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February 2013 - Issue 98
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Dave Brock - Looking for Love in the Lost Land of Dreams
Review by Gary Hill
When you consider that Dave Brock kind of is Hawkwind – at least he’s the one guy who’s been in Hawkwind through every lineup change – it might seem that a Dave Brock solo album would be a lot like Hawkwind.
Steve Cochrane - La La La: Variations on a Happy Song
Review by Gary Hill
Prog rock with both modern and old school variants is overall the tone and sound of this album.
Copernicus - Deeper
Review by Gary Hill
You either like Copernicus or you don’t. It’s that simple.
Crack the Sky - Ostrich
Review by Gary Hill
There are a lot of musical concepts and leanings expressed on this awesome album.
Curved Air - AirWaves - Live At The BBC Remastered / Live At The Paris Theatre
Review by Gary Hill
Curved Air is really a cool band.
Doubt - Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love
Review by Gary Hill
With some real rock and almost metal on display at times, this is hard-edged progressive rock.
Downes Braide Association - Pictures of You
Review by Gary Hill
The “Downes” of this collaboration is Geoff Downes.
Earth To Ashes - Prologue
Review by Larry Toering
This is another Northwest outfit I feel has a bright future ahead of them, as they open for national and international acts, mostly on three-band bills.
Bryan Ferry - Orchestra - The Jazz Age
Review by Larry Toering
This is essentially a collection of jazz versions of various tracks between Ferry’s solo and Roxy Music material.
Forever Twelve - Talking Forever
Review by Gary Hill
The lead vocals on this album are of the female variety.
Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band - Chronicles of Bubbledroid
Review by Gary Hill
Sometimes progressive rock can be too sterile and technical.
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Stellar Variations
Review by Gary Hill
I guess this was released under “Hawkwind Light Orchestra” rather than “Hawkwind” because the lineup isn’t precisely the same as Hawkwind these days.
inKontrast - This Is Yours
Review by Gary Hill
Electronic music is one of the main orders of business here.
It Bites - Once Around the World
Review by John Pierpoint
Are It Bites a pop band or a progressive rock band?
Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die!
Review by Scott Prinzing
Although this is one of the albums from Jethro Tull’s heyday, the title track is the only song that has remained in the band’s live set list.
Dave Kilminster - Scarlet; The Director’s Cut
Review by Gary Hill
Somehow the title of this makes one think it’s going to be some kind of symphonic like soundtrack music.
Kingbathmat - Truth Button
Review by Gary Hill
I really dig the mix of sounds on this album.
Kompendium - Beneath the Waves
Review by Alison Reijman
Kompendium is a huge musical project masterminded by Rob Reed, main-man of the very classy British prog band Magenta.
Kong - Merchants of Air
Review by Gary Hill
Some of this music is exceptionally electronic.
Kruk - Be 3
Review by Larry Toering
This is a fantastic band, from Poland, which features amazing guitarist Piotr Brzychcy.
Huw Lloyd Langton - Rare & Unreleased Anthology 1971-2010
Review by Gary Hill
This double CD set was apparently in the works before Huw Lloyd-Langton’s recent death.
Lisa LaRue - The Lisa LaRue Collection
Review by Gary Hill
A retrospective looking back at Lisa LaRue’s music, somehow this disc reminds me at times of Jonathan Elias’ Requiem for the Americas album.
John Lawton - and Diana Express – The Power of Mind
Review by Gary Hill
John Lawton is probably best known for his time in Uriah Heep and to a lesser degree Lucifer’s Friend.
Ligro - Dictionary 2
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite a cool disc.
Lo-Fi Resistance - Chalk Lines
Review by Gary Hill
The blend of modern progressive rock and classic is quite cool.
Marbin - Breaking the Cycle
Review by Gary Hill
There is clearly a lot of jazz in this musical mix.
Mars Hollow - Mars Hollow
Review by Gary Hill
The debut disc from Mars Holllow, this album is a great modern progressive rock set.
Mythos - Surround Sound Evolution
Review by Gary Hill
I suppose that a quick explanation of this music could be rendered by simply saying, “electronic.”
Nine Stones Close - One Eye On The Sunrise
Review by Alison Reijman
Nine Stones Close, an Anglo –Dutch band burst  onto the scene in 2010 with their debut album, Traces....
Overhead - Of Sun and Moon
Review by Gary Hill
This album really features an intriguing blend of sounds.
