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June 2024 - Issue 164
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Susan Alcorn Septeto del Sur - Canto
Review by Gary Hill
Led by pedal-steel player Susan Alcorn, this group produces some intriguing music here.
Jef Bek - Distant Starlight
Review by Gary Hill
Jef Bek is a composer and musician from Chicago. He has created an album packed full of intriguing progressive rock music here.
Jason Blake - Radiant Dusk
Review by Gary Hill
I have covered a lot of music from Jason Blake. The Warr guitar player delivers quality music.
Jason Blake - Seemingly Quixotic
Review by Gary Hill
Jason Blake puts out consistently strong music.
Tim Blake - Crystal Presence: The Albums 1977-1991
Review by Gary Hill
This new collection gathers up three albums by Tim Blake. Blake is best known for his work in Gong and Hawkwind.
Bruford - One of a Kind - Remastered Vinyl Edition
Review by Gary Hill
This album, the second from Bill Bruford's solo project that went by his last name, is just getting a great remastered vinyl release from his own Winterfold Records.
Buttercup - Grand Marais
Review by Gary Hill
This is clearly not progressive rock in any kind of traditional sense of the word.
cHoclat FRoG - On Detour to Shortcut
Review by Gary Hill
This is an intriguing release. Apparently this act is a duo made up of a father and son, but there are a couple guests on the disc.
Colouratura - WTF Was That?!
Review by Gary Hill
This act from Ohio plays an intriguing blend of music. It definitely qualifies as progressive rock, but it's not the prog of old.
Benjamin Croft - We Are Here to Help
Review by Gary Hill
This new album from Benjamin Croft is really strong. In fact, I think it's  another that's likely to make my "Best of 2024" list.
Michael Echaniz - Seven Shades of Violet (Rebiralost)
Review by Gary Hill
This disc has a lot of jazz in the mix. It gets into fusion territory, though, and there is a lot of art music here.
Electric Peace - Shoot Me!!!
Review by Gary Hill
I know people might argue with me about putting this under progressive rock. I bet the band would be among those people.
Eloy - Chronicles I
Review by Gary Hill
This is  an intriguing set. It includes re-recorded versions of songs from various parts of Eloy's history.
Family - It's Only a Movie - 2 CD Remastered Expanded Edition
Review by Gary Hill
It's Only a Movie was the final album from prog rock act Family. The disc gets a deluxe reissue here.
Thomas Glönkler - Tiefenland
Review by Gary Hill
This double CD set showcases an intriguing form of progressive rock. It can be subtle and ambient.
Hawkestrel - Chaos Rocks
Review by Gary Hill
Hawkestrel is a project led by Alan Davey. Davey is probably best known as having been the bassist for Hawkwind for quite a few years.
Richard Nelson - Dissolve
Review by Gary Hill
This is not precisely progressive rock, but it is definitely art music.
Aruán Ortiz - Lester Saint Louis Don Byron and Pheeroan akLaff - Pastor's Paradox
Review by Gary Hill
This is a unique and intriguing set. It's part jazz, part classical, and mostly freeform in terms of the musical composition.
Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson - Gypsy Suite
Review by Gary Hill
Featuring Anthony Phillips in collaboration with guitarist Harry Williamson, this is a mellow instrumental album that is in line with a lot of Phillips' solo catalog.
The Prog Collective - Dark Encounters
Review by Gary Hill
This new set from the ever-changing group of musicians recording under the name "The Prog Collective" does feel a little darker than some of the rest of their music.
PSI - Horizonte
Review by Gary Hill
This is a CD issue of an album from 1977.
The Radio Hour - Tim Hort
Review by Gary Hill
This is really confusing. The name of the project is "The Radio Hour," but the musician behind it is Tim Hort, yet the album title is Tim Hort, as well.
The Residents - Secret Show (Live In San Francisco), CD/DVD Edition
Review by Gary Hill
I love The Residents. I totally get why some people don't like them.
Rush - 2112 40th Anniversary Edition
Review by Greg Olma
When Rush finished their Caress Of Steel tour (otherwise known as the “Down the Tubes” tour), the band was at a crossroads.  
Screaming Bones - And It'll All Be Good
Review by Gary Hill
If you like trippy, instrumental space rock, you should check this double CD album out. Like much good space music, this evolves slowly.
Shadowlands - Ombres
Review by Gary Hill
The music here is hard to describe. It's definitely got plenty of jazz in it.
Josh Sinton - Couloir & Book of Practitioners Vol. 2: Book W
Review by Gary Hill
This is not really progressive rock. It's definitely avant-garde, and the kind of thing that lands along the lines of the Rock in Opposition movement.
Various Artists - Reimagining The Court Of The Crimson King
Review by Gary Hill
It's hard, in retrospect, to understand the importance of King Crimson's debut album. It really did set a new standard for what would be known as progressive rock.
Virgo - Four Seasons
Review by Gary Hill
Virgo was a German fusion band from the 1970s.
Rick Wakeman - Live at the London Palladium 2023 (CD box set)
Review by Gary Hill
This new collection showcases live recordings from two 2023 concerts. The shows were held on two consecutive nights.
Leah Waybright - Dreamed
Review by Gary Hill
This is an instrumental album that covers a good amount of territory. Touching on jazz, folk, prog and classical styles, this is compelling music.
XTC - Big Express - The Surround Sound Series CD/Blu-Ray
Review by Gary Hill
This new release features a 2023 Steven Wilson remix of an XTC album from the 1980s. I have to admit that while I've heard a lot about XTC over the years, I don't think I've ever actually heard them before.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Fortunato - From High Above
Review by Gary Hill
This French metal band takes its name from bassist and vocalist Fortunato. I've been trying to get this covered for a while, but I've had some trouble with it.
Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
Review by Gary Hill
The latest disc from Judas Priest, this is definitely a worthy entry in their catalog.
Lillian Axe - The Box, Volume One – Resurrection
Review by Gary Hill
This collection of music from Lillian Axe is pretty amazing. It includes seven CDs.
Soil - Restoration
Review by Gary Hill
This album from nu-metal band Soil is solid from start to finish. There is a good mix of sounds, yet everything fits together nicely.
Stygian Crown - Funeral For A King
Review by Gary Hill
I'm a sucker for good doom metal. So, this set is definitely my kind of thing.
The Wring - Spectra
Review by Gary Hill
This band says their music is hard rock. I think it fits better under heavy metal.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Baker Gurvitz Army - Neon Lights – The Broadcasts 1975, 3CD/2DVD Box Set
Review by Gary Hill
This band was such an interesting outfit. Of course, for some the main claim to fame for them was the fact that Ginger Baker was the "Baker" of the group's name.
Dave Brubeck - Dave Brubeck Quartet - The Classic 1950s Albums
Review by Gary Hill
Dave Brubeck, in my opinion, was one of the jazz greats. He was an amazing pianist and released a lot of essential music.
Cadosia Street - The River Inside Of Me
Review by Gary Hill
There is something to be said for less sometimes being more. This album is so inconsistent in terms of quality and style that it's hard to follow as a full set.
Damn Tall Buildings - Sleeping Dogs
Review by Gary Hill
With a sound that lives somewhere in the shared space between country, bluegrass and folk, Damn Tall Buildings creates effective music on that basic plan.

