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June 2013 - Issue 100
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Aeon Zen - Enigma
Review by Greg Olma
Aeon Zen is a new progressive metal band that I was recently turned onto by a friend.
Dewa Budjana - Dawai In Paradise
Review by Gary Hill
Perhaps this doesn’t fit as progressive rock.
Captain Beyond - Live In Texas - October 6, 1973
Review by Gary Hill
Captain Beyond is a legendary band. They released only three albums and they are incredibly well received amongst those who have heard them.
Deep Purple - Now What?!
Review by Gary Hill
I definitely would not put every Deep Purple album in progressive rock. This one, though, certainly qualifies.
Deep Purple - Now What?! (Special Edition CD+DVD)
Review by Larry Toering
To make it back after seven years culminating into eight for a studio album at this stage in the Deep Purple legacy was a big risk, but one I find to be smaller than the last time the name went eight years in existence without an album, which was 1976 to 1984.
Judy Dyble - Talking with Strangers
Review by Gary Hill
At first I wasn’t going to put this into the progressive rock heading.
Flurries - My Darling, The Glass Was Always Half Empty
Review by Larry Toering
Another progressive rock band to come out of the Pacific Northwest is Flurries.
Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings
Review by Gary Hill
While the name may seem strange, this is a powerful album.
Pontus H.W. Gunve - Cavalry of Camels (Digital Single)
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Superbly produced and the product of advanced songwriting skills, Pontus Gunve's single "Calvary of Camels" has a progressive rock flavor, but there's a much subtler process working here than pouring old wine into new bottles.
Pontus H.W. Gunve - The Observer
Review by Jason Hillenburg
There are few musicians in the mold of Pontus Gunve.
Beto Hale - Rebirth
Review by Gary Hill
Beto Hale lives in Mexico. It should be no surprise then, that some of the songs here are in Spanish.
Heaven & Earth - Dig
Review by Larry Toering
Heaven & Earth are finally back with a solid line-up and a great follow up to their last release.
It Bites - Eat Me In St. Louis
Review by John Pierpoint
This was the last studio album from the original line-up of It Bites.
Greg Lake - Songs of a Lifetime
Review by Gary Hill
This tour was an interesting one.
Landmarq - Entertaining Angels
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve reviewed Tracy Hitchings before and she’s the lead singer for this outfit.
John Lee - The Nature Series
Review by Gary Hill
The blend of sounds here is intriguing.
Magnum - Brand New Morning
Review by John Pierpoint
After several years on hiatus, Birmingham rock band Magnum returned with their comeback album Breath of Life in 2002.
Myloe - Empty out Your Mind
Review by Gary Hill
This might not be the most obvious choice for progressive rock, but really, I don’t see how it fits anywhere else.
Nattefrost - Futurized
Review by Gary Hill
Perhaps this isn’t progressive rock.
Nektar - Remember the Future - 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Review by Gary Hill
So, this new edition of a classic Nektar album is awesome. The whole epic has been covered by me at MSJ before.
Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge
Review by John Pierpoint
Ah! The difficult second album! When your first album becomes an unexpected hit and makes you an international star, how do you follow it up?
Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn
Review by John Pierpoint
Completing the trilogy of early albums that began with Tubular Bells and continued with Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn manages to trump both earlier efforts with its sheer power and innovation.
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Review by John Pierpoint
It's now 40 years since this classic and genre-busting album was first unleashed on the world.
Osada Vida - Particles
Review by Larry Toering
This is a band from Poland that I've been enjoying lately, and they bring the prog like no other in their homeland.
Sasha Papernik - Victory
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say right away that I have fallen in love with this album.
Larkin Poe and Thom Hell - (A Collaboration Album) - The Sound of the Ocean Sound
Review by Gary Hill
OK, I’m sure there are plenty who will disagree with my decision to put this one in progressive rock.
Pomegranate Tiger - Entities
Review by Rick Damigella
The revolution will not be televised. It will in fact, be streamed. 
Roswitha - Destiny
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve put this album under “progressive rock.”
Todd Rundgren - State
Review by Gary Hill
I didn’t know what to expect here.
ScienceNV - Last Album Before the End of Time
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Founded in 2005, this San Francisco based outfit's third album, Last Album Before the End of Time, is an ambitious work and a successful synthesis of multiple musical styles.
Soft Machine - Drop
Review by Gary Hill
I struggled with this review. It’s not that I don’t respect the musicianship. Clearly I do.
Soft Machine Legacy - Burden of Proof
Review by Gary Hill
Soft Machine Legacy’s blend of sounds often defies categorization.
3rd Ear Experience - Peacock Black
Review by Gary Hill
What a cool piece of space rock this album is.
Tyranny Of Hours - Tyranny Of Hours
Review by Larry Toering
This is a female fronted progressive rock band from the Pacific Northwest, with a strong metal feel.
Uriah Heep - Salisbury
Review by John Pierpoint
This is Heep’s second album outing, building on the success of their debut Very ‘eavy, very ‘umble, and starting to plough some refreshingly different furrows in their quest for new musical territory.
Various Artists - Live Kraut - Live Rockexplosions From The Heyday Of Krautrock
Review by Gary Hill
These live recordings are all quite good.
Yes - 9012Live: The Solos
Review by Gary Hill
I remember when the original version of this came out wondering why a full live album wasn’t done.