Ty Tabor - Moonflower Lane
Review by Scott Prinzing
After King’s X parted ways with their manager/producer, Sam Taylor, after their eponymous fourth album in 1992, it was only a matter of time before their Lennon/McCartney-esque pair – bassist Doug Pinnick and guitarist Ty Tabor – found additional creative outlets in solo and side projects. 
These Curious Thoughts - What Is It, and How Did It Get in There?
Review by Gary Hill
I have liked everything I’ve heard from these guys so far.
Tribute - New Views
Review by Gary Hill
First off, in a very general sense, this is easy to label – progressive rock.
12 Followers / Meteo Xavier - Espers
Review by Gary Hill
Perhaps this doesn’t fit under progressive rock, but really I think it is a solid fit.
Unitopia - Covered Mirror
Review by Gary Hill
The concept of releasing an album of cover songs might seem a little clichéd these days, but I like it.
Various Artists - Space Mirrors / Acid FM Split Vinyl
Review by Gary Hill
This split vinyl release features one song by the group Space Mirrors and one by Acid FM.
James Williams - Eclectic Shred
Review by Gary Hill
The title of this album really does a great job of summing up the disc.
Jah Wobble and Keith Levene - Yin and Yang
Review by Gary Hill
Yin and Yang is a cool title to this as the album really does have a duality to it.
Yagull - Films
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite an intriguing disc.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Acid FM - Justified American Music
Review by Gary Hill
There’s quite an intriguing blend of sounds here.
Atkins / May Project - Valley of Shadows
Review by Gary Hill
When this outfit released their last set, I was under-whelmed by it.
Candlelight Red - Demons
Review by Gary Hill
In some ways, this reminds me a lot of Tool.
The Devil - The Devil
Review by Mike Korn
Do not judge this band by their name or their image.
Legacy of Disorder - Last Man Standing
Review by Mike and Kat Heitzman
Mostly from New Zealand, this great band has permanently made it in to the top of our thrash catalog.
Machine Head - Unto the Locust
Review by Kat Heitzman
When I first heard this CD I was pleasantly surprised that it was much different than the last one.
Miss May I - At Heart
Review by Mike Heitzman
This third release from Ohio rockers Miss May I will not disappoint.
Seven Against Thebes - Equilibrium EP
Review by Gary Hill
Compiled of several cuts from the Seven Against Thebes album, this disc is quite cool.
Seven Against Thebes - Killing Time (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
The riff that opens this has almost a bit of a punk rock vibe, but is arguably closer to something from early Iron Maiden.
Seven Against Thebes - Seven Against Thebes
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed some of these songs on the EP.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Aina Haina - Aina Haina
Review by Larry Toering
This is a power pop / rock duo from Portland, but originally from Hawaii.
The All Purpose Blues Band - Cornbread & Cadillacs
Review by Larry Toering
This comes out of left field for me, as I did not expect such a killer collection of tunes. 
Blue Öyster Cult - Cultosaurus Erectus
Review by John Pierpoint
Blue Oyster Cult's career could be considered by some to have hit the doldrums after the (perhaps counter-productive) phenomenal success of hit single “Don't Fear The Reaper.”
Edgar Broughton Band - Live In Hamburg: The Fabrik Concert 1973
Review by Gary Hill
These guys have a cool hard rock, jam sound, the kind of thing that was popular in the early 1970s.
Barry Brusseau - The Royal Violent Birds (vinyl album)
Review by Larry Toering
I didn’t know what to think of this at first, but it turns out Barry Brusseau is a fine folk artist from the NW, whose work I’m interested in exploring further.
Thom Chacon - Thom Chacon
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Thom Chacon's self-titled debut is much more than another attempt to pour old wine into new bottles to little appreciable effect.
Colorstone - Into the Garden...
Review by Gary Hill
Sometimes less is more. Such is the case here.
Fischer’s Flicker - Katmandon’t!
Review by Gary Hill
Probably the easiest label here would be “classic rock.”
Hinder - Welcome to the Freakshow
Review by Larry Toering
Hinder is a great rocking band out of Oklahoma, to which I am new, and they sound like other contemporary hard rock bands of the day.
Emily Hurd - Any Given Day
Review by Gary Hill
It’s hard not to like Emily Hurd.
Steve Katz - Barricades
Review by Gary Hill
