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February 2022 - Issue 152
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Affinity - Affinity (4-CD Remastered & Expanded Box Set)
Review by Gary Hill
Affinity was an English jazz-rock band that really were a lot more than that. They encompassed psychedelia and more.
Beledo - Seriously Deep
Review by Gary Hill
This set features some strong music that focuses on the fusion end of the spectrum, but does work more toward pure prog at times.
Belling the Tiger - Lost
Review by Gary Hill
This new CD is an intriguing one. It's definitely progressive rock, but of the hard rocking, guitar oriented modern variety.
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson - Searching For The Disappeared Hour
Review by Gary Hill
This new set is quite an intriguing one. The music here is largely freeform and experimental.
David Cross and Andrew Keeling - October Is Marigold
Review by Gary Hill
You can always count on David Cross to deliver great music. This album is no exception.
Terry Draper - The Other Side
Review by Gary Hill
Terry Draper is probably best known as one of the members of Klaatu, and one of their songwriters. He's got quite a catalog of solo releases, though.
Big Paul Ferguson - Virtual Control
Review by Gary Hill
This one is questionable for landing under prog. Big Paul Ferguson is probably best known as the drummer for and founder of the band Killing Joke.
Rachel Flowers - Bigger on the Inside
Review by Gary Hill
This is such an impressive release. It would be exceptional no matter who performed this music.
Futari - Underground
Review by Gary Hill
You don't get much more artistic than the music produced by Futari.
Gong - Live At The Gong Family Unconventional Gathering
Review by Gary Hill
Comparisons to Hawkwind are always on the table when talking about Gong. Both bands have similar space rock roots.
Jacqueline Kerrod - 17 Days in December
Review by Gary Hill
When you think of harp music, you probably get certain ideas in your head. Well, prepare to jettison those.
Tony Malaby's Sabino - The Cave Of Winds
Review by Gary Hill
This act is considered jazz, but honestly, if any jazz group fits under fusion, it's these guys. The music seems like a paradox.
Nicolas Meier - World Group - Magnificent
Review by Gary Hill
This is an unusual set. It includes a brand new studio album from Nicolas Meier World Group as the first disc.
Mark Murdock - Visitors from Another Planet
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from Mark Murdock. I said that that one was excellent song to song, but a little samey as a whole.
Nolan & Wakeman - Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman - Dark Fables
Review by Gary Hill

This is a new release as a single disc. I previously reviewed it as the third disc of a Nolan and Wakeman box set.

Robeone - Halos And Dogs
Review by Gary Hill
This instrumental set is all done on keyboards. Those keyboards are all played by Robert Schindler.
Rymo - Kinetic
Review by Gary Hill
Rymo is a shortened form of Ryan Moran's name, and he's best known as the drummer for Slightly Stoopid. This solo album finds him joined by a number of musicians.
Sara Schoenbeck - Sara Schoenbeck
Review by Gary Hill
Sara Schoenbeck plays bassoon. This album finds her teaming up with various musicians to create unusual sonic tapestries.
Alan Simon - Excalibur V – Move, Cry Act, Clash!
Review by Gary Hill
Alan Simon consistently creates compelling music. It's generally of the prog rock variety, but lands more along the lines of rock opera or even musical theater.
Robby Steinhardt - Not In Kansas Anymore: A Prog Opera
Review by Gary Hill
Robby Steinhardt was probably best known as the violinist for the band Kansas. He was certainly a unique individual in the prog rock scene of the day playing that instrument.
David M. Stowell - A Raven In Flight
Review by Greg Olma
It has been a while since I was given an album to review that was completely unknown to me.
The Strawbs - Broken Hearted Bride Remastered & Expanded
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new edition of a Strawbs album from 2008. The original album was out of print, so just getting the chance to own it will be welcome news for fans of the band.
3rd Ear Experience - Danny Frankel's 3rd Ear Experience
Review by Gary Hill
You can always count on 3rd Ear Experience for quality space rock styled music. I think this might be their strongest album, though, so that says a lot.
This Is It! - Mosaic
Review by Gary Hill
This Is It! is a trio consisting of Satoko Fujii  (piano),  Takashi Itani (percussion) and Natsuki Tamura (trumpet).
Vanilla Fudge - Then And Now - 2021 2-CD Edition
Review by Gary Hill
What can you count on with Vanilla Fudge? Well, you can count on great music that qualifies at least as proto-prog, if not full prog.
Various Artists - Animals Reimagined - A Tribute To Pink Floyd
Review by Gary Hill
Animals is, without question, my favorite Pink Floyd album. it's actually pretty high up on my list of best albums of all-time, too.
Jah Wobble - Metal Box - Rebuilt In Dub
Review by Gary Hill
The whole post-punk thing is pretty fascinating. I mean, it really does largely qualify as progressive rock, although clearly not of the 70s variety.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Cauldron - Into the Cauldron
Review by Gary Hill
This release of music from Canadian metal band Cauldron is great stuff.
