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June 2022 - Issue 154
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
AKKU Quintet - Live
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed a studio disc from this act. That album was quite King Crimson like and guitar oriented.
Astral Magic - Lords of Space
Review by Gary Hill
If you like space rock with plenty of psychedelia in the mix, you really need to check this set out.
B.B. Blunder - Worker's Playtime
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new expanded and remastered version of a classic album from 1971. The music here is not precisely progressive rock, at least not from start to finish.
Dave Bainbridge - To The Far Away
Review by Gary Hill
You just can't argue with the music of Dave Bainbridge. It's always so charming and high quality.
Wolfgang Bock - Cycles
Review by Gary Hill
This masterpiece of electronic music is getting its first release on CD with this edition. It was originally released on vinyl in 1981.
Alex Carpani - Microcosm
Review by Gary Hill
I have previously reviewed quite a few releases from Alex Carpani, yet I don't think I was prepared for this one.
Choreomanic - Choreomanic
Review by Gary Hill
This album is pretty amazing. It has a heavy, but decidedly prog sound.
Cosmic Cassiopeia - Music for Late Night Listeners
Review by Gary Hill
Dr, Space (Scott Heller) must be one of the busiest musicians on the planet - or perhaps more appropriately, in the galaxy.
Ben Craven - Monsters from the Id
Review by Gary Hill
This album is a case where less might very well be more. I would suggest that it would be a stronger release had the bonus tracks been left off the main CD.
Dr. Space - Dr Space's Alien Planet Trip Vol. 6- Space with Bass II
Review by Gary Hill
Dr. Space is probably best known for Øresund Space Collective, but he's really involved in so many projects.
Family - A Song For Me Remastered & Expanded Edition
Review by Gary Hill
Family is one of those band I've heard referenced over the years in the history of progressive rock, but never actually heard before.
Big Paul Ferguson - Remote Viewing – Reboot
Review by Gary Hill
Big Paul Ferguson is probably best known as the drummer from Killing Joke.
FS3 - Cats 'N' Strats
Review by Gary Hill
This group is more or less a power trio led by guitarist Joe Doblhofer, who wrote all the compositions here.
Jon Fuller - When Did You Get So Damn Scared
Review by Gary Hill
What an intriguing album this is. It's still early in the year, but I think this might wind up making my "best of 2022" list before the year is over.
Art Griffin's Sound Chaser - The Seven Ages Of Starlight
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second album from this act, but the first I've heard. Based on the strength of this, I am interested in hearing anything else they do.
Allan Holdsworth - Jarasum Jazz Festival 2014
Review by Gary Hill
I'm not shy about the fact that I think Allan Holdsworth is the greatest guitarist to ever live. This new release captures a 2014 concert.
JPL - Sapiens, chapitre 3/3 : Actum
Review by Gary Hill
JPL stands for Jean Pierre Louveton. He is the guitarist for the prog band NEMO, and this is his third solo album.
Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley - Marscape
Review by Gary Hill
This album was recorded in 1976. It was meant to commemorate the landing of NASA's Viking 2 on Mars.
Marillion - Holidays In Eden
Review by Greg Olma
Marillion were the prog darlings of the UK music scene in the early 80s.  After four successful albums, the band split with charismatic front-man Fish. 
├śresund Space Collective - Oily Echoes of the Soul
Review by Gary Hill
When it comes to instrumental space rock, you really can't go wrong with Øresund Space Collective. I pretty much love everything that has been released under that moniker.
Giuseppe Paradiso & Meridian 71 - Parallel Dimensions
Review by Gary Hill
The blend of sounds on this album is intriguing. It is a near perfect mix of jazz, rock and fusion. It's also varied, with no two songs coming close to sounding the same.
Anthony Phillips - Archive Collection
Review by Gary Hill
Anthony Phillips was the original guitarist  in Genesis, but he's only featured on their first album. Since then he's released so much music.
Renaissance - Scheherazade And Other Stories (box set)
Review by Gary Hill
I like this new box set quite a lot. First, you get the classic Renaissance album.
Star People - Black Tie & Tails
Review by Gary Hill
I've been a fan of Star People since they originally made their presence known. They had an unusual schtick - or perhaps several.
Quinn Sternberg - Cicada Songs
Review by Gary Hill
The music here lands under prog at MSJ because it's largely fusion, and we generally put fusion there. That said there are plenty of classic jazz moments. 
Tempest - Live From Soundtek Studios - The Lockdown Sessions
Review by Gary Hill
The music here was recording during virtual live performances in 2020 when the pandemic had much of the world locked down.
Tempest - Live on the Air: The Radio Sessions 1992 – 2018
Review by Gary Hill
This album from Tempest was released almost two years ago, July 1st 2020.
Various Artists - Space Opera
Review by Gary Hill
This various artists collection is definitely not a tight fit under the prog heading. Probably the two biggest impediments to that categorization are the final two tracks.
Yes - 50 Live
Review by Gary Hill
I am always upfront about the fact that I am a Yes fanatic. They've been my favorite band for more than 45 years now.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
The Age of Ore - Malevolent
Review by Gary Hill
This is a band made up of a group of teenagers (ranging from 14 to 17). The thing is, you'd never know it from hearing it.
Exhorder - Slaughter In The Vatican / The Law
Review by Gary Hill
Hardcore punk and thrash metal are clearly related. In the early days the link was even more obvious.
Goat Horn - Voyage To Nowhere – The Complete Anthology
Review by Gary Hill
I don't think I ever heard of this band before. They were a Canadian outfit that were together from 1999 to 2006.
Xentrix - Shattered Existence
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit that I never heard of these guys before. That's a real shame.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Dan Ashley - Out There
Review by Gary Hill
How you feel about mainstream rock music and particularly Bruce Springsteen will probably impact your impressions of this album.