This EP from Steve Katz shows that he is a talented song writer and performer.
Maalo - Funk Fellows
Review by Gary Hill
Well, with a title like that you have to expect this to include funk, right?
Mongrel - Reclamation
Review by Gary Hill
I dig this album. It’s raw, and it’s got a lot of rough edges. It also rocks.
Namesake - Borders and Fences
Review by Gary Hill
Taken one song at a time, this is quite a strong release.
Dale Nickey - A Distant Different Past
Review by Gary Hill
There is quite a wide range of sounds here.
Paul Raymond - Terms and Conditions Apply
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Paul Raymond is one of rock and roll's great unsung talents.
Dan Reed - Coming Up For Air
Review by Larry Toering
I have to admit I'm quite a fan of Dan Reed, but I haven't exactly been following his career as of late.
Atlas B. Salvesen - Smoke Signals
Review by Larry Toering
Atlas B. Salvesen is an American folk artist who resides in Sydney Australia, and this is his debut EP, and a fine entry it is into his musical journey.
Silver Dirt - Payback Time
Review by Gary Hill
This is killer hard rock that’s heavily influenced by old school rock.
Simon Townshend - Looking Out Looking In
Review by Jason Hillenburg
Simon Townshend's album, Looking Out Looking In, is his fifth release, but marks a couple of firsts for his work.
Various Artists - Tune in to Mind Radio: A Tribute to Multi-Talented Vocalist Kelly Keeling
Review by Gary Hill
Kelly Keeling is a great rock guitarist who has worked with a lot of great people over the years.
Western Aerial - High Rollin' EP
Review by Larry Toering
This is a hot band out of the northwest with quite a few releases to date, of which this is their latest.
DVD/Video Reviews
Electric Light Orchestra - Zoom Tour Live DVD
Review by Larry Toering
Around the turn of the 1990s, ELO was in a bit of a transition of sorts, really.
Flying Colors - The Making of Flying Colors DVD
Review by Larry Toering
When this band broke on the scene in mid 2012, the fans were expecting a lot, and a lot is what they got and then some.
Genesis - The Video Show DVD
Review by Larry Toering
I am not the most dedicated Genesis fan on the planet, but not the least either, and I do have quite a few of their live videos, but this is a set containing 32 clips.
Lady Antebellum - Own the Night World Tour DVD
Review by Gary Hill
More often than not, I dislike the modern wave of country music that’s more rock or pop than real country. 
Paul McCartney - Live Kisses DVD
Review by Gary Hill
As Paul McCartney describes it, he had always wanted to do an album of old standards.
Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii (Director’s Cut) DVD
Review by Larry Toering
This is a well known performance of a show Pink Floyd did back in 1971, which has been released before but now comes with a directors cut version of the show.
Pink Floyd - Then And Now DVD
Review by Larry Toering
I have to admit that while I'm not the most intense Pink Floyd Fan, watching this two disc set sure can help fill anyone in on what they've been missing.
Joe Satriani - Satchurated – Live In Montreal BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
If you're a fan of Joe Satriani concert videos (a commodity of which I feel there is not enough) there is really no way you can knock this, as it actually manages to top (or at least rival) them all. I
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder: The Movie DVD
Review by Mike Korn
A world class band deserves a world class DVD tribute and Heavy Metal Thunder: The Movie is absolutely worthy of Saxon.
Patti Smith - Live at Montreux 2005 BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
Patti Smith is clearly not for everyone, and for most of the people who like her, she was an acquired taste.
Tank - War Machine Live DVD
Review by Larry Toering
To get the awesomeness that is Tank, one definitely has to look back a long way and compare Tank of old, to that of the new.
Steve Vai - Where The Wild Things Are DVD
Review by Larry Toering
There are two things about this two DVD set that come to mind instantly while reviewing it.
Snowy White - and Friends - After Paradise DVD
Review by Bruce Stringer
British blues legend Snowy White assembles a support cast of old friends and newer faces, pulling out tracks from his 30 year back catalogue of hit solo work and exploratory blues material.
The Yardbirds - Making Tracks: On Tour 2010-2012 DVD
Review by Gary Hill
It’s amazing to me all the hits this group had.
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Fredrik Bergenren of Colorstone from 2012
Corvus Stone
Interview by Larry Toering