Yes - Fly From Here (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I’m a huge Yes fan and Yes collector. For that reason I tend to buy various configurations of Yes albums.
Yes - Magnification (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always liked the Magnification album quite a bit, and since the recent reissue of Open Your Eyes on vinyl was amazing, I was really looking forward to this.
Zenit - The Chandrasekhar Limit
Review by Gary Hill
One way to look at this CD is that it’s a lot like The Flower Kings.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Dungeon Rocks - Encounter
Review by Gary Hill
The easiest way to describe this would be to compare it to Doro and Warlock.
Force Fed Chaos - Kept Beneath
Review by Mike Heitzman
This is a great local band hailing from Rockford, Illinois.
Satan - Life Sentence
Review by Mike Korn
Where would heavy metal be without Satan? No, not the guy with horns and the Van Dyke, but rather the band hailing from Newcastle, England.
Vicious Rumors - Electric Punishment
Review by Mike Korn
How many classic albums does a band have to release before they start getting their due?
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Lisa Bell - The Italian Project
Review by Gary Hill
What a great album this is. Lisa Bell’s voice is strong and also very versatile.
Matt Bennett - Charlie Murphy is a Dead Man
Review by Gary Hill
Many times the music or the vocal performance or both are the most crucial parts of a release.
Biv and the Mnemonics - The Pace
Review by Gary Hill
I struggled with the question of whether this album was progressive rock or not.
Erica Buettner - True Love and Water
Review by Gary Hill
Delicate and artistic, this is a hard album to categorize.
Popa Chubby - Universal Breakdown Blues
Review by Larry Toering
Popa Chubby returns with a hot upcoming release that is sure to crossover from contemporary blues to rock audiences.
Commander Cody - Live from the Island
Review by Gary Hill
There aren’t any big surprises on this live recording from Commander Cody.
Ian Danter - Prove You Wrong
Review by Gary Hill
So, apparently Ian Danter is a television personality.
Maria Dunn - Piece by Piece
Review by Gary Hill
There is some great music here.
Harmonic Blue - Villa Borghese EP
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite a cool set of music. It’s basically set somewhere in the neighborhood of jam band meets blues rock meets jazz meets singer/songwriter sounds.
Dan Hazlett - The Corner of My Eye
Review by Gary Hill
Dan Hazlett is a good songwriter with a sound that captures a nice hunk of Americana.
Jeff Healey - As The Years Go Passing By Deluxe Edition
Review by Gary Hill and Larry Toering
This is quite a nice set. It’s a three CD release featuring three different live shows from Jeff Healey and company, ranging from 1989 to 2000.
House of Love - She Paints Words in Red
Review by Gary Hill
Alternative rock with a lot of retro psychedelic stylings is the order of business on this disc.
Keznadmi - Bridging the Gap EP
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always been a big fan of reggae. I loved Bob Marley.
Oh, Jeremiah - Tall Tales and Tiny Fables
Review by Gary Hill
The heart and soul of Oh, Jeremiah is singer/songwriter Jeremiah Stricklin.
Picture Me Broken - Mannequins
Review by Kat Heitzman
This four man band hails from Redwood City, California and started out doing cover songs.
The Quick & Easy Boys - Make It Easy
Review by Larry Toering
This is a hot funk and R&B band from the Northwest.
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live at the Fillmore June 7, 1968
Review by Gary Hill
Quicksilver Messenger Service has always been a legendary 1960s band.
Snakecharmer - Snakecharmer
Review by Larry Toering
Snakecharmer consists of former Whitesnake members Neil Murray and Micky Moody, along with others, namely Adam Wakeman on keyboards.
Soul Asylum - Delayed Reaction
Review by Larry Toering
Any time six years go by, it's going to be interesting to hear what a band that has been around long enough is going to come up with.
Sugarman - After the Blackout
Review by Gary Hill
This is a solid alternative rock album.
Take Me to the Pilot - What Makes You
Review by Gary Hill
There’s nothing Earth shattering or groundbreaking here. What’s here, though is very catchy and accessible.
Walter Trout - Luther's Blues: A Tribute to Luther Allison
Review by Larry Toering
This is actually the first album of covers by Walter Trout, in what is a career catalog spanning 22 albums, thus far.
Uriah Heep - Sea of Light (Reissue)
Review by Gary Hill
Even a less than stellar album from Uriah Heep is still pretty good.
Uriah Heep - Sonic Origami (Reissue)
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed this album when it first came out, but this is a reissue.
Uriah Heep - Spellbinder Live
Review by Gary Hill
I know there are those out there who still complain that this isn’t the classic lineup of Heep.
Wendy and Lisa - Wendy and Lisa (Expanded Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a newly remastered and expanded edition of the debut disc by Wendy and Lisa.
Wolff & Clark Expedition - Wolff & Clark Expedition
Review by Gary Hill
Although it’s not, this really feels live. It’s essentially a potent jazz album.
DVD/Video Reviews
JJ Grey & Mofro - Brighter Days DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Do you remember the days of the concert film?
Judas Priest - Epitaph DVD
Review by Gary Hill
What a DVD this is. As a long time Judas Priest fan, this is a great thing.
Alanis Morissette - Live at Montreux 2012 BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
With something like this, there are numerous things to consider. First off, how is the video quality?
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Ellsworth Hall of Aethellis from 2013
David Arkenstone
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with David Arkenstone from 2013
The Aaron Clift Experiment
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with The Aaron Clift Experiment from 2013
Pontus H.W. Gunve
Interview by Larry Toering

