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December 2008 - Issue 73
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe - Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe
Review by Gary Hill
In the late 1980’s Jon Anderson broke away from the Trevor Rabin dominated version of Yes to reunite with his former band mates, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe to produce Yes type music.
Jon Anderson - In the City of Angels
Review by Gary Hill
I don’t know what it is but I’ve always loved this CD. Sure, a lot of the music here really borders on pop – OK, maybe more than borders on it.
Jon Anderson - Toltec
Review by Gary Hill
Based on Carlos Castenada’s work, this album has a mellow motif. It’s far from the most hard rocking thing we’ve ever gotten from Jon Anderson, but it’s quite deep from a philosophical point of view and quite beautiful from a musical one.
Art Cinema - Art Cinema
Review by Julie Knispel
I’ve reviewed a number of Robin Taylor albums in the past for a variety of outlets. Taylor is nothing if not prolific…he’s released 25 albums since 1991 on a variety of labels (Marvel of Beauty, his own label, being the primary source).
Richard Barbieri - Stranger Inside
Review by Gary Hill
Richard Barbieri is best known as the keyboardist in Porcupine Tree and also the defunct group Japan.
Barcelona - Absolutes
Review by Gary Hill
In a seeming sea of modern musical acts without talent and originality it’s refreshing to find a band that not only has created a powerful album (yeah, remember when it was all about the album and not the single?) but also stretches into musical territory that’s not simple to categorize.
Barr - Skogsbo is the place
Review by Gary Hill
Perhaps this isn’t the most obvious choice for progressive rock inclusion. Still, groups like the Strawbs are considered prog, and these guys have the same fascination with folk music.
Danny Brill - Better Late Than Never
Review by Gary Hill
Old school prog fans should find plenty to like here. That said, modern progressive rock aficionados will probably like it, too. .
Deep 6 Holiday - Awake at the Funeral
Review by Gary Hill
This group has a unique sound. At times they seem close to groups like Dream Theater.
Edensong - The Fruit Fallen
Review by Gary Hill
Let’s start this off by saying that this CD will pretty certainly make my “best albums of 2008” list. It will definitely be near the top of the “best progressive rock albums…” group.
Electric Orange - fleischwerk
Review by Gary Hill
This album was originally released on vinyl in 2005. Now they’ve reissued it on CD and added four tracks to the end.
Jonathan Elias - Requiem For the Americas
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve wanted to review this CD for a while. The problem is, it’s been out of print.
Enigma - Seven Lives Many Faces
Review by Gary Hill
It seems pretty likely that anyone reading Music Street Journal has heard Enigma at one time or another. You probably think of them as a new age type act.
Ephrat - No One's Words
Review by Julie Knispel
I like mood.
Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
Review by Gary Hill
Anyone looking for the powerhouse music that you tend to expect from King Crimson here will be disappointed. This is an atmospheric work, but there is still plenty of Fripp to be found within.
Fripp & Eno - No Pussyfooting
Review by Gary Hill
This is difficult CD to write about. It’s certainly hard to delve deeply into these tracks and describe them. .
Genre Peak - Preternatural
Review by Gary Hill
It took me a while to review this CD. You really have to be in the right mood.
The Hyperion Circle - Vortex
Review by Gary Hill
The Hyperion Circle is not really a band, but actually one guy, Orlando Blanco. He’s created a CD here that’s very heavy on the keyboards.
Jethro Tull - Stormwatch
Review by Gary Hill
This album seems to be one that gets reviews on two ends of the spectrum, but not really in the middle. I suppose mine should fall there, but I really like it.
Jon And Vangelis - Private Collection
Review by Gary Hill
Looking back at these Jon and Vangelis albums is an interesting experience. I’ve always enjoyed the music but have to admit to not having dug the discs out in quite some time.
Jon And Vangelis - The Best of Jon and Vangelis
Review by Gary Hill
Best Of releases are always an iffy scenario. As opposed to “Greatest Hits,” which are fairly cut and dry, “Best Of” indicates a “quality question.”
Kansas - Monolith
Review by Gary Hill
There was a period of Kansas’ output I stayed away from like the plague. This disc was set firmly in that time. 
King Crimson - Beat
Review by Gary Hill
Of the trio of studio albums originally released by this version of King Crimson, this was the middle child. It was also a little less adventurous than either of the other two.
King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic
Review by Gary Hill
This album is kind of a legend in King Crimson circles. People have such a high reverence for it.
