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December 2019 - Issue 139
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Bryan Away - Give In
Review by Gary Hill
This EP contains music that is progressive rock, with the possible exception of one tune. Even that one has a proggy edge to it.
Franck Carducci - The Answer
Review by Gary Hill
This new set from Franck Carducci is very strong. It leans toward hard rocking AOR sounds, but there is plenty of pure progressive rock built into it to please the prog heads.
Crystal Beth - Push Through
Review by Gary Hill
I'd consider this more art rock than progressive rock, but they both go under the same heading.
Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords - Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live
Review by Gary Hill
Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters is a 1974 album from Robert Calvert. Calvert was best known for his time with Hawkwind, and the album included appearances from quite a few Hawkwind members including Dave Brock, Nik Turner and Lemmy Kilmister.
Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords - Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live (London 2014)
Review by Gary Hill
Alan Davey served as the bass player in Hawkwind for many years. In 2014 he did some gigs with a band called "Psychedelic Warlords."
Dream Theater - Awake
Review by Gary Hill
Looking at Dream Theater's back catalog, I decided to turn my attention to the final album to feature Kevin Moore as their keyboardist.
Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery
Review by Gary Hill
Discovery really represented ELO's foray more fully into pop based music, and particularly disco. It wouldn't land under prog were it not for their previous catalog.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Works Volume 2
Review by Gary Hill
This album is definitely a mixed bag. Of course, part of that comes from the fact that it is literally a collection of odds and ends.
Euphoria Station - The Reverie Suite
Review by Gary Hill
This new album is the second from this artist. The group started as a duo, performing acoustic music.
Eyevory - Aurora
Review by Gary Hill
I've gone back and forth on whether to land this under heavy metal or progressive rock. Ultimately, I think prog is the best fit.
Galapaghost - A Planet Without An Atmosphere
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from this artist. I placed that one under prog, but admitted it wasn't a tight fit.
Pontus H.W. Gunve - Black Hole BBQ
Review by Gary Hill
You just can't go wrong with Pontus Gunve. His instrumental music always encompasses things ranging from pure progressive rock to fusion and more.
Healing Spells - Vestiges
Review by Gary Hill
Heavy on loops and found sounds, this collection is artistic and electronic. Like the previous set I reviewed from this act I've included this under "progressive rock,"
Jethro Tull - Rock Island
Review by Gary Hill
This album from Jethro Tull was released in 1989. They were full into the harder rocking, more mainstream period of the act.
Kansas - The Prelude Implicit
Review by Gary Hill
This is the most recent Kansas album. It came out in 2016.
Patrick Krief - Dovetale
Review by Gary Hill
I've put this set under progressive rock. If you come looking for 70s style prog, you will not find it here.
Lightning Hunter - Beyond Beyond
Review by Gary Hill
This album definitely fits under progressive rock. This is not the prog of the 1970s, though.
The Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn
Review by Gary Hill
This album from the Moody Blues probably falls in the middle of the road of their older stuff. There are a few exceptional tracks.
Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix - Live At The Terminal Cafe
Review by Gary Hill
Many know Michael Moorcock as a science-fiction writer. He's also a musician, though,
National Wrecking Company - National Wrecking Company (Reissued Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
This album was actually released early in 2018. It's been reissued with a bonus track that's a preview of the second album.
Nektar - Skywriter / Devils Door (single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a brand new single from the new incarnation of Nektar. Roye Albrighton might be gone, but the spirit of classic Nektar is alive and well.
Octopus - The Boat of Thoughts (vinyl reissue)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a newly released reissue of an album from 1976. The vinyl itself is heavy duty, and the gatefold sleeve with lyrics and photos is all class.
Parallel Dimension - Angular Perceptions
Review by Greg Olma
Life has a strange way of aligning the stars for events to happen.  Take for instance, I would not have even heard of Parallel Dimensions if it were not for the fact that Evergrey skipped Houston on their last tour.

