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October 2014 - Issue 108
Progressive Rock CD Reviews
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe - Brother of Mine / Vultures in the City (vinyl single)
Review by Gary Hill
This single from Anderson, Bruford Wakeman and Howe is out of print, of course, but these days, it’s not that hard (or sometimes expensive) to get your hands on something like this.
Asmodeus X - The Bright Ones
Review by Gary Hill
The newest set from Asmodeus X, this continues with their brand of electronic music.
The Bevis Frond - Miasma
Review by Gary Hill
At the time this album was recorded in 1988, The Bevis Frond was one guy: Nick Saloman.
Dewa Budjana - and Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie Colaiuta - Surya Namaskar (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
There is something to be said for the tactile experience of opening up a new vinyl LP, pulling out the disc and feeling that heft in your hand.
Buggles - Adventures in Modern Recording (12 inch single) (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
Are the Buggles progressive rock?
Clocks and Clouds - Aliantha (digital single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a trio consisting of cello, violin and drums.
Clocks and Clouds - The Creation of Matter
Review by Gary Hill
When you’ve got a line up that is based on just three instrumentalists - Stephanie Shogren: violin, Lucas Shogren: cello and Derek Powers: drums/percussion – it would be easy to assume this was some kind of classical outfit.
Dream Theater - Dream Theater
Review by Gary Hill
I discovered Dream Theater very early and became a big fan.
Echo Us - II:XII A Priori Memoriae
Review by Gary Hill
Echo Us’ brand of progressive rock leans toward new age.
Electric Light Orchestra - Eldorado
Review by Gary Hill
This album is an intriguing one.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Review by Gary Hill
This first album from Emerson, Lake and Palmer is really a classic.
Keith Emerson and Greg Lake - Live from Manticore Hall
Review by Gary Hill
This live recording features Keith Emerson and Greg Lake doing ELP songs (and a little more).
The Flock - Heaven Bound: The Lost Album
Review by Gary Hill
I’d always heard of these guys as a fusion act, but this is a lot more straight rock music.
Flying Colors - Second Nature
Review by Larry Toering
This band has succeeded the sophomore curse by not trying to defeat it, but succumbing to all of the cliches and eclectic efforts to do so.
Freedom - Freedom (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a new white vinyl release of this 1970 album from the band Freedom.
Froskull - Froskull
Review by Gary Hill
One doesn’t usually think of progressive rock coming from Nashville, but that’s just where these guys call “home.”
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Zombie Mouth
Review by Gary Hill
I love this band. They are just so cool. .
Gandalf's Fist - A Forest of Fey
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve loved Gandalf’s Fist since the first time I heard them several years ago.
Garden Music Project - Inspired by Syd Barrett’s Artwork
Review by Gary Hill
This is an unusual set. The title pretty much explains the impetus for this.
Genesis - We Can’t Dance
Review by Gary Hill
There are certain albums by Genesis that I just think of as pop music, rather than prog.
Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant
Review by Gary Hill
The debut disc from prog rockers Gentle Giant, this is a great album that really does a lot at highlighting their distinctive sound. 
Guru Freakout! - Mothership
Review by Gary Hill
There are a few things you can naturally assume about space rock.
Hedersleben - Hedersleben 2: Die Neuen Welten
Review by Gary Hill
This band is pretty fascinating.
Steve Hillage - Live at the Rainbow 1977
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say that I like pretty much everything from Steve Hillage.
Jack O’ the Clock - Night Loops
Review by Gary Hill
This is a pretty amazing and unusual disc.
Jethro Tull - Catfish Rising
Review by Gary Hill
This was the first album from Jethro Tull in the 1990s.
Kansas - In the Spirit of Things
Review by Gary Hill
By the time this album was released, Kansas seemed to really be struggling to find their place in the music scene.
King Crimson - Thrak
Review by Gary Hill
When King Crimson reformed after the 80s period, there were definitely elements of that period still present in their sound. 
Le Mur - In Tenebris (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
These guys call their music “heavy space rock.”
Dean Madonia - Shadow to Shadow Dean Madonia's Frankenstein
Review by Gary Hill
A concept album, this is mostly progressive rock, but there are some other things here, as well.
Marbin - The Third Set
Review by Gary Hill
This live album is pretty impressive.
Marillion - A Sunday Night Above the Rain
Review by Gary Hill
You know, Marillion post Fish is a very different beast than Marillion of the Fish era.
Modest Midget - Crysis
Review by Gary Hill
I’m a big fan of Modest Midget, so I was looking forward to this CD.
MoeTar - Entropy of the Century
Review by Gary Hill
It’s getting to be a pretty full crowd, but this album is a contender for my best of 2014 list.
The Moody Blues - Blue World 12 inch single (Vinyl)
Review by Gary Hill
This twelve inch single from the Moody Blues is out of print, but you can certainly find it online and most likely at a decent price.
Moraine - Groundswell
Review by Gary Hill
The mix of sounds here is pretty amazing.
Neal Morse - Songs from November
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve liked Neal Morse’s music from all the way back in the Spock’s Beard days.
Oceans of Night - Midnight Rising
Review by Gary Hill
It seems to me that each album from Oceans of Night is better than the one that came before it.
Alan Parsons - Vulture Culture
Review by Gary Hill
I remember when this album first came out thinking that it was kind of a throw-away Alan Parsons disc.
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets
Review by Gary Hill
Once upon a time Pink Floyd was more psychedelic than progressive rock.
Reanimation - Under the Last Tree on Earth