King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
Review by Gary Hill
King Crimson have always been one of the most creative and innovative bands out there. When you expect them to jab they dodge and when you think they are going to dodge you’d better duck.
Marillion - Happiness is the Road Volume 1: Essence
Review by Julie Knispel
Marillion has been fairly prolific over the past four or five years, releasing a regular stream of studio albums, live releases, DVDs and so on.  When it was announced that the newest studio album would be a double, many people may have raised an eyebrow. 
Marillion - Happiness is the Road Volume 2: The Hard Shoulder
Review by Julie Knispel
Happiness is the Road is a double album, it is true.  However, it is being released as two separate volumes.  Volume 2 is subtitled The Hard Shoulder, and is a far more diverse release. 
Erik Mongrain - Equilibrium
Review by Josh Turner
This is neither the intersecting points between supply and demand curves or that Matrix knockoff starting Christian Bale. Rather, it’s a solo effort from a Canadian musician named Erik Mongrain.
The Moody Blues - Voices in the Sky: The Best of the Moody Blues
Review by Gary Hill
I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to put together a “Best Of” package for an act like The Moody Blues. I mean, these guys have had so much great music how do you pick?
Nosound - Lightdark
Review by Gary Hill
Fans of Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd should find plenty to like here. This album has a lot in common with those two bands.
├śresund Space Collective - Inside Your Head
Review by Gary Hill
The latest release from OSC, this disc showcases what makes them so great – killer improvised space rock. As always Hawkwind is a big influence, but they seem to be stretching out, too.
Alan Parsons - Best of the Alan Parsons Project
Review by Gary Hill
With an album like this it’s always an iffy proposition. Greatest Hits packages are objective (best selling songs by the group) but when it comes to Best Of set, there is usually a lot of variation from one person to another with what is called the “best of” an artist.
Phideaux - Chupacabras
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve recently gotten into Phideaux and really like this group. I’ve reviewed several of their discs and every one of them is great.
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Review by Gary Hill
It’s amazing how divisive one CD can be. This album is a real bone of contention amongst Pink Floyd fans.
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Review by Gary Hill
How do you review an album like this? Really it’s one of the all time classic rock albums.
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
Review by Gary Hill
Many Roger Waters fans slagged A Momentary Lapse of Reason saying it wasn’t a “real Pink Floyd” album. Well, I just don’t understand the criticism of that disc as it really is one of the most consistent discs the band ever produced.
Andrew Roussak - No Trespassing
Review by Tim Jones
Andrew Roussak's music is a mixture of many genres: progressive rock, pop, classical, jazz.  His main influences are ELP and classical music.
Rush - All The World’s A Stage
Review by Gary Hill
OK, so a lot of this CD isn’t really progressive rock. The truth is, though, we always put Rush under prog rock based on the strength of their decidedly prog rock period of several albums.
Rush - Counterparts
Review by Gary Hill
My favorite period of Rush’ history has always been the section of studio albums ranging from Caress of Steel to Hemispheres. Beyond that set of discs their sound moved more towards accessible shorter tracks.
Rush - Exit Stage Left
Review by Gary Hill
One occurrence can not be a trend, so this CD was the one that established Rush’ pattern of four studio albums followed by a live album.
Rush - Grace Under Pressure
Review by Gary Hill
I make no excuses. I prefer the more progressive rock oriented period of Rush over the shorter songs that have made up most of the modern era of the band.
Rush - Presto
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve made no secret that for me the best period of Rush’ musical legacy was the more progressive rock oriented time.
Rush - Test For Echo
Review by Gary Hill
I remember when this CD came out I, as one of the old-school Rush fans, was so hungry for a sign that they may be ready to re-enter the days of epics and such, thought that I heard elements of the proggier period of the band everywhere on this album.
Chris Squire - Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir
Review by Gary Hill
This Christmas disc from Yes bassist Chris Squire came out last year, but I’ve just now gotten my hands on it.
The Syn - Armistice Day
Review by Gary Hill
This disc is composed of two new tracks from the Syn along with acoustic versions (recorded live at XM Studios) of some of their earlier tracks. In my estimation this is the strongest disc from the band to date.
Taylor's Universe - Soundwall
Review by Julie Knispel
Robin Taylor is making a career out of surprising his listeners and keeping them on their toes.
3rdegree - Narrow-Caster
Review by Gary Hill
This group has produced an album with a sound that’s hard to categorize and pin down. In some ways it’s very catchy.
