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February 2023 - Issue 158
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
AMM - Ammmusic (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This album is definitely not for everyone. It certainly has historical value because of the way it seem to predict a whole subgenre of progressive music
Jason Blake - The Compromise Rationale
Review by Gary Hill
Jason Blake is really building up quite an admirable catalog of solo music. Blake is a Warr guitarist hailing from my regional backyard, in his case, Chicago.
Kate Bush - The Red Shoes
Review by Gary Hill
I remember that when I first tried to listen to this album years ago, I gave up on it fairly quickly. ll.
CB3 - Exploration (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I am a big fan of progressive rock, space rock and metal. Those three styles of music all play a role in the sonic tapestry produced by this group.
The Aaron Clift Experiment - The Age of Misinformation
Review by Gary Hill
The year is literally just starting. Okay, that's not 100 percent truthful.
CUSPS - Out for Blood
Review by Gary Hill
This is unusual and intriguing music. It's definitely not prog in any traditional sense, but it is decidedly art rock based.
DerHarms - Kosmische Kiffermusik Vol1
Review by Gary Hill
I know virtually nothing about this artist. I know the album was released in 2022.
Terry Draper - Bread and Cirkus
Review by Gary Hill
You can never go wrong with releases from Terry Draper. Draper first came to fame as part of the band Klaatu, but in more recent years he's released quite an impressive catalog of music.
The Electric Family - Saba (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed several albums from The Electric Family in the past. I always land them under progressive rock, but it's not a tight fit.
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (aka Security) (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I've listed this under the actual title, which was the ever more confusing "Peter Gabriel."
Hawkwind - Angels of Death (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
Little by little, I've been making my way through these Hawkind compilation albums getting reviews up.
Fred Hersch & Esperanza Spalding - Alive at the Village Vanguard
Review by Gary Hill
This is a very unique and intriguing album. Let's just say at the outset that I've included this under progressive rock because of the experimental art music that makes it up.
Peter Hesslein - Night Drive 3
Review by Gary Hill
Peter Hesslein is best known as the guitarist for Lucifer's Friend. This solo album is nearly all instrumental.
Izz - I Move (Anniversary Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
I like Izz quite a bit, but I have to admit that I never heard this particular album before. This is a 20th Anniversary edition release.
Kayak - Royal Bed Bouncer (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
Progressive rock with a real mainstream angle to it was such a huge thing in the 1970s.
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Nightingales & Bombers (vinyl)
Review by Larry Toering
Manfred Mann’s earth Band is not a prog band, nor is Mann himself a prog artist, but there are some albums I would strongly argue deserve the prog tag, and this is one of them.
Marillion - All One Tonight - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Review by Greg Olma
Marillion embarked on a tour promoting their then latest record F.E.A.R. and during that time, they made a stop at the historic Royal Albert Hall.  
Marillion - With Friends From The Orchestra
Review by Greg Olma
Marillion has been on a roll recently releasing albums, both studio and live, and with each one, they put forth something different for their fans.

John Martyn - The Apprentice, 3CD/DVD Remastered & Expanded Box Set
Review by Gary Hill
John Martyn was clearly part of the folkier side of the prog movement, and that's part of why I've landed this set under the "progressive rock" heading.
Milkwood Tapestry - Milkwood Tapestry (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
I want to make this clear right out of the gate, this album from 1969 is not a progressive rock disc. It is however, very much proto-prog, and there are moments that are prog.
Mindivide - Fragments
Review by Gary Hill
I made the decision to put this album under progressive rock. It could just as easily have gone under heavy metal, though.
Muse - The 2nd Law
Review by John Pierpoint
Released in 2012, this album capitalised on the success of The Resistance with Muse making a conscious effort to further diversify their repertoire and try out new sounds, styles and technology.
Neuschwanstein - Alice In Wonderland Featuring Sonja Kristina
Review by Gary Hill
This album was originally released in 1976. That version featured vocals in German.
Nineteentwelve - New World Order
Review by Gary Hill
This is a double CD set from Nineteentwelve. Well, technically it's from that prog outfit and Omenopus, but the first CD is strictly Nineteentwelve.
Nineteentwelve - No Place Like Home
Review by Gary Hill
This is the newest album from progressive rockers Nineteentwelve.
The Perc Meets the Hidden Gentleman - Lavender (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This album from 1991 has just gotten a reissue on vinyl.
Dallas Perkins - Experimental Truth
Review by Gary Hill
I'm including this review under progressive rock largely because Dallas Perkins is billed as a prog artist. This album does have some definite proggy elements, though.
