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April 2023 - Issue 159
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Leon Alvarado - Charging the Electric Dream
Review by Gary Hill
This newest album from Leon Alvarado has similarities with the other discs of his I've reviewed, but it's also quite different.
Anchor and Burden - Kosmonautik Pilgrimage
Review by Gary Hill
This instrumental album features experimental music that has a lot in common with modern King Crimson. The group includes two touch guitar players, a keyboardist and a drummer.
Ape Shifter - Monkey Business
Review by Gary Hill
When I reviewed the previous set from Ape Shifter, given the change from first to second, I wondered what the next one would be like. Well, now I have my answer.
Jason Blake - Subsequent Ruins
Review by Gary Hill
Jason Blake has built up quite a catalog of killer Warr Guitar instrumental music. He's joined on this latest release by Marco Minnemann on drums.
Chest Rockwell - Mentis Oculi
Review by Gary Hill
I have reviewed two other sets from this act. The first was most experimental, while the second landed into more full metal territory.
Matt Dorsey - Let Go
Review by Gary Hill
While musically, not everything here is a slam dunk under progressive rock, this is billed as progressive pop rock. Additionally, there are some guests who have some serious prog pedigrees.
Edenya - Another Place
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from this act and liked it quite a bit. I think this is the better album of the two.
Fantasy - Paint A Picture (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
Shining light on a more obscure prog act, this was the only album released by Fantasy. Well, that's true of the time when they were an active act.
Peter Gabriel - So (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
While I prefer the previous Peter Gabriel album to this one, there is plenty to like here.
Great Wide Nothing - Hymns for Hungry Spirits, Vol. II
Review by Gary Hill
I wasn't sure what to expect when I got this. Well, I have to tell you that this blend of classic prog with more modern angles including punky things, alternative rock and more definitely delivers.
Kayak - See See The Sun (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
The debut release from Kayak, the brand of progressive rock delivered here was both unique and also reminiscent of some of the greats
Mike Keneally - The Thing That Knowledge Can’t Eat
Review by Gary Hill
Mike Keneally is one of the most unique and interesting musicians out there.
Ted Kooshian - Hubub!
Review by Gary Hill
A lot of times these jazz releases are not tight fits under progressive rock, but manage to be squeezed in. Such is the case here.
Ingrid Laubrock - The Last Quiet Place
Review by Gary Hill
The music here is quite unique and intriguing. It seems to walk a line between classical, jazz and prog rock zones.
Jeff Lynne's ELO - From Out of Nowhere
Review by Gary Hill
I think many consider this an Electric Light Orchestra album. I'm among that crowd.
Nautilus - A Floating City
Review by Gary Hill
This German act is described as progressive rock. While I wouldn't disagree with that, don't come into this expecting rapid changes and powerhouse virtuosity.
Oak - The Quiet Rebellion of Compromise
Review by Gary Hill
This is apparently a concept album about depression and specifically suicidal ideations. That's a topic that's of particular interest to me, so this has a real importance from that point of view.
Anthony Phillips and Joji Hirota - Wildlife
Review by Gary Hill
This album was originally released in 2007, It was a compilation of pieces of music recorded for two British TV shows, "Survival" and "Natural World."
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Soundtrack (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This release from 1969 was very much a masterwork of proto-prog.
Renaissance - Azure D’Or, Expanded 2CD/Blu-Ray Set
Review by Gary Hill
This certainly is a great set.
Reuter Motzer Grohowsky - Bleed
Review by Gary Hill
This instrumental set is intriguing and powerful. It's got plenty of King Crimson-like sound built into it, but there are also hints of space music, fusion, jam band stuff and more here.
Aksel Røed's Other Aspects - Do You Dream In Colours?
Review by Gary Hill
On the one hand, this is a jazz album. On the other it is often insane and experimental.
Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project - A Thousand Pebbles
Review by Gary Hill
This is one that I probably should have landed under non-prog as a pure jazz release. All of it fits under that category.
Todd Rundgren - The Individualist, A True Star Live (double CD/DVD Set)
Review by Gary Hill
To some degree, you know what you are getting when you see the name "Todd Rundgren." The man's music is almost a flavor all its own.
Rush - Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary Edition)
Review by Greg Olma
Rush started off the 80s with a record that was quite a departure from their three most recent (at the time) releases. 