Corrosion of Conformity - Sleeping Martyr 2000-2005
Review by Gary Hill
I've always had a bit of a fascination with Corrosion of Conformity. I like stoner metal in general, probably because I'm a huge Black Sabbath fan.
Mordred - The Noise Years
Review by Gary Hill
Mordred is quite an interesting band. I have to admit to never having heard of them before.
Orange Goblin - Rough & Ready, Live & Loud
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit to being a recent convert to the music of Orange Goblin. For years I had heard of them, but not actually heard them.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Badfinger - No Matter What - Revisiting The Hits
Review by Gary Hill
Badfinger were always a cool pop rock band. This new album collects a lot of their hits.
Judy Collins - White Bird - Anthology Of Favorites
Review by Gary Hill
I know Judy Collins might not seem like the kind of artist that a prog and metal fan like myself enjoys. I've always liked her music, and especially her voice, though.
D.I. - Greatest Hits A-Z
Review by Gary Hill
This release features the best known songs from D.I. newly recorded for this set along with a brand new song.
Deep Purple - Turning to Crime
Review by Gary Hill
This is a very unusual Deep Purple album, yet there is no mistaking it as Deep Purple. It's also a lot of fun.
Down By Law - Lonely Town
Review by Gary Hill
This is a band that first got started in the 1980s. I remember hearing the name, but I never heard them before this album other than one song on a compilation disc. .
The Freeway Jubilee - On The Horizon Vol. 1 (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite a strong release from this North Carolina based act. The music here has a real classic rock feeling to it.
Dan Hazlett - Turning Stone
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed a previous set from this artist and said that it was a bit monolithic. I don't think that's a problem this time around.
Leslie Hunt - Ascend
Review by Gary Hill
For readers of Music Street Journal, Leslie Hunt is probably best known as the lead singer in the band District 97.
If Nothing Else - Dirty
Review by Gary Hill
This act has a sound that is a great combination of rock music and country. They've produced a collection of solid tunes on this EP.
The Pretty Things - Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood
Review by Gary Hill
The Pretty Things is a band that has an interesting history.
Spirit - Sunrise & Salvation (box set)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a massive collection. There is over ten hours of music here spread out over eight CDs. That includes 102 previously unreleased songs (live recordings and demos).
Julian Taylor - The Ridge
Review by Gary Hill
This is the 2020 release of a Canadian singer/songwriter. I dig the roots, Americana vibe of the music on this set.
Various Artists - Beale Street Beats, Vol. 1 - Home Of The Blues (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This vinyl EP is a lot of fun. It features R&B and early soul music.
Various Artists - Beale Street Beats, Vol. 2 - Soul House (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed the first volume of this set in this same issue of Music Street Journal. As good as that one is, this is even better.
Various Artists - Legends Play The Beatles
Review by Gary Hill
This new album showcases a lot of cool Beatles covers from a number of artists. It's actually compiled of tracks previously released on a number of albums.
Various Artists - Live Wire On The Sunset Strip
Review by Gary Hill
While this collection is a various artists release, every single song here includes the band Waves_On_Waves.
Various Artists - Ram On: 50th Anniversary Tribute To Paul & Linda McCartney's Ram
Review by Gary Hill
Let me start this by saying that I've never heard the original Ram album. I dig the Beatles and McCartney with Wings, but I never got any of this solo stuff before Wings.
Various Artists - Rockin' With The Krauts - Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany (CD), Vol. 2
Review by Gary Hill
This collection features a healthy helping of old school rock and roll from German artists.
Various Artists - Songs Inspired By The Film The Beatles And India
Review by Gary Hill
The movie "The Beatles and India" explores the connection between the nation (and music) of India and The Beatles.
Scott Waters - Vibes for Miles
Review by Gary Hill
One way to describe this set would be to say that the music is retro-based. Perhaps timeless is a better description.
Rob Williams - Weathering the Storm, Vol. 1
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from Rob Williams. I said that the main thing that held it all together for that release was the heartfelt story-telling.
DVD/Video Reviews
Gong - Live At The Gong Family Unconventional Gathering DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit to being a casual Gong fan, so obviously my review will come from that viewpoint.
The Grateful Dead - Downhill From Here DVD
Review by Gary Hill
The three Grateful Dead gigs in 1989 at Alpine Valley are legendary. I personally have some attachment to this video because I there the third night. 
Led Zeppelin - Dazed & Confused DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This documentary is pretty captivating. It's not a thing of perfection, but I really enjoyed it.
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti - A Classic Album Under Review DVD
Review by Gary Hill
One of two Led Zeppelin documentaries I'm reviewing this issue, in some ways, this is the better one.
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Riz Story of Anyone from 2021
Lena Bloch & Feathery
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Lena Bloch from 2022
Daniel Gauthier
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Daniel Gauthier from 2022
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