Alan Parsons - Project - Stereotomy
Review by Gary Hill
This 1985 Alan Parsons Project album might not have all the majesty or even hits of some of their other stuff, but it's an effective album.
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Review by Gary Hill
The various members of Pink Floyd all basically said that they regretted this album. I can sort of see why. It has a real wandering kind of feel to it.
Potter's Daughter - This Winter's Child (CD Single)
Review by Gary Hill
This new single from Potter's Daughter is being released just in time for your winter holiday celebrations. I previously reviewed another single from this act.
Refugee - Refugee (Three-CD Expanded Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
Refugee released their only studio album in 1973. The band was considered a nod to the classic prog band The Nice, but I'd say there was more to it than that.
Sarah Schonert - Songs About Sounds
Review by Gary Hill
There are some intriguing pieces of music here. Some of it, to my ears, gets marred by a processing that lends it to feel warbly.
Sluka - Hey Oh (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is the second single from Sluka that I've reviewed. I landed the first one under prog, and I'm going to do the same here.
Bruce Soord - All This Will Be Yours
Review by Gary Hill
This is the new solo album from Bruce Soord, who is probably best known as the lead singer for The Pineapple Thief.
Toto - 40 Tours Around The Sun
Review by Gary Hill
This live album was recorded at a concert to celebrate forty years of Toto music. It seems even more poignant now that it's been announced that they are hanging it up as a band.
Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet - Save the Universe
Review by Gary Hill
This set has a real DIY, indie sound. That could be seen as a weakness or a charm, depending on your particular tastes.
Uncle Roy's Spaceship - How Do We Get to Earth?
Review by Gary Hill
This EP is short. That works well for the music contained here.
Various Artists - Heavy Christmas
Review by Gary Hill
This is a Krautrock compilation album from 1971. It was reissued on CD in 1997.
Various Artists - Jirga (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Review by Gary Hill
This soundtrack is clearly not actually progressive rock. I would argue that it is progressive music, though.
XI.ME.NA - Before You
Review by Gary Hill
This music is very artsy. In fact, that's why I've landed it under prog, because it qualifies as art rock.
Frank Zappa - Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
Review by Gary Hill
This 1982 Zappa album has some cool stuff. It's probably best known for the song "Valley Girl," which features his daughter Moon Unit on spoken vocals.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Black Sabbath - Tyr
Review by Greg Olma
This disc was released in 1990, and by all accounts, Black Sabbath was at their lowest commercial point.  Tony Iommi was the only original member at this point and he had a revolving door of singers for many years.  
Dio - Holy Diver
Review by Greg Olma
This is where it all began for the band named after the mighty Ronnie James Dio.  
Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
Review by Gary Hill
I had been one of the early fans of Iron Maiden, first discovering them when they only had two albums out. By the time Somewhere in Time came out, I had sort of moved on from them.
Trita - Tunguskan
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from this act and landed it under heavy metal. I'm putting this set in that category, too, but it could almost fit under progressive rock, as well.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Arthur Adams - Here To Make You Feel Good
Review by Gary Hill
I know Arthur Adams is considered to be a blues artist. In terms of traditional blues, much of this doesn't fit that heading, though.
American Pleasure Dome - American Pleasure Dome
Review by Gary Hill
There is a real alternative rock vibe here that often lands near emo zones. The music is strong, and there are some standouts.
Kirrah Amosa - Undefeated (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say at the start of this review that in general I'm not a big fan of the over-produced pop music of today. I'm even less taken with processed vocals that seem so prevalent in this style of music.
Fred Argir - No Pushover
Review by Gary Hill
This is the latest from Fred Argir. There is some compelling, seriously hard-edged, alternative rock on this set.
Kelly Augustine - Light in the Lowlands
Review by Gary Hill
There is an interesting blend of sounds on this set. The opener comes in with a smoking hot country groove.
Scott Chasolen - Living in Limbo
Review by Gary Hill
In terms of music that generally lands under singer/songwriter headings, you probably won't find many releases stronger than this one in recent history.
William Clarke - Heavy Hittin' West Coast Harp (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
The new LP is a compilation of music from a killer blues artist who was not well-known outside certainly circles. It includes a host of studio recordings along with a live track.
Country All-Stars - String Dustin' (vinyl EP)
Review by Gary Hill
Chet Atkins is a legend within and without country music. In 1952 he put together the Country All-Stars and recorded this set of instrumentals (one song has vocals).  
Michelle Creber - On Display
Review by Gary Hill
It's fair to say that Michelle Creber has been a performer for her entire life. Her parents are both professional musicians.
May Devun - Say the Words (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