Review by Gary Hill
The mix of sounds here is odd, but also compelling.
Renaissance - Prologue
Review by Gary Hill
This early Renaissance disc has a lot of the folky progressive rock that was a trademark of the band at times.
Guido Umberto Sacco - Music for Dodos
Review by Gary Hill
While much of this is classical in nature, it’s more a progressive rock set than pure classical.
Saga - Sagacity
Review by Gary Hill
The first disc of this two CD set is a brand new album from Saga.
Storm Chronicles - Looking Backward
Review by Gary Hill
This album is definitely progressive rock.
Brian Tarquin - & Heavy Friends – Guitars for Wounded Warriors
Review by Gary Hill
This album is designed to raise money for the Wounded Warriors project.
3rd Ear Experience - Incredible Good Fortune
Review by Gary Hill
The newest disc from Third Ear Experience, if anything, this is stronger than their previous one. 
Tribute - Live! - The Melody, The Beat, The Heart
Review by Gary Hill
This live album is quite good. It’s almost all instrumental.
Vajra - Blind (Blood Remix) (Digital Single)
Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed Vajra’s last album.
Rick Wakeman - Fields of Green (Remastered Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
This remastered version just came out now. 
Rick Wakeman - In the Nick of Time: Live in 2003 (Remastered Edition)
Review by Gary Hill
This is a brand new “Remastered Edition” of this live Rick Wakeman album.
Yes - Wonderous Stories: The Best of Yes
Review by Gary Hill
I’m sure some would make the argument that we don’t need another Yes compilation album.
Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews
Electric Wizard - Time to Die
Review by Gary Hill
I am a big fan of Electric Wizard. You pretty much know what you are going to get with this band, but each album is a little different.
Evil United - Honored by Fire
Review by Gary Hill
Based in Texas, these guys create some seriously extreme metal. This really rocks.
Metal Pistol - Magnum Force
Review by Gary Hill
This act is a metal band with a female lead singer. Her name is “Sunny Lee,” and that’s not quite the kind of name you’d expect for a metal band.
Overkill - White Devil Armory
Review by Mike Korn
To say that Overkill is on a roll would not be giving them the credit they are due.
Red Tide Rising - The Rising
Review by Gary Hill
These guys have a modern metal sound that’s related to things like Godsmack.
Non-Prog CD Reviews
Amusium - French Fries and Caviar
Review by Gary Hill
I like this set. It’s unusual. The music is at times a bit uneven, but the soulful vocals work time and time again.
Monique Angele - Monique Angele
Review by Gary Hill
The vocals are the main thing here. 
Animal Hands - Roaring Girle (CD Single)
Review by Gary Hill
When I reviewed the recent EP from Animal Hands I thought that they showed a lot of promise, but needed to develop more of a unique sound.
Better than Ezra - Surprise
Review by Gary Hill
This is a special remastered reissue of the first Better than Ezra album.
Black State Highway - Black State Highway
Review by Gary Hill
Hailing from Latvia, lead singer Liva Steinberga has a great female hard rock voice.
Albert Bouchard - Incantation
Review by Jason Hillenburg
You can call Albert Bouchard many things, but predictable isn't one of them.
The Boy from the Crowd - Revelator (Digital Single)
Review by Gary Hill
This is pretty cool rocking music.
Phillip Brandon - Phillip Brandon
Review by Gary Hill
This EP has some classy music.
Cactus - An Evening in Tokyo
Review by Gary Hill
This live album from Cactus was recorded in 2012.
Cimino - Angels & Animals
Review by Gary Hill
Apparently this is the third set from these guys.
Clark Colborn - Ones And Zeros
Review by Greg Olma
We now live in a world where artists release digital singles and in many cases forgo the whole album experience.  
Creation Mind - The Crimson Sun
Review by Gary Hill
I love the mix of sounds here. Overall the main things are 1960s and 1970s pop rock, with a heavy infusion of The Beatles.
Peppino D'Agostino - Penumbra
Review by Gary Hill
Reviewing an album of acoustic guitar solo piece isn’t the easiest thing to do.
Electric Prunes - WaS
Review by Gary Hill
Between starting work on this album and getting it finished and released, Electric Prunes’ bassist Mark Tulin passed away.
Enuff Z'nuff - Covered in Gold
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always liked Enuff Z’Nuff. So, I was looking forward to this new album of covers.
Farah - Neoteric
Review by Gary Hill
Music wise this lands in the modern electronic territory.
Bonne Finken - Fairytales / Loveaffairs
Review by Gary Hill
Bonne Finken’s music is hard to categorize.
Chris Fury - From Darkness
Review by Gary Hill
Here we have an instrumental album focusing on guitar hero like playing.
Katie Garibaldi - Follow Your Heart
Review by Gary Hill
Hailing from California, Katie Garibaldi’s voice seems more tied to the deep south..
The Glass Child - I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die
Review by Gary Hill
The mastermind behind this work is a lady named “Charlotte Eriksson.”
Goodnight Tonight - Watch the Rain
Review by Gary Hill
I love this EP. It’s not overly original, but it just works really well.
Matt Hannah - Let the Lonely Fade
Review by Gary Hill
Fans of singer/songwriter music will find plenty to like here.
The Healing - Childhood Home
Review by Gary Hill
There are moments of brilliance here.
Hearts of Oak - New England
Review by Gary Hill
This act has been described as “shoegazer country.”
Hollywood Monsters - Big Trouble
Review by Gary Hill
Stéphane Honde. Is apparently a French man who has relocated to Los Angeles.
I Am Giant - Science & Survival
Review by Gary Hill
This album lands in an alternative rock territory. .
Kicklighter - The Fascinating Thinking Machine
Review by Gary Hill
I like this set a lot. Not everything here is great, but a lot of it is.
Leonino - Naked Tunes
Review by Gary Hill
This is a bit of a mixed bag.
Lost Dog Found - Dine on Danger
Review by Gary Hill
I remember when the resurgence of swing music was a big deal.
Barbara Lusch - Rock Me Sweet
Review by Gary Hill
This is an album of covers.
Paul Maged - Diamonds and Demons
Review by Gary Hill

