop.Kick.Pop).
Asia - Gravitas
Review by Jason Hillenburg
One cannot rage against the dying of the light indefinitely.
Curved Air - North Star
Review by Gary Hill
The latest album from Curved Air, this album includes several new songs along with some reworkings of several classic Curved Air pieces and a few covers.
Egg - The Civil Surface
Review by Gary Hill
I have heard of Egg over the years, but until this reissued album, I never actually heard them.
Fish - A Feast Of Consequences
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Renowned novelist John Irving once remarked that the stereotype of the American writer, extravagant talents flaming out their skills and lives in a blast of illness and addiction, struck him as terribly misguided.
Focus - Golden Oldies
Review by Gary Hill
Dutch band Focus is legendary, yet many Americans have only heard one song from them, “Hocus Pocus.”
Dominic Gaudious - Dominic Didgeridoo Express
Review by Gary Hill
The didgeridoo is an instrument developed by the native Aborigines of Australia.
Gordon Giltrap Band - Air Waves
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite a strong instrumental CD.
Gordon Giltrap Band - Peacock Party: Remastered & Expanded Edition
Review by Gary Hill
I like this set a lot. It lands mostly in the progressive rock meets fusion territory, but there are some other things going on here.
Glass Hammer - Ode to Echo
Review by Gary Hill
What an amazing set this is! It’s definitely thinking person’s prog.
David Hayes - Epics
Review by Gary Hill
I loved David Hayes’ previous two discs.
Heylel - Nebulae
Review by Gary Hill
This outfit is from Portugal and if this set is any indication, they are pretty special.
Landmarq - Origins: A Landmarq Anthology 1991-14
Review by Gary Hill
Landmarq is a pretty amazing band and this career spanning retrospective shows that fact off well.
Lucas Lee - Normalcy Bias
Review by Gary Hill
This is an amazing set. It covers a lot of musical territory.
Lydia Lunch – Cypress Grove - A Fistful of Desert Blues
Review by Gary Hill
This collaboration between Cypress Grove and Lydia Lunch is pretty fascinating stuff.
Magma - Zuhn Wol Unsai: Live 1974
Review by Gary Hill
Magma is an odd beast. They are also pretty amazing.
Man - Be Good To Yourself at Least Once a Day
Review by Gary Hill
I have never heard this album before, even though it’s a remaster/reissue thing.
Meat Loaf - Bad Attitude: 30th Anniversary Edition
Review by Gary Hill
This is a brand new 30th anniversary edition of this classic Meat Loaf album.
Marco Minnemann - EEPS
Review by Gary Hill
Marco Minnemann is a unique artist. His music is always creative and innovative.
Nightsatan - Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom
Review by Mike Korn
30 years after the bombs fell, there’s not much live music any more. But there is Nightsatan.
Raelism - Freedom Within the Prison
Review by Gary Hill
Raelism is the project of Max Rael.
Renaissance - Symphony of Light
Review by Gary Hill
This is a great return to form for Renaissance.
Markus Reuter - Todmorden 513 (Concerto for Orchestra by Markus Reuter)
Review by Gary Hill
This is classical music, but not in the traditional sense. It’s more like the freeform classical that emerged in the early part of the 20th Century. Yet, it’s also ambient and space music. Is it rock? No, definitely not. It is, however, progressive music.
Jordan Rudess - All That Is Now
Review by Gary Hill
This is a solo piano album.
Jordan Rudess - Explorations
Review by Gary Hill
The bulk of this album consists of compositions Jordan Rudess created and performed with an orchestra.
Todd Rundgren - and Utopia – Live at the Electric Ballroom, Milwaukee 23rd October 1978
Review by Gary Hill
This is a live album from Rundgren and Utopia and it’s a killer set.
Rush - Presto (Limited Edition Hybrid SACD version)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new audiophile reissue of this classic Rush album.
Various Artists - Light My Fire - A Classic Rock Salute To the Doors
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always been a big fan of the Doors.
Carl Verheyen - Mustang Run
Review by Gary Hill
Carl Verheyen is probably best known for his tenure in Supertramp.
VHF - Very High Frequency
Review by Gary Hill
What an amazing set this is. In fact, it is likely to make my “best of 2014” list.
Rick Wakeman - Out of the Blue: Official Remastered Version
Review by Gary Hill
This is a newly remastered version of a Rick Wakeman live album. 
Rick Wakeman - Softsword
Review by Gary Hill
Let me just start this review to say that I like this album a lot.
Marty Walsh - The Total Plan
Review by Gary Hill
Marty Walsh is probably best known for his work playing guitar with Supertramp.