Unitopia - The Garden
Review by Julie Knispel
Unitopia is an Australian sextet releasing their second album, a 2-CD set, on InsideOut Music. The press release, which I received with the album, compares the group to the Flower Kings, Van der Graaf Generator, King Crimson and…Men at Work?
Frank Zappa - Apostrophe'
Review by Gary Hill
Frank Zappa always amazed me. He’d put together some of the greatest musicians in the world and create these incredibly complex musical romps – and yet they’d be equally funny.
Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation
Review by Gary Hill
I know some people who think there is no way Frank Zappa is progressive rock. Well, for my money his genre twisting type of music with incredibly complex arrangements – often on seemingly simplistic tunes – certainly fits the bill.
Frank Zappa - Sheik Yerbouti
Review by Gary Hill
Outside of Zappa fandom the big claim to fame of this CD (other than the controversy which we’ll get to shortly) was the song “Dancing Fool.”
Zone Six - 10 Years of Aural Psychedelic Journeys
Review by Gary Hill
As one might guess from the title this is a compilation. I’d never heard of this group before, but apparently they are a German space rock outfit.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Beatallica - Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band
Review by Gary Hill
What would happen if Metallica were a Beatles cover band? The result would be Beatallica and this album is proof of that.
Benediction - Killing Music
Review by Mike Korn
Benediction is a venerable institution of the extreme music scene who have been silent for too long. It's been exactly 7 years since their last record Organized Chaos and that was hardly one of their better efforts.
D├ętente - History I
Review by Gary Hill
For those who think female fronted metal bands are a feature that started in the current day I can point first to Warlock. 
Dorian Opera - No Secrets
Review by Tim Jones
Dorian Opera is a German progressive metal band with some impressive keyboard and guitar talent.  No Secrets is their first album.
Forever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls
Review by Gary Hill
By now the whole epic metal band with female lead singer and lots of symphonic elements is becoming a cliché.
Girlschool - Legacy
Review by Gary Hill
In the last issue of Music Street Journal I reviewed the latest Bang Your Head DVD and it featured Girlschool. I saw the band years ago and their performance on that DVD was every bit as potent as they were in their early years.
Metallica - Death Magnetic
Review by Mike Korn
Has the hour of redemption arrived for Metallica? Or is it too late for them to reclaim their crown as the reigning kings of heavy metal?
Axel Rudi Pell - Tales Of The Crown
Review by Gary Hill
This guy has been making albums for a while, but it’s the first time I’ve really checked him out. Now I know why he’s got the following he does.
Various Artists - Monster Ballads Christmas
Review by Gary Hill
Discs like this are always kind of iffy. I mean, there’s definitely a certain gimmicky side to them.
Various Artists - We Wish You a Metal Xmas...and a Headbanging New Year
Review by Gary Hill
So many times discs like this are really uneven. Well, that’s not the case here.
Venom - Hell
Review by Mike Korn
The crusty demons of Venom refuse to go quietly into the abyss. The long time progenitors of black metal continue to trudge onwards through today's fragmented metal landscape...a landscape featuring bands more extreme than they ever could have imagined in their 80's heyday.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Attack! Attack! - Attack! Attack! UK
Review by Gary Hill
It’s a dangerous game Attack! Attack! UK plays. When you create a sound that’s much like a big chunk of the music being played on the radio you walk a fine line.
Sylvia Bennett - Songs From the Heart
Review by Gary Hill
Those who like female fronted jazz sounds will really enjoy this album. There aren’t a lot of big surprises here, but the music is nearly perfect.
Dave Brubeck - A Dave Brubeck Christmas
Review by Gary Hill
Dave Brubeck is a legend of jazz and a great band leader. I hate, therefore, to give a mediocre CD review, but this one isn’t great.
Rick Danko - Live on Breeze Hill
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of The Band. Don’t get me wrong, I like the radio songs well enough – although at times they got a bit too “down home countrified” for my tastes.
Chris Farlowe - Hotel Eingang
Review by Bruce Stringer
Chris Farlowe’s reputation as one of the leading blues singers of his generation – and one of the greatest British blues vocalists of all time – is hard earned and has obviously been no small feat to achieve.
Living Colour - Cbgb Omfug Masters: Live August 19 2005 the Bowery Collection
Review by Gary Hill
I remember when Living Colour came out they were kind of an oddity in that you didn’t often see African Americans performing hard edged rock music that crossed into the metal genre.
