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04/04/2008 - Music Street Journal Members Area Demystified and Classified
I thought I’d give everyone some ideas of how the whole Music Street Journal membership breaks down in terms of what you get for your money.

A one month membership is six dollars. One of the things you get with your membership is the ability to read the book The Strange Sound of Cthulhu – Music Inspired by the Writings of H. P. Lovecraft online. That book retails for 24 dollars if you buy it. So, here you can read it for just six dollars and then all the other content in the members area could be considered "bonus!"

A three month membership is twelve bucks. Another thing you get with your membership is access to content by different bands. We’re constantly adding more acts, but in general you can sample songs, or watch videos (sometimes both) from the bands. You can also ask some of them questions and read blogs by some of the artists. We currently have these artists in there – with more being added on a daily basis lately.


  • Aethellis
  • Asmodeus X
  • Black 47
  • bloodsimple
  • Bill Bruford
  • Clark Plays Guitar
  • Cosmo’s Moon
  • Alan Davey
  • DC4
  • Brett Dennen
  • Devil Doll
  • Wil Deynes
  • Djam Karet
  • Dream Aria
  • Duran Duran
  • EdibleRed
  • Eternal Descent
  • Farpoint
  • Fernwood
  • Josh Fix
  • Fort Pastor
  • Groove Pipe
  • Hate Camels
  • Gary Hill
  • Thom Hopkins
  • Inquisitor Betrayer
  • I/OI
  • Jupiter One
  • Jessie Kilguss
  • Lana Lane
  • Magic Pie
  • Guy Manning
  • Matt Martino
  • Scott Mosher
  • Valentin Narvaez
  • Erik Norlander
  • OnOffOn
  • Otep
  • Diana Page
  • Diana Page
  • The Paisley Tones
  • Michael Paul
  • Pennenga
  • Pilgrim Speakeasy
  • Raising Fear
  • Rocket Scientists
  • Rotten Cheri
  • Sacha Sacket
  • The Sea Dragons
  • 2nd Day Crush
  • Slickfist
  • The Smith Brothers
  • Soniq Theater
  • The States
  • Stealing Jane
  • Sifu Stephen Doe
  • Stratospheerius
  • James Sudakow
  • The Syn
  • Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz
  • John Taglieri
  • Telling on Trixie
  • Triangle Exception
  • TV/TV
  • Mike Visaggio
  • The White Tie Affair
  • John Young Band
  • Sandy Zio

With 68 bands there now that comes to less than twenty cents a band – and again that means that everything else in the members area is free if you figure it out that way – bonus once more.


A six month membership is fifteen dollars. In addition to everything else listed above, your membership also includes access to our massive photo galleries. These are generally pictures that are larger and higher quality than the ones that appear with our concert reviews. In most cases you get lots of extra pictures that never ran at the site (and often anywhere else) before. There are actually galleries of concerts that we never covered at the site. The bands included right now (once more, galleries are being added on a regular basis) are:

  • Alice Cooper
  • Amon Amarth
  • Arlo Guthrie
  • Asia
  • Atreyu
  • Black 47
  • Black Label Society
  • Bleeding Through
  • California Guitar Trio
  • Children of Bodom
  • Chris Caffery
  • Coco Montoya
  • Dimmu Borgir
  • Doro (2 galleries)
  • Dream Theater (2 galleries)
  • Echolyn
  • Enslaved
  • Enuff Z’Nuff
  • Every Time I Die
  • Frank Marino
  • Geoff Tate
  • Gojira
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • Gwar
  • Hawkwind
  • Heaven and Hell (2 galleries)
  • Ian Anderson
  • Ian Gillan
  • Jean-Luc Ponty
  • Jethro Tull (2 galleries)
  • Judas Priest (4 galleries)
  • Kansas
  • Lacuna Coil
  • Lamb of God
  • Lonnie Brooks and the Brooks Family Band
  • Magma
  • Magna-Fi
  • Megadeth
  • Nazareth
  • Otep (2 galleries)
  • Overkill
  • Placebo
  • Porcupine Tree
  • Prong
  • Pure Reason Revolution
  • Queensryche (4 galleries)
  • Rik Emmett
  • Robert Cray
  • Ron Keel
  • Skeleton Breath
  • Slayer
  • Soul Sirkus
  • Spock’s Beard (3 galleries)
  • Star People
  • Static-X
  • Stratovarius
  • Superjoint Ritual
  • Tempest
  • The Heavils
  • The Red Masque
  • Throwdown
  • Tony Levin
  • Toto (2 galleries)
  • UFO
  • Uli Jon Roth
  • Y & T
  • Yes (5 galleries)

With well over 2,000 pics in those galleries, based on the six month price they cost you less than a penny a piece – and that calculation again makes everything else in the members area "free with purchase bonuses."