Darryl Way - Children of the Cosmos
Review by Gary Hill
This is an amazing disc. For my money, it’s better than the previous album that I reviewed from Darryl Way.
John Wetton – Richard Palmer-James - Jack-Knife / Monkey Business 1972-1977
Review by Gary Hill
This set, basically two albums released as a two CD package, is a mixed bag.
Yes - Heaven and Earth
Review by Gary Hill
Where do I begin on this review? I guess I should start by saying that I’m a Yes fanatic and I have been since I was twelve years old – and for those keeping track, that’s a long time ago.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Accept - All Areas – Worldwide
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new reissue of an older live album.
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls
Review by Gary Hill
Judas Priest’s last album Nostradamus really divided fans.
Thor - Only the Strong: Deluxe Edition
Review by Gary Hill
I suppose the easiest comparison here would be to say that Thor is like Manowar.
Vader - Tibi et Igni
Review by Mike Korn
In Poland, Vader is the metal band.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Aubergine MACHINE - Call It Fate or Call It Karma (Digital Single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a cover of a song by The Strokes. I hadn’t heard the original before, so I had to check that out before giving this a spin.
Audioscam - Audioscam 3
Review by Gary Hill
This is the third Audioscam release and each of them is different.
Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose
Review by Greg Olma
It was always going to be difficult to separate this release from a Thin Lizzy release.  
Chris Braide - Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars
Review by Gary Hill
The easiest way to describe this would be modern pop music.
Captain Beefheart - Harpo’s Detroit Dec 11th 1980
Review by Gary Hill
It is obvious right from the start that this was a bootleg recording.
Paul Carrack - Rain or Shine
Review by Gary Hill
Most people probably first heard of Paul Carrack when he was in Ace.
Chains of Logic - Age of Progress
Review by Gary Hill
Electronic music is the order of business here.
Eric Clapton - Journeyman (Limited Edition Hybrid SACD version)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new audiophile release of a classic Eric Clapton solo album.
Eli Cook - Primitive Son
Review by Gary Hill
I know Eli Cook is considered in some ways a blues artist.
Corrosion of Conformity - IX
Review by Mike Heitzman
As you may have guessed by the title, this is COC’s ninth full studio release. 
Spencer Day - Daybreak
Review by Gary Hill
Here we get an album that really feels like it belongs in a different era.
Deep Purple - Purpendicular (Reissue)
Review by Gary Hill
This new reissue of Purpendicular includes two bonus tracks.
Nik Everett - Music
Review by Gary Hill
While this isn’t the most original or unique music you are likely to hear, it is quite effective.
The Everydays - The Everydays
Review by Gary Hill
This North Carolina duo really makes you feel like they came from a bygone era.
Eric Frisch - Goodbye Birdcage
Review by Gary Hill
Catchy, timeless pop music – that would be the best description of this.
Jefferson Grizzard - Learning How to Lie
Review by Gary Hill
This is a pretty cool album. It’s got a bit of a punk rock element, but overall lands more in the territory of singer/songwriter music.
Ian Hunter - Strings Attached (A Very Special Night With)
Review by Gary Hill
This concert recording is from 2002. It features Ian Hunter with an orchestra.
The Hydrothermal Vents - Secrets of the Deep
Review by Gary Hill
This is an unusual set. It’s very hard to categorize.
Iron Butterfly - Live at the Galaxy 1967
Review by Gary Hill
Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately.
Lillian Axe - One Night in the Temple
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite a cool set. Lillian Axe threw a party for family, friends and some lucky fans.
Little Feat - Live in Holland 1976
Review by Gary Hill
This classic Little Feat concert has gotten great treatment on this release.
The Meatmen - Savage Sagas from the Meatmen
Review by Gary Hill
There is a definite link between hardcore punk and metal.
Nazareth - Rock 'n' Roll Telephone
Review by Gary Hill
This album might be the swan song for Dan McCafferty in terms of his work with Nazareth.
Vincent Poag - For the Girls
Review by Gary Hill
Folk music is the general concept here.
Hillary Reynolds Band - The Miles Before Us
Review by Gary Hill
What an amazing set this is. I’m reminded of some descriptions I’ve heard of the band Phish.
Rickity - Greatest Hits Volume I
Review by Gary Hill