Sarah Perrotta - Blue to Gold
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say that I have gone back and forth on whether this release fits under progressive rock. Ultimately, I made the decision to put it there.
The Residents - Triple Trouble: The Original Soundtrack Album
Review by Gary Hill
I never expect The Residents to do anything the way others do. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
Robeone - Dream Suite
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second set from Robeone I've reviewed. 
Saga - Saga (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This album was the one that began the Saga saga. Sorry, I tried to resist that little (very little) pun, but I just couldn't. Saga's sound brought a different angle to progressive rock.
Straight Shooter - Flyin' Straight / Rough 'n Tough
Review by Gary Hill
This is a band that really isn't all that good a fit under progressive rock.
Straight Shooter - Get Straight / Five
Review by Gary Hill
This new release of two albums (one for 1978 and the other 1983) on one CD captures an intriguing band.
Jon Symon’s Warlock - Lady Macbeth
Review by Gary Hill
You know, the very concept of adapting Shakespeare to a concept album is very "prog rock" in itself. This definitely belongs there musically, too, though.
Jon Symon’s Warlock - Memories Of A White Magician (2 CD Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
I've reviewed another album from this act for this issue of Music Street Journal. This double disc set is an interesting one.
Julie Tippetts - Sunset Glow
Review by Gary Hill
If you want to hear a 1970s album that is very hard to categorize or label, you might want to give this one a try. 
Toyah - Live at the Rainbow (CD/DVD Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
Toyah has had a recent resurgence in name recognition and fame in a large part due to her videos with husband Robert Fripp that started during the pandemic.
The Universe By Ear - III
Review by Gary Hill
I really like the blend of sounds on this album from Swiss act The Universe by Ear.
Rick Wakeman - Cost of Living
Review by Gary Hill
This is an uneven, but interesting solo album from Rick Wakeman. I think there are at least a couple throwaway songs here, but there are some that work so well.
Wonderland Band - No 1
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new vinyl release of an album from 1971. The range of sounds here is unique.
Frank Zappa - Burnt Weeny Sandwich (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This album, the final credited to The Mothers of Invention, features two vocal tracks, with the remainder of them instrumental.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Deicide - Crucifixation: Early Years
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of death metal. This band and this set might really change my mind on that.
Exciter - Kill After Kill
Review by Gary Hill
Here we get a newly remastered edition of 1992's Kill After Kill from Exciter. I know I refer to a lot of this as thrashy.
Spellbook - Deadly Charms
Review by Gary Hill
In a lot of ways this new disc feels like a lot of 1970s hard rock. It's got a lot more metal in the mix, though.
Stormwitch - Stronger Than Heaven
Review by Gary Hill
Here we have a new edition of an album from 1986. This includes four bonus live tracks.
Stormwitch - The Beauty and The Beast
Review by Gary Hill
The second disc from German band Stormwitch that I'm reviewing in this issue, this, like that other one, is a remastered edition. .
WASP - The Headless Children
Review by Mike Korn
Released in 1989, The Headless Children was WASP.'s fourth album and a quantum leap in their career. Very few bands in metal history have leaped forward as much as WASP did here.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Mike Bloomfield - The Gospel Truth
Review by Gary Hill
This two CD collection gathers up a number of recordings from Mike Bloomfield. You probably got that from the title, right? 
Katie Callahan - The Water Comes Back
Review by Gary Hill
Katie Callahan's music feels both familiar and fresh. The blend of sounds presented here is fairly wide from folk music to Americana and much more.
Frau Fleischer - When the Sun's Down
Review by Gary Hill
The sound of this duo is very hard to pin down. I mean, it all exists sort of in a general techno zone.
Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks - Red Hot Rockin' (vinyl and CD set)
Review by Gary Hill
For people in my age group, perhaps Ronnie Hawkwins was best known as the guy who gave musicians who would later form The Band some serious musical experience.
Russ Hewitt - Chasing Horizons
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from Russ Hewitt. That one was an instrumental album featuring Latin guitar in arrangements that occupy a space between Latin music and fusion.
Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This new ten-inch, 45 RPM record from Bear Family gathers up some real winners from Wanda Jackson and puts them all on a killer disc.
The March Violets - The Palace of Infinite Darkness
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit to never hearing this band before. This collection is an intriguing introduction to an unusual group. 
Sandy McKnight - w/ Fernando Perdomo San Fernando Blast!
Review by Gary Hill
This duo previously released a couple EPs that I reviewed. Fernando Perdomo is a frequently covered artist at MSJ.