Major League Ent. - Mixtape Volume I - Straight Out Tha Dugout
Review by Gary Hill
These guys hail from the same part of the world as I do, the Northern Illinois area.
Gary Moore - Bad For You Baby
Review by Gary Hill
Gary Moore is truly one of the greats of the British school of the blues. His albums are consistently strong and this one is no exception. In fact, I’d say this is actually one of the best discs he’s produced.
Mr. Meeble - Never Trust The Chinese
Review by Eric Meli
Mr. Meeble is a Phoenix-based trio wit a sensual and soulful pop meets dark electronica sound that is the brainchild of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Blain Klitzke.
Professor Louie - & the Crowmatix - As The Crow Flies
Review by Gary Hill
Apparently Professor Louie was at one point a member of (or at least recorded with) The Band. Well, you could expect some of the sound of that band based on that connection.
Science Faxtion - Living on Another Frequency
Review by Gary Hill
This is really an unusual album. One can certainly look at it as a “supergroup” release.
UB40 - Greatest Hits
Review by Gary Hill
UB40 are an intriguing act and always have been. They’ve done a great job of bringing reggae to a wider audience by blending it with more pop oriented textures.
Various Artists - An Alternative Christmas
Review by Gary Hill
It’s always a cool quest to look for new music to help set the mood for your holiday festivities. When you get a set like this it’s general an iffy proposition.
Various Artists - Heroes – Original Soundtrack
Review by Gary Hill
Soundtrack albums like this are always a mixed bag. Surely this one must be a hit considering the following the show has.
Various Artists - Les Paul and Friends: Tribute to a Legend
Review by Gary Hill
When you hear “tribute album” you usually think of a disc that features a number of artists playing songs by the artist to whom the disc is being dedicated. Well, this one has a bit of a twist.
ZZ Top - Live From Texas
Review by Gary Hill
I remember seeing ZZ Top on the Eliminator tour. I was very disappointed.
DVD/Video Reviews
Long John Baldry - It Ain’t Easy – Live at Iowa State University DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I first heard of Long John Baldry because before becoming Elton John Reginald Dwight played keys in his band. So, I jumped at the chance to hear what Baldry sounded like with this DVD.
The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys And The Satan DVD
Review by Greg Olma
One of the things that I always judge a release by is the title and packaging. In DVD terms, if they call it a documentary on a band but all you get is a bunch of videos and old interviews, then I feel that the makers have misled the consumer.
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Memories DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This is a rather intriguing documentary. The video focuses on the filming of “The Magical Mystery Tour” and how the invasion of the Beatles changed the whole area where the group were working. Certainly this will be of interest to Beatles fanatics.
James Brown - Double Dynamite DVD
Review by Gary Hill
What can you say about James Brown that hasn’t been said before? The man was the king of soul and an incredible entertainer.
Chic - Live at the Budokan DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Remembering the days when rock music was seemingly fighting with disco for its very survival – or at least it seemed like it. Disco really felt like some evil monster.
Clutch - Full Fathom Five DVD
Review by Gary Hill
As far as I’m concerned Clutch is an incredibly cool band. Their blend of classic rock textures with metal and other sounds produces something that’s basically a cousin of stoner metal.
Chick Corea - Chick Corea Elektric Band: Live at the Maintenance Shop DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I know there are those who will probably say that Chick Corea isn’t progressive rock but rather jazz. Well, frankly we often put fusion into prog rock.
The Crusaders - Live at Montreux 2003 DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Here we have a Montreux Jazz Festival gig that is actually jazz! Yeah!
Dark Funeral - Attera Orbis Terrarum, Pt. 2 DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Here’s part two of the series from extreme metal band Dark Funeral. While the music these guys produce might not be for everyone, I doubt anyone can argue with their talent.
Donovan - Sunshine Superman: The Journey Of Donovan DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Many music documentaries you see these days are “unauthorized” and don’t include the music of the artist or any real involvement by them. This is not the case here.
Dream Theater - Chaos In Motion DVD
Review by Greg Olma
I like being a Dream Theater fan. Not only do you get great music, but they tour a lot and lately, they seem to put out a visual record of every tour.
Duran Duran - Classic Albums Rio DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I remember about the time that Rio came out seeing Duran Duran (virtual unknowns – and certainly unknown to me) as the opening act for Blondie. No insult to Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and company, but Duran Duran blew them off the stage.