This is an unusual disc. It’s also a compelling one.
Sade - Stronger than Pride (Vinyl Reissue)
Review by Gary Hill
Sade might be the lead singer’s first name, but it is actually a band.
Mary Sarah - and Friends – Bridges
Review by Gary Hill
Mary Sarah is only 18 years old.
Pete Seeger - Sing Out America! The Best of Pete Seeger
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve never been a huge fan of Pete Seeger, but you really have to admire the influence he has had on music over the years.
Michael Stanley - The Job
Review by Gary Hill
This is such a great album.
Neville Staple - Ska Crazy
Review by Gary Hill
Neville Staple is probably best known for his work in The Specials.
Tapebenders - Chasing Ghosts
Review by Gary Hill
This group started out as “Elusive Parallelograms.”
Chris Thompson - Toys & Dishes
Review by Gary Hill
Chris Thompson is probably best known for his time as the singer in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.
3 Years Hollow - The Cracks
Review by Gary Hill
This band hails from my home state of Illinois. This album shows that they are quite talented.
Tiebreaker - Where Can Love Go Wrong? (Digital Single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is the new single from Tiebreaker, and it’s got a really classic rock sound. 
Various Artists - For the Love of Dog... And Cat: An Album to Benefit Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Charity albums, unfortunately, can often mean well, but lack any sort of lasting musical value.
Various Artists - Legends: Crank It Up (Limited Edition Hybrid SACD version)
Review by Gary Hill
Originally released as a Time Life Series installment, this album features a lot of songs most people will know.
Various Artists - Legends: Get it On (Limited Edition Hybrid SACD version)
Review by Gary Hill
This album was originally released as a Time Life Series disc.
DVD/Video Reviews
Alice Cooper - Super Duper Alice Cooper DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This was released to theaters a while ago. I wish I’d gone to see it then.
Peter Gabriel - Back to Front: Live in London BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
Fans of the So album will especially want to pick this up.
B. B. King - The Life of Riley DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always loved B.B. King’s music. I’ve only seen him live once, but it was an incredible show.
Various Artists - Clockwork Orange County DVD
Review by Gary Hill
It should be noted right from the start that, although this film is about a punk rock scene, it’s less about the music and more about the scene and the club where it flourished.
ZZ Top - Live at Montreux 2013 DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve now got several ZZ Top live DVDs. I have to say that each one is a bit different.
Ian Anderson
Interview by Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Ian Anderson from 2014

The Devine Xperience
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with The Devine Xperience from 2014
Electric Prunes
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with James Lowe of the Electric Prunes from 2014
Interview by Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Fish from 2014

Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Thijs Van Leer of Focus from 2014
Steve Hogarth
Interview by Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Steve Hogarth from 2014

John Lawton
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with John Lawton from 2014
Interview by Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Dan McCafferty of Nazareth from 2014

Interview by Mike Korn
Interview with Nightsatan from 2014
Marcelo Paganini
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Marcelo Paganini from 2014
Pray for Brain
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Pray for Brain from 2014
Erik Scott
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Erik Scott from 2014
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Robert McClung of Telergy from 2014
Concert Reviews
Black Star Riders - Live in St Charles, Illinois, May 2014
Review by Greg Olma

A few years ago, Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, and Darren Wharton were joined by a few other players and toured as Thin Lizzy.  

Book Reviews
Steve Hogarth - The Invisible Man: Diaries 1991-1997 written by Steve Hogarth
Review by Jason Hillenburg
In the second half of their career, Marillion have distinguished themselves as an uniquely creative act able to maintain a high level of artistic excellence while managing to navigate their way through the tumultuous waters of The Music Business, circa late 20th-early 21st century.
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