Punk and good old fashioned hard rock merge on this. It has a bit of a DIY vibe, but that’s not a bad thing. 

Review by Gary Hill
This is a Russian duo, and they play some pretty great music.
Nehedar - The Warming House
Review by Gary Hill
This is quite an intriguing (if a bit uneven) disc.
Joe Olnick - Up All Night
Review by Gary Hill
Joe Olnick plays everything here except the drums.
Lucky Peterson - I’m Back Again
Review by Gary Hill
Let’s get this out of the way right up front.
Tom Petty - Hypnotic Eye
Review by Gary Hill
I’ve always been a big fan of Tom Petty.
Qvalia - This is the Color of My Dreams
Review by Gary Hill
Electronic pop music is the concept here.
Rival Empire - Rival Empire
Review by Gary Hill
Rival Empire’s website includes the following disclaimer about this album:
Roses and Revolutions - Roses and Revolutions
Review by Gary Hill
Based on the title and the cover you might think this is some new rough-edged hard rock band.
The 69 Cats - Transylvanian Tapes
Review by Gary Hill
There is a cool type of music that has a dark, spooky take on rockabilly at its heart.
The Slang - The Slang
Review by Gary Hill
While this isn’t Earth shattering in terms of creativity or impact, it is definitely fresh sounding in a lot of ways.
Swampboots - Space and Time / Pickup on 95th Street
Review by Gary Hill
The mix of sounds on this two song release is pretty intriguing.
Terraplane - Black and White – Expanded Edition
Review by Gary Hill
I like this set quite a bit.
Third World - Under the Magic Sun
Review by Gary Hill
Third World turns their attention to covering a lot of really classic songs.
Various Artists - A Blues Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
Review by Gary Hill
I think I might argue with calling this a “blues tribute.”
Various Artists - Look Again to the Wind: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears Revisited
Review by Gary Hill
Fifty Years ago Johnny Cash released an album titled, “Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian.”
The Voices of Terror - The Rock Rap Dynasty
Review by Gary Hill
This new disc is a pretty cool hip hop album.
DVD/Video Reviews
Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson Thick as a Brick Live in Iceland DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Let’s just say that those looking for a Jethro Tull concert specifically might be disappointed.
Randy Bachman - Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story DVD
Review by Gary Hill
I have to say upfront that I’m a much bigger fan of The Guess Who than of Bachman Turner Overdrive.
Devo - The Men Who Make the Music DVD
Review by Gary Hill
If you are going to reissue an old out of print video, it always makes good sense to add some new content, too. 
Paradise 9 - Live At Onboard the Craft Festival DVD
Review by Gary Hill
The video quality on this live DVD from Paradise 9 is very good.
The Pee Wee Blues Gang - Live At Rockpalast DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Make no mistake, these guys rock.
Queen - Live at the Rainbow 74 BluRay
Review by Gary Hill
I love Queen. I wasn’t crazy about some of the music they did later in their career when they seemed to focus more on pop ditties than rock music, but overall, they were always a very talented band.
Albert Bouchard
Interview by Jason Hillenburg

Interview with Albert Bouchard from 2014

The Aaron Clift Experiment
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Aaron Clift (of The Aaron Clift Experiment) from 2014
Interview by Gary Hill
Interview with Sontaag from 2014
Concert Reviews
Deep Purple - Live in Roseburg, Oregon August 2014
Review by Larry Toering
Deep Purple came out on stage with a vengeance and blew the crowd off their feet by the end of the opening number.
Queensrÿche - Live in Wauconda, Illinois, August 2014
Review by Greg Olma

I am happy to say that the whole legal issue over the Queensryche name has been settled and we can now focus on the music. 

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