Saga - Images at Twilight (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
The second release from Canadian prog rock outfit Saga, this came out in 1979. It seemed to build upon the foundation begun with their first album.
Stephan Thelen - Fractal Guitar 3
Review by Gary Hill
Stephan Thelen music is always high quality. It's also always interesting. I think this might be my favorite release from him, though.
Various Artists - OST-KRAUT! - Progressives aus den DDR-Archiven 1976-1982 Teil 2
Review by Gary Hill
Much like the previous edition of this series, this double disc collection gathers up some great German prog music.
Vincent Van Beethoven - Needle and Thread
Review by Gary Hill
I saw the name of this artist and immediately thought of Camper Van Beethoven because I am such a big fan of that band.
Rick Wakeman - A Gallery of the Imagination
Review by Gary Hill
This new album from Rick Wakeman is considered a concept album. That's because he considers it a gallery of art work, but represented as music.
Wedingoth - Five Stars Above
Review by Gary Hill
I really love this album so much. I know a lot of people call this heavy metal, and that is absolutely valid,
WIZRD - Seasons
Review by Gary Hill
This Norwegian progressive rock act is so interesting. Their music is heavily rooted in classic prog, but it's also modern.
Frank Zappa - Studio Tan (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This Frank Zappa disc has some trademark sounds. I think the side long "Greggary Peccary" has quite a bit in common with the "...Yellow Snow..." suite from Apostrophe.  
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Mike Campese - Reset
Review by Gary Hill
Mike Campese is probably best known for his guitar work with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He's definitely a talented shred guitarist, as this new solo album shows.
Celestial Wizard - Winds of the Cosmos
Review by Gary Hill
This band is based out of Colorado, but there music often feels out of this world.
DoctoR DooM - A Shadow Called Danger
Review by Gary Hill
This album might not be the tightest fit under heavy metal. It definitely has a lot of metal in the mix, though.
Xentrix - Scourge
Review by Gary Hill
This 1996 release (just getting reissued) was the final studio album for the initial run of Xentrix. It seems heavier and more nu-metal in some ways to me.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Achilles Tenderloin - Tincture for Trouble
Review by Gary Hill
There is a dark, almost spooky vibe to much of this music. This is heavily roots based.
Alice Austin - Goodnight Euphoria
Review by Gary Hill
This album has such an interesting mix of sounds. There is a lot of psychedelic and dream pop stuff here.
Jack Barksdale - Death of a Hummingbird
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another disc from Jack Barksdale, but this is his 2022 release. Barksdale is a prodigy (my label, not something I've read).
Mike Berman - Where I'm From
Review by Gary Hill
There is almost a dichotomy to this album. Some retro instrumental sounds dominate the set musically.
Bill Carter - Ramblin' Fever - The Complete Recordings 1953-61
Review by Gary Hill
This collection gathers up all commercial recordings by Bill Carter and releases them on two CDs.
The fundaMentals - Mourning Wood
Review by Gary Hill
To a large degree you know what you are going to get with The fundaMentals.
Future Crisis Klub - Future Crisis Klub
Review by Gary Hill
This EP features some particularly well-written and performed songs. It lands in the alternative rock zone, but there is a decent range within that overall label here.
Stacy Gabel - Straight to Voicemail EP
Review by Gary Hill
There is something to be said for shorter releases. They allow you to get in, get out and make a statement without a lot of filler.
Lynne Hanson - Ice Cream In November
Review by Gary Hill
As strong as this release is, and it is strong, I think I prefer the previous album I reviewed from Lynne Hanson to this one.
Humble Pie - I Need A Star In My Life
Review by Gary Hill
This is a collection of songs from Humble Pie that was recorded between 1974 and 1976. It features the lineup of Steve Marriott, Greg Ridley and Clem Clempson.
Sheila Jordan - Comes Love: Lost Session 1960
Review by Gary Hill
This release is an interesting one. It features some recently discovered recordings from jazz singer Sheila Jordan.
Johnny Kidd - So What?! - The Brits Are Rocking Vol.7
Review by Gary Hill
This new collection of music from Johnny Kidd is quite strong. To my ears these guys are among the better (and perhaps most forward leaning) of their early rock and roll contemporaries.
Erinn Peet Lukes - EPL
Review by Gary Hill
This EP has a fairly wide sonic palette. We get country music, rock, pop folk and more as reference points.