Interview with Pontus Gunve from 2013

Kosmos (Finland)
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Kosmos from 2013
LA Guns
Interview by Gary Hill, Greg Olma and Scott Prinzing
Interview with Scotty Griffin and Steve Riley of L.A. Guns from 2013
John Lee
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with John Lee from 2013
The Living
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Elyse Jacobson and Mike Bell of The Living from 2013
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Stephan Kaske of Mythos from 2013
Dale Nickey
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Dale Nickey from 2013
Paul Raymond
Interview by Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Paul Raymond from 2013

Tokyo Rosenthal
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Tokyo Rosenthal from 2013
Interview by Mike Korn

Interview with Steve Ramsey of Satan from 2013

Interview by Larry Toering
Interview with ScienceNV from 2013
Billy Sherwood
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Billy Sherwood from 2013
3rd Ear Experience
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with 3rd Ear Experience from 2013
Concert Reviews
Flurries - Live in Portland, Oregon, April 2013
Review by Larry Toering

Being new to Flurries, I didn't exactly know what to expect when getting out to see them, particularly since I obtained their debut CD at the show.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Live in St Charles, Illinois, May 2013
Review by Greg Olma
I have not seen Yngwie J Malmsteen in concert for over a decade and each time I see him, I am reminded of the great talent he possesses. 
Soul Asylum - Live in Portland, Oregon, April 2013
Review by Larry Toering

Soul Asylum returned in support of their latest release, and they rocked the stage with a vengeance.

Y&T - Live in Bolingbrook, Illinois, March 2013
Review by Greg Olma

Y&T have been playing the Midwest pretty consistently for that past six years, so 2013 saw them return to Tailgater’s in Bolingbrook for another great show.

Book Reviews
Various Artists - The Merciless Book of Metal Lists written by Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins
Review by Gary Hill
I suppose how you feel about this book has a lot to do with how seriously you take it.
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