A one year membership is $25 dollars and membership also includes access to our archives.  We’re still in the process of putting these in, but once we’re done that means you’ll have access to well over 2.500 articles that aren’t accessible without a membership. Since each issue gets put into the archives after the next one goes up, that number is growing every two months – and at 2,500 articles, they are yours to access for a penny each – and again, that means everything else in the members’ area comes "bonus" with that price.

I haven’t even mentioned our audio interviews, but you get those in the members area, too. Right now we have interviews with Electric Wizard, Enslaved, Exodus, Dave Brock of Hawkwind, Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings (this one won’t even be in MSJ – or anywhere besides the members area – until the next issue goes up), Neal Morse when he was in Spock’s Beard, Ray Manzarek of the Doors and The Tangent’s Andy Tillison (this is another that won’t be published in print til next issue – but you can check it out now in the members area).

In any event, the current issue of Music Street Journal is always accessible to everyone (member or not). From the main page you can also access press releases and tour dates that have been submitted without a membership. But really with a membership you get so much more.

Maybe the biggest benefit is that you’ll be helping to guarantee that Music Street Journal can stay afloat. Without financial support of membership sales and advertising (email me for info about ads and sponsorships) the site won’t be able to continue. All of the coverage we do will be no more if we can’t make the bills. So, perhaps the best thing is that, in addition to all the stuff mentioned above, you get the chance to be part of keeping a site covering music you like alive.