Bob Dylan - Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years: Busy Being Born...Again! DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I doubt many would have thought in the 1960’s that Bob Dylan would eventually embrace Christianity and turn his musical skills to Christian music. The truth is, that’s exactly what happened.
Happy Mondays - Call the Cops DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve got to admit it. I’ve heard of this band a lot, but never actually heard them until now. This DVD shows the group in concert and behind the scenes on their first US tour in
Living Colour - The Paris Concert DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Their music is heavy and crunchy, but it also grooves. They have as much in common with Jimi Hendrix as they do with the New York hard rock and punk scene from which they rose.
The Lizards - 4.2.11 DVD
Review by Gary Hill
When I got this DVD and first looked at the title, I just thought I was looking at a date. Then I realized, that 2011 hasn’t happened yet and these guys (despite the fact that they call themselves dinosaurs) weren’t born in 1911.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama: The Rockpalast Collection DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Say what you will about the genre of Southern rock, but you really have to concede that Lynyrd Skynyrd were the kings of the style of music. This DVD captures both the old version of the band and a more modern incarnation in live concert performances.
Shawn Mullins - Live at the Variety Playhouse DVD
Review by Gary Hill
If you have a hankering for the folk driven singer sougwriter sound that were so popular in the 1970’s then Shawn Mullins should be your man. He does the style as well as anyone.
Nashville Pussy - Live! In Hollywood DVD
Review by Gary Hill
You really need look no further than the cover of the DVD and the band name to realize that this is probably not a concert film you’ll want to watch with your kids in the room.
Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis - Live from Jazz at Lincoln Center New York City DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Some people might have issues with one type of music or another not being their particular taste, but I don’t think anyone can argue with the musical prowess of Willie Nelson or Wynton Marsalis.
Todd Sucherman - Methods and Mechanics - For Useful Musical Drumming DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This is a drum instructional video by Todd Sucherman, but also a drum inspirational video because he really gets into a lot of the philosophical concepts behind his art.
Talk Talk - Live at Montreux 1988 DVD
Review by Travis Jensen
If you remember the music of the 1980’s you probably remember Talk Talk. They were one of the more successful bands of the time and like most of those groups seemed to vanish from the spotlight by the time the decade was gone.
Various Artists - A Technicolor Dream DVD
Review by Gary Hill
At least in the States when we think of the 1960’s and the psychedelic movement, much of it centers around San Francisco.
Various Artists - Black Metal Satanica DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Who knew that black metal’s roots dates back to the Vikings. That’s one of the things you’ll learn from this documentary.
Various Artists - Come Together: a night for John Lennon’s words & music DVD
Review by Gary Hill
The show captured here was originally planned before September 11th, 2001. 
Various Artists - Down the Tracks – The Music That Influenced Led Zeppelin DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This series is an interesting one. It delves into the music that more popular artists emulated. 
Various Artists - House of the Rising Punk DVD
Review by Gary Hill
CBGB’s was such a huge part of the punk rock scene. It was also such a huge part of New York City.
Various Artists - Keane Curate A Night For Warchild DVD
Review by Gary Hill
A benefit to help kids affected by war, this concert was hosted by Keane. I’ve heard about this band quite a bit, but never really heard of them before.
Johnny Winter - Live Through the ‘70s DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve read a couple reviews of this where they rave about the picture and sound quality saying it’s “top notch.”
Wu-Tang Clan - Live at Montreux 2007 DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I don’t think anyone would ever accuse the Wu-Tang Clan of being “mainstream.” They are unapologetic in their adherence to a full throttle hard edged rap sound.
Deep 6 Holiday
Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Tyler Azelton of Deep 6 Holiday From 2008

Interview by Julie Knispel
Interview with Brett Kull of Echolyn From 2008
Yngwie Malmsteen
Interview by Mike Korn
Interview with Yngwie J. Malmsteen From 2008
The Red Masque
Interview by Julie Knispel
Interview with Lynnette Shelley of The Red Masque From 2008.
Science Faxtion
Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Greg Hampton of Science Faxtion From 2008

Concert Reviews
Portugal The Man - Live in Dekalb, IL, November, 2008
Review by Travis Jensen
There is a certain ambiance created when any band takes the stage. Whether it be your favorite local cover band, original group, or any one of the biggest name shows on the road at the height of its popularity.
Todd Rundgren - Live in Madison, WI, October, 2008
Review by Josh Turner
Without an opener, there was just enough time for a bathroom break before the windup. If you weren’t in your seats by 7:45 PM, you would have been missing the preliminary inning.
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