Deep Purple - Live in Concert
Review by Gary Hill
This is an unusual, but interesting release. Each CD is from a different concert, and actually a different era of the band.
Desolation Sound - Salish Rock
Review by Gary Hill
This album has an intriguing mix of sounds from power-pop to alternative rock and more.
Mark Duda - Bodega Flowers
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed a previous set from Mark Duda and thought it had a lot in common with the Ramones.
Easy Bees - Easy Bees
Review by Gary Hill
This is a set of music that has a real vintage pop rock sound to it. There is a decent range and variety here.
Gipsy Kings - Renaissance
Review by Gary Hill
This album features world music with lyrics in various languages.
Robert Gordon with Chris Spedding - Hellafied
Review by Gary Hill
This collection of songs is apparently made up of "lost" previously unreleased tunes.

Kurt Hagardorn - An Analog Man In A Digital World
Review by Gary Hill
This is an intriguing set of music. It largely lands in the general rock zone, but there variants here.
The Heard Eye - Funkalypse
Review by Gary Hill
This group is a trio of musicians. This album showcases a lot of retro sounding numbers.


Tim James with Very Special Guests - The Special Guests
Review by Gary Hill
Based on alternate rock more than anything else, this does lean toward roots music and other things at times.
Ranzel X Kendrick - Hill Country Hip - Best of RXK
Review by Gary Hill
I've previously reviewed several releases from Ranzel X Kendrick. His musical style seems to be all over the place.
Linda Gail Lewis - Early Sides 1963-1973
Review by Gary Hill
Linda Gail Lewis is known as a pioneering female rocker.
The Mascot Theory - Every Sign of Life
Review by Gary Hill
This album is a classic example of less being more. There is not a weak song on the disc.
Vinnie Moore - Double Exposure
Review by Gary Hill
This album has a good mix of sounds, but since Vinnie Moore is the guitarist, you know it's going to be guitar forward and strong.
Lloyd Price - Mr. Personality: The R&B Hits 1952-60 (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
Lloyd Price is an artist who is considered an influence and originator of rock and roll. Listening to this set, I can definitely hear that.
Mike Starrs - Electric Garden
Review by Gary Hill
While Mike Starrs is probably best known for his work in Colosseum II and Lucifer's Friend, he's done a lot more, including serving as the lead singer in a band that has a special place in my heart, Lake, for a while.
Sun King Rising - Signs & Wonders
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second album from Sun King Rising, which is basically a project by John Blangero, that I've reviewed.
Swearingen and Kelli - Build Myself Up From The Ground
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed this act previously. They are duo made up of a husband and wife.
Julian Taylor - Beyond The Reservoir
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second set from Julian Taylor that I've reviewed.
Various Artists - Destination Freeway
Review by Gary Hill
With a subtitle of "33 Cruisin' Deuces For Your Summer Spectacular," this gathers up a lot of vintage music.
Various Artists - Destination Summer Sea Cruise
Review by Gary Hill
This CD collects a number of vintage tracks all about summer sea cruises. 
DVD/Video Reviews
Foghat - Slow Ride: Live In Concert Blu-Ray
Review by Gary Hill
This live concert video was recorded in 1999. It includes some of the final performances of Foghat frontman Dave Peverett, who passed away the next year.
Lee “Scratch” Perry - The Revelation Of Lee Scratch Perry DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This DVD is a documentary about the making of Lee "Scratch" Perry's album Revelation. I have to admit that, while I enjoy Perry's music, I'm not really any kind of hardcore fan.
Queen - Rock Montreal + Live Aid 4K UHD Blu-Ray
Review by Gary Hill
You can say what you like about Queen, and I'll personally admit that their earlier music speaks to me more than the later stuff does, but you can't deny that they were always one of the greatest live bands out there.
Robin Trower - Robin Trower In Concert With Sari Schorr Blu-Ray
Review by Gary Hill
This Blu-Ray release captures Robin Trower in a live performance. I'll bet you figured that out from the title, right?
Book Reviews
Various Artists - The Resurrection of The Crazed written by Paul Wainwright
Review by Gary Hill
Do you remember the era of print fanzines? I certainly do. I collected them and even contributed to one. Well, technically I still contribute to it, but it's not print anymore, but rather online.
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