Annicia Banks - Up-Front
Review by Gary Hill
I am a pretty big fan of reggae music. There is just something about it that's infectious and uplifting.
Blue Soul Ten - This is Worth It
Review by Gary Hill
Blue Soul Ten might sound like the name of a group, but it's actually the name of one man.
Cactus - The Birth Of Cactus - 1970
Review by Gary Hill
Cactus never became the household name a lot of other bands that played similar blues heavy hard rock did, but they certainly should have.
Jimmy Cavallo - Rocks
Review by Gary Hill
This new collection showcases an intriguing old school act. While the earliest music here dates to the 1950s, there are songs near the end that are from the 21st Century.
Link Davis - Laissez Les Bon-Ta-Ru-La (Let The Good Times Roll)
Review by Gary Hill
This collection features a 10-inch vinyl record along with a CD. The featured artist is Link Davis, who plies an old-school rock and roll meets blues, Creole and many other styles.
Hope Dunbar - Sweetheartland
Review by Gary Hill
While I appreciate country music, and particularly country with rock leanings, I wouldn't consider it one of my wheelhouse genres.
Fabian - The Drugstore's Rockin' - I'm A Man
Review by Gary Hill
Fabian was billed as a cross between Elvis Presley and Rick Nelson. He was a bit of a manufactured act.
Leslie Hunt - Descend
Review by Gary Hill
Leslie Hunt is best known to progressive rock fans as the lead singer of the band District 97. This is the second of two solo EPs she recently released.
Joe Jackson & Todd Rundgren feat. Ethel - State Theater New Jersey 2005
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite an unusual set. I have to think this show was unique, though.
The Livesays - Not What I Bargained For
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed a couple other sets from this act in the past. They consistently produce catchy music with a lot of old-school sound in the mix.
David Lockwood - The Rest is History
Review by Gary Hill
This album is quite strong from start to finish. It's set in a singer-songwriter zone, but there is quite a bit of variation here. At times it feels very jazzy. At other points it moves towards Dire Straits like rock. It's always solid and entertaining.
Madeleine - Stoned and Bored
Review by Gary Hill
There was a time when pretty much all music coming out of Nashville, Tennessee was country, or at least heavily country leaning. Those days are gone, and this album is an example of that.
Chantel McGregor - Shed Sessions - Volume 1
Review by Gary Hill
Chantel McGregor, who I have covered in the past, did a lot of musical performances during Covid lockdown.
Jarad Miles - Standing Upon This Array
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say that I really like this release a lot. The musical genre is hard to pin down, and that's just one of the appeals to this.
Keith Oxman / Frank Morelli - The Ox-Mo Incident
Review by Gary Hill
This is a collaboration between tenor saxophonist Keith Oxman and bassoonist Frank Morelli.
Suzi Quatro - Back to the Spotlight
Review by Gary Hill
This new double CD features two albums from rocker Suzi Quatro. The first one came out in 2006, and was regarded as her comeback album.
Run Katie Run - Running on Love
Review by Gary Hill
This EP showcases an intriguing act. The name of the group features "Katie" in reference to leader and singer Kate Coleman.
Chris St. John - I'm Dreaming
Review by Gary Hill
This is an intriguing collection of music. It's interesting to note that music is a secondary career choice for Chris St. John.
Fely Tchaco - Yita
Review by Gary Hill
In some ways just knowing the background of Fly Tchaco (born Leye Felicite Martin) prepares you for what you are about to hear.
Twelve Days in June - Anhedonia
Review by Gary Hill
The moniker "Twelve Days in June" is a pseudonym for singer-songwriter Dave Hulegaard. Here he's given us an intriguing album that is a little bit of a mixed bag.
Until The Sun - Drowning In Blue
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second album from Until The Sun, and I have to say that it's a pretty perfect collection of blues laden music.
Harvey Valdes - Novare: J.S. Bach Lute Works on Electric Guitar
Review by Gary Hill
When I read that this album features classical music done on electric guitar, I thought that it might land under prog rock.
Various Artists - Left Behind - Black & White 'Felsted' Rockers
Review by Gary Hill
The music on this set was all released on Feisted Records originally. That label wasn't really known as a rock and roll label, but rather for crooner and pop music.
Various Artists - Summer Days and Summer Nights
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say that I'm probably not the target demographic for this set. For one thing, the older pop-oriented music on here is often not really my kind of taste.
White Line Darko - Turning Out!
Review by Gary Hill
The sound of this Minneapolis-based act, at least as demonstrated by this two song EP is really unique and hard to pin down.
DVD/Video Reviews
Canned Heat - Live At Rockpalast 1998 DVD/CD set
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit to never really being a big fan of Canned Heat. I could always appreciate their contribution to music, and I like their stuff just fine.
Krissy Matthews - Live At Rockpalast 2019
Review by Gary Hill
Krissy Matthews is largely considered a blues artist, but I'd say that he really transcends that.
Jaco Pastorius - Live And Outrageous DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I should mention at the onset that, although I don't really play much anymore, I've always been a bass player.
Pink Floyd - Rock Milestones - Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This is sort of a mixed bag. Parts of it are quite good, while other aspects leave a lot to be desired. The best part of this is the lead up to the Dark Side of the Moon coverage.
Queen - Mercury Rising DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I really enjoy this documentary. It does a good job of laying out the history of Queen.
Interview by Gary Hill
Tom Salvatori from Apocalypse from 2022
Concert Reviews
Dream Theater - Live in Houston, Texas, March 2022
Review by Gary Hill
It has a been a little while since I saw Dream Theater, so I was very excited to finally purchase tickets. 
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