The Mirage - The World Goes On Around You
Review by Gary Hill
This is a collection of music from an outfit that went by a number of different names. They seemed to touch on as many types of different 1960s music, too.
Salim Nourallah - See You in Marfa
Review by Gary Hill
It's always cool to watch an artist develop.
Novelty Island - How Are You Coping With This Century?
Review by Gary Hill
I'd like to address the elephant in the room at the onset. This music often sounds a lot like The Beatles.
Dan Reed - The Dan Reed Network - Let's Hear It for The King (vinyl)
Review by Larry Toering
After months of listening to and even having reviewed this disc (elsewhere) from the CD perspective, I’m sold on this album as my pick for the best album of 2022.
Marcel Riesco - Patiently (vinyl and CD)
Review by Gary Hill
Bear Family releases a lot of music from artists of yesteryear. They also put out some things that feature acts that are modern, but whose music is rooted in old-school sounds.
Sam Himself - Power Ballads
Review by Gary Hill
This set isn't, at least to my ear, all power ballads. It's not even all ballads.
Misha Seeff - Dreamhaven
Review by Gary Hill
Misha Seeff may have been a teenager when he wrote and recorded this music, but his experiences lend a more mature feeling to it.
Joanne Shaw Taylor - The Blues Album
Review by Gary Hill
Joanne Shaw Taylor is known as the Queen of Blues Guitar.
Brandon Teskey - Screaming Into the Void
Review by Gary Hill
Brandon Teskey is probably best known as the guitarist in Until the Sun. This solo album showcases his sense of blues rocking sound outside of that group.
Various Artists - Destination Jurassic Land: 33 Artifacts From Times Before Christ
Review by Gary Hill
This set is a lot of fun. That said, there is a real misogynistic, dare I say "Neanderthal?," theme to some of the lyrics here.
Various Artists - Elvis Presley Connection Vol.3
Review by Gary Hill
This is the third release in a series. I'll bet you got that from the title, though, right?
Various Artists - Jack Kerouac - 100 Years Of Beatitude
Review by Gary Hill
I was born a little too late for the whole Beat Generation thing. This album, released on the 100th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's birthday both celebrates the era and helps to document it.
Various Artists - Meet Me At The Candy Store - 31 Sweets for the Dentist's Joy
Review by Gary Hill
This collection focuses on musical celebrations of sweet treats. While there is quite a range of music here,
Various Artists - Sea Conditions - Swell Songs And Shanties for Breezy People
Review by Gary Hill
This set wasn't quite what I expected. I was thinking we'd get a lot of sea shanties done by musicians who were more or less historic recreationists.
Cj Washington - Love Songs & Low Pass Filters
Review by Gary Hill
This EP features some solid tunes. The basic concept here lands along the lines of pop music and R&B.
David Young - and Friends - Love Wins
Review by Gary Hill
I initially had planned to land this under progressive rock. That was largely due to the appearance of Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta.
DVD/Video Reviews
The Beatles - Biographies: The Beatles Unauthorized DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This video was released under the Wiki.Film banner. Now, I wasn't sure exactly what that meant until I started watching this.
Circle Jerks - Live At The House Of Blues DVD/CD
Review by Gary Hill
 If you aren't familiar with Circle Jerks, you should be - particularly if you are into punk rock.
Various Artists - Athens, GA Inside Out DVD
Review by Gary Hill
If I had to come up with the slogan for this video, it would be "Come for REM and the B-52s, stay for the whole scene and the other bands." 
Various Artists - Nightclubbing: The Birth Of Punk In NYC DVD/CD
Review by Gary Hill
Here we have a documentary that really shines the light on some common misconceptions, while telling a fascinating, although often not so pretty, story.
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with CB3 from 2023
The Aaron Clift Experiment
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Aaron Clift from 2022
Concert Reviews
Judas Priest - Live in Houston, Texas, November 2022
Review by Greg Olma
When I was a young lad, I remember getting together with my music friends and celebrating the 10th anniversary of Black Sabbath.  
Queensrÿche - Live in Houston, Texas, November 2022
Review by Greg Olma
Queensrÿche  landed the support slot on Judas Priest’s 50th anniversary tour but they themselves were one year shy of their own 40th anniversary. 
Book Reviews
Various Artists - Underrated Rock Book Too!: 200 More Overlooked Albums Written by Jim Santora, Jr.
Review by Gary Hill
I remember when the first book in this series came out, it really captivated me. I actually suggested to the author that he should do another edition.
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