Interview with Colin Tench and Pasi Koivu of Corvus Stone from 2013

Interview by Larry Toering

Interview with Doro from 2013

Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Michel Delville of Doubt from 2013
Forever Twelve
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Forever Twelve from 2013
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Haikaa from 2012
The HazeXperience
Interview by Larry Toering

Interview with Leonard Haze and Johnny Gunn of The HazeXperience from 2013

Interview by Mike Korn

Interview with Mark Shelton of Hellwell from 2012

Dave Kilminster
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Dave Kilminster from 2013
Kinetic Element
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Mike Visaggio and George DeCola II of Kinetic Element from 2012
Lisa LaRue
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Lisa LaRue from 2012
Mars Hollow
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Mars Hollow from 2012
Money For The Toll
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Sean Faust of Money from the Toll in 2013
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Dennis Rea of Moraine from 2013
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Jaakko Kettunen and Tarmo Simonen of Overhead from 2013
Sailor Free
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with David Petrosino of Sailor Free from 2012
Secret Saucer
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Secret Saucer from 2012
Seven Against Thebes
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Cyrus Rhodes of Seven Against Thebes from 2013
Sam Sherwin
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Sam Sherwin from 2012
Silver Dirt
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Steff Perrone and VG. Richardson of Silver Dirt from 2013
Interview by Scott Prinzing

Interview with Lawrence Gowan of Styx from 2012

Ty Tabor
Interview by Scott Prinzing

Interview with Ty Tabor from 2012

These Curious Thoughts
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with These Curious Thoughts from 2013
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Tiebreaker from 2013
Snowy White
Interview by Bruce Stringer
Interview with Snowy White from 2013
Concert Reviews
Dan Reed - Network - Reunion Concert – Live in Portland, Oregon, December 2012
Review by Larry Toering

This concert was an additional show prior to the group’s scheduled reunion performance on New Years Eve at the Portland Marriot Grand Ballroom which took the form of a different shape in a VIP ticket.

Western Aerial - Live in Portland, Oregon, January 2013
Review by Larry Toering

In getting out to finally see Western Aerial, I wasn't expecting them on this bill but was excited to find that to be the case.  

Book Reviews
Peter Criss - Makeup to Breakup: My Life In And Out Of Kiss written by Peter Criss
Review by Greg Olma
Let me start off by saying that I have been a Kiss fan since hearing Alive in 1975. 
Various Artists - The Hammond Organ: An Introduction to the Instrument and the Players Who Made it Famous written by Scott Faragher
Review by Gary Hill
There are only a few musical instruments that have changed music and defined a sound.
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