Jake Merritt - Old Soul
Review by Gary Hill
There is a fairly wide range of sounds here from roots music to jazz, alternative and more. It's all delivered with a maturity and proficiency that is admirable.
Trevor Owen - And the Moon Rising
Review by Gary Hill
Folk music and other mellower sounds are on the menu here. This is an effective set that never feels redundant or tired.
Rome 56 - Days of Carefree Living
Review by Gary Hill
I have seen this act listed as a punk rock band. I don't see that fitting based on this album.
David Singley - The Singles
Review by Gary Hill
This music on this EP is largely folk based, but it also has a leaning toward sort rock and on one song country. This sort of music often feels under-produced a little amateurish from others
Rachel McIntyre Smith - Glory Daze
Review by Gary Hill
This EP features a nice blend of sounds. Country, folk, pop rock and more are heard here.
Tokyo Tramps - Fearless Heart
Review by Gary Hill
There is a dichotomy to this. The music has a real old school rock vibe to it.
U.K. Subs - Reverse Engineering
Review by Gary Hill
Said to be the final album from punk rockers U.K. Subs, this set has some strong music.
Until The Sun - A Night at the Rhythm Room
Review by Gary Hill
This live disc from Until the Sun has some really strong music.
Various Artists - Easter Parade - 29 Easter Eggs For The Springtime Basket
Review by Gary Hill
This new collection is about Easter and spring music. The songs here range from 1932 to 1962.
Various Artists - Rod Willis & The Chic Connection (vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This 10-inch vinyl record has some intriguing music. It's a nice blend of sounds.
Various Artists - That'll Flat Git It Vol. 39
Review by Gary Hill
Featuring songs originally released on United Artists Records, this collection is heavy on early rock and roll.
The Vibrators - Fall Into the Sky
Review by Gary Hill
This is said to be the final album from The Vibrators. If it is, it's definitely a worthy close to their career.
Jon Tyler Wiley - The Longing
Review by Gary Hill
This is an album with a dual identity. On the one hand, there is a lot of old-school rock sound along with roots music built into its core.
The Wonsers - You Never Knew Me When I Was Young 2.0
Review by Gary Hill
The songs here have an indie rock vibe to them. At times they lean more toward punk.
DVD/Video Reviews
Anvil - Anvil! The Story Of Anvil (2-disc Ultimate Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
I remember back in the old days when a lot of the best metal coming out was on these small underground labels, often unknown except for the hardcore real metal fans.
Big Big Train - Summer Shall Not Fade (Blu-Ray double CD set)
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit that I'm not all that familiar with Big Big Train. They have so many hardcore fans in the progressive rock community.
The Great Kat - God Save The Queen! God Save The King! DVD
Review by Gary Hill
The Great Kat is a bit of a mystery to me, and a study in contrasts. I've previously reviewed another of her videos.
Pink Floyd - Pulse (double DVD set)
Review by Gary Hill
Here I'm taking a look back at the remastered version of Pink Floyd's live video Pulse. This comes on two DVDs.
The Residents - God In 3 Persons Live (Blu-Ray)
Review by Gary Hill
I have to admit that I'm a big fan of The Residents. That said, I don't think I ever fully understand what they are doing.
The Rolling Stones - Grrr Live! (DVD/double CD set)
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say that it's a great time to be a Rolling Stones fan. It seems that there has been no shortage of killer Stones live shows coming out for home video. 
Various Artists - Athens Inside Out 2: Red Turns Into Blue DVD
Review by Gary Hill
This documentary is the kind of thing that's not easy to do justice to in a short review. That's because the scope of the film is actually very wide
Various Artists - Blitzed: The 80s Blitz Kids Story DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I like to think that as connoisseurs of much the same cultural material, those of us in the US are not that different from the people of England. The truth is, though, there are a lot of differences.
Book Reviews
The Residents - Faceless Forever- A Residents Encyclopaedia Written by Jim Knipfel & Brian Poole
Review by Gary Hill
One thing you can always count on from the Residents is that they are unconventional. I am a big fan of the band.
Various Artists - A Hardcore Heart: Adventures In A DIY Scene Written by David Gamage
Review by Gary Hill
This is a massive book, running well over 650 pages. It's also such a cool book that it warranted one of our Music Street Journal bonus videos.
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