This new single is classy stuff. I'm not a big fan of this kind of pop music, but I find plenty to like about this. 
Flamin' Groovies - Live From The Vaillancourt Fountains September 19, 1979
Review by Gary Hill
These guys got their start in the 1960s. They really encompass the garage band sound of that era.
From the Fire - 30 Days & Dirty Nights / Evil Men Do / OctOpus
Review by Gary Hill
This new three-CD collection gathers up the output of the band From the Fire. As the story goes, their first disc was released in 1991.
The Hangmen - Cactusville
Review by Gary Hill
The newest disc from The Hangmen finds them plying their usual suspects of sounds. Those leanings range from punk rock to Americana, garage rock and more.
Hannan - Charm Offensive
Review by Gary Hill
The mix of sounds here ranges from alternative rock to heavy metal and more. This is hard rocking stuff.
Indubious - Beleaf
Review by Gary Hill
I am a big fan of reggae. Indubious does a great brand of reggae, too. Their sound is well rooted in traditional elements.
Dan Israel - Social Media Disorder
Review by Gary Hill
This new disc from Dan Israel is considerably strong. It has a real pop rock vibe that works so well.
Karen Jonas - Lucky, Revisited
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from Karen Jonas. This one was released just over a year after that disc.
Luiz e os Louises - Life's a Cigarette
Review by Gary Hill
This album features a sound that is most frequently folk based. The vocals have a tendency to have a DIY kind of vibe, not that far removed from people like Lou Reed.
Andrew Neil - Freak
Review by Gary Hill
This is an intriguing set. There are some songs that stand pretty tall.
Cyril Neville - Brand New Blues
Review by Gary Hill
This album was released 10 years ago. It features a cool selection of blues based pieces.
Sara Ontaneda - Hey Maria (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
It is easy to think of modern pop music as a sea of over-produced sounds with all the soul and life sucked from it.
Purusa - Amnesia
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed a set from this act and liked it quite a bit. I'd have to say that this one is stronger.
Leon Redbone - Christmas Island
Review by Gary Hill
Just in time for the holiday season, this is a new reissue of Leon Redbone's Christmas album. Perhaps it's best known for the duet between Redbone and Dr. John on "Frosty the Snowman."
Resurrection Fern - Coffee (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
I reviewed another single from this artist in the previous issue of Music Street Journal. This is her newest release.
Resurrection Fern - Siren (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is the third single from Resurrection Fern I've reviewed. It's actually the second for this issue.
Little Richard - The Best Of Little Richard !! (vinyl EP)
Review by Gary Hill
I know the conventional wisdom is that Elvis Presley was "The King of Rock and Roll." Personally, I've never felt he deserved that title.
Eva Schubert - Hot Damn Romance EP
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite an intriguing set of music. Most of it lands in a very retro jazz zone.
Spirit - The Complete Potatoland
Review by Gary Hill
This four-CD set is pretty intriguing. It requires a bit of a history lesson to be fully appreciated,
Joey Stuckey - Joey Stuckey Trio - In the Shadow of the Sun
Review by Gary Hill
This is the new set from Joey Stuckey and his trio. It lands in the territory of hard rocking sound with some variation throughout.
Kristina Stykos - River of Light
Review by Gary Hill
This set is quite cool. It would be easy to land this under folk music or even country, but not everything fits those categories.
West of Corey - Slammed
Review by Gary Hill
The whole world of bluesy hard rock of the 1970s was so iconic. That iconography always included a male lead singer.
DVD/Video Reviews
The Cure - The Cure - 40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary BluRay set
Review by Gary Hill
I was never a big fan of 80s music. There were always some exceptions that, though. 
Humble Pie - Life & Times of Steve Marriott + 1973 Complete Winterland Show BluRay/DVD/CD set
Review by Gary Hill
I think that perhaps this should have actually been released under Steve Marriot's name.
Kiss - The Vintage DVD
Review by Greg Olma
There have been a whole host of Kiss DVDs out on the market not including the “official” releases from the band. 
Paul Young - Paul Young & The Royal Family - Live at Rockpalast 1985 DVD/CD set
Review by Gary Hill
I was never really a fan of Paul Young. I can't say that this DVD/CD set has turned me into one.
Euphoria Station
Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Euphoria Station from 2019

Pontus H.W. Gunve
Interview by Gary Hill

Interview with Pontus Gunve from 2019

Concert Reviews
Steve Hackett - Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 2019
Review by Josh Turner

This concert's cast  featured a special line up consisting of Genesis’ most notable guitarist, Steve Hackett, and both the bassist and the singer of Agents of Mercy (a side project featuring Jonas Reingold and Nad Sylvan, respectively).

UFO - Live in San Antonio, Texas, October 2019
Review by Greg Olma

It had to happen someday but it’s still sad.  UFO is making the last round of touring before Phil Mogg hangs up his mic stand for good.

Book Reviews
Various Artists - Crossover the Edge: Where Hardcore, Punk And Metal Collide written by Alexandros Anesiadis
Review by Gary Hill

At quick glance, this seems  like a book that has a lot of photos and perhaps not a lot of substance. Well, you can't believe your first impressions.

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