Have a look at the video under the log in box on the home page for a more visual picture of what Music Street Journal is all about. Then get yourself a membership (hit the "click to register" button next to the log in box) and stop missing out.
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07/25/2018 Nine Rockford Area Authors to Sign Books at Event
07/11/2018 ScienceNV Release New Single
06/21/2018 ScienceNV Release Second New Album This Year
06/05/2018 ScienceNV Release First Single from Upcoming Album
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03/26/2018 ScienceNV Invites You To Join The Quest
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03/08/2017 MSJ Articles Archived Through 2005
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09/19/2016 New Book From MSJ Available Now
09/06/2016 Finalized Musician List Released for Upcoming Book
08/22/2016 New Book on Musician as Music Fan Coming Soon
07/06/2016 The Syn’s Trustworks Vinyl Available July 15th
07/06/2016 Special Pricing for MSJ Related Books Anniversaries
06/15/2016 A Word on the Passing of Trent Gardner of Magellan
05/05/2016 The Syn’s Trustworks To Get Vinyl Edition Release
03/25/2016 The Syn’s Trustworks Album Is Available World-Wide
02/25/2016 The Syn Are Generating a Lot of Attention
01/27/2016 The Syn Will Release A New Studio Album – Trustworks - in 2016
01/15/2016 Capacitor Records' new release "You Can't Kill Rock 'N Roll" is a fund-raising compilation
11/24/2015 Brand New Music Video Set for Release by Bruce Stringer
11/16/2015 Coverage of the Syn Keeps Coming Well After Live Rosfest Release
10/14/2015 “Gemini” Is the New Music Video from Bruce Stringer
09/23/2015 The Syn’s Live Rosfest is Earning Critical Accolades
09/15/2015 Bruce Stringer Releases Music Video for “Carnation”
08/18/2015 New Album from Bruce Stringer Available Now
08/11/2015 Bruce Stringer Releases New Music Video
07/29/2015 New Album from Bruce Stringer Set for Release
07/23/2015 The Syn‘s Live Rosfest Released in Japan via Marquee Records
06/29/2015 Steve Nardelli of the Syn Issues a Statement About Chris Squire
06/28/2015 A Statement From Jon Anderson About the Passing of Chris Squire
06/09/2015 New Syn Coverage Emerges Online
05/18/2015 Three Syn Discs Are Being Re-Released
05/11/2015 Legendary Band The Syn Release Live at Rosfest CD/DVD
04/21/2015 Time Is Running out for Current Sponsorship Rates
03/31/2015 Charity Album for Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Nominated for RAMI Award
03/23/2015 Benefit Show to be Held at Take 20 on April 4th
03/03/2015 Art and Soul: Jazz Giant Gregory Porter and Blues Legend Tomás Doncker Team Up to Benefit The Gloster Project’s Free Art Camp for Mississippi Kids
11/21/2014 New Book Released – Music Street Journal: Holiday Edition
10/02/2014 Two Popular Music Review Sites Announce Partnership
09/29/2014 Time Is Running Out to Get Digital Copies of Album Benefiting Pantry
09/17/2014 New EP From Clark Colborn is Due on September 29th
09/16/2014 Time Is Running out for Digital Copies of Noah’s Ark Charity Disc
08/12/2014 Charity Album for Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Is Released
08/05/2014 Will Neil Young’s PonoMusic be a Success?
07/31/2014 Strange Sound of Cthulhu - On Sale
07/29/2014 New Album to Benefit Rockford’s Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
06/26/2014 Half Price Sale on Memberships to Music Street Journal - one day only!
06/11/2014 Pontus Gunve Is a Finalist for Best of Brooklyn
06/04/2014 Frank Made Me Do It Is Receiving Love
06/02/2014 Battle of the Boroughs Will Stream Live on Internet
05/21/2014 Pontus Gunve Unleashes New Live Videos from May 15th
05/14/2014 Clark Colborn’s Frank Made Me Do It is Available
05/07/2014 Clark Colborn Details Covering Frank Zappa
04/23/2014 Clark Colborn Releases Third Video to Promote New EP
04/16/2014 Clark Colborn Releases Two Videos to Promote New EP
04/15/2014 Musician on Will Sing for Food Honored with Award
04/10/2014 Pontus Gunve Will Play the Battle of the Boroughs 2014
04/08/2014 Clark Colborn Set to Pay Musical Tribute to Frank Zappa
02/13/2014 Music Street Journal needs your help and you just might win for helping us out.
12/10/2013 New Live Video Released by Pontus Gunve
11/27/2013 Pontus Gunve’s “Felix” Live Video Released
11/26/2013 Will Sing for Food Charity Album Has Been Released
11/19/2013 New Pontus Gunve Live Video Released
11/13/2013 Will Sing for Food Album Will Benefit Food Pantry
11/07/2013 Pontus Gunve to Release Live EP
10/02/2013 The Aaron Clift Experiment announces new guitarist Eric Gutierrez
10/01/2013 ScienceNV Will Release New EP
09/17/2013 Pontus Gunve Will Play Spike Hill Stage in Brooklyn
08/23/2013 Second New Single Released by ScienceNV
08/20/2013 Work Set to Begin on Updated Strange Sound of Cthulhu
08/13/2013 Pontus Gunve’s Announces Live Show on August 24th
08/12/2013 ScienceNV Set to Release Two Singles
07/30/2013 ScienceNV’s Pacific Circumstances on CDBaby
07/10/2013 ScienceNV Will Release Video for “Titan”
07/09/2013 Clark Colborn Releases “Baba O’Riley” Digital Single
07/03/2013 * Modest Midget: A new single!
06/18/2013 Do You Have ScienceNV? If Not, Why Not?
05/23/2013 Unified Past Announce Release Date for New CD “Spots”
05/16/2013 ScienceNV to Unveil “Cold Space” Video
05/09/2013 Pontus Gunve Album Has Been Released
04/25/2013 Last Album Before the End of Time Set for Release
04/24/2013 Pontus Gunve Album Track List Revealed
04/16/2013 ScienceNV Reveal Secrets of the End of Time
04/10/2013 “Cavalry of Camels” from Pontus Gunve Set for Release
04/08/2013 ScienceNV’s Last Album Before the End of Time
03/26/2013 Pontus Gunve to Release “Cavalry of Camels” Video
03/21/2013 ScienceNV Set to Explore “Titan”
03/05/2013 “Curved Space” from ScienceNV Set for March 7 Release
02/28/2013 The Aaron Clift Experiment announces new guitarist Danny Brymer
11/19/2012 Physical Release Date Set for Corvus Stone CD
11/12/2012 G.W. (Gary) Hill Donates Song to Hurricane Relief Album
11/07/2012 Clark Colborn Song Featured on Hurricane Relief Album
11/05/2012 Corvus Stone Donates Song to Hurricane Relief Project
11/01/2012 Debut Corvus Stone Album Set for Release
10/18/2012 G. W. Hill Set to Release Déjà Vu
10/17/2012 Corvus Stone Covers Black Widow with New Single
10/11/2012 Second Single from Upcoming Corvus Stone Album Is Out
10/01/2012 Just in Time for Halloween: New G.W. Hill Scary Single
09/26/2012 “Ice King” Single Has Been Released by Corvus Stone
09/12/2012 Single “Superstition” from Clark Colborn Set for Release
09/04/2012 G. W. Hill’s Missile Hay Knee Us is Back in Print
08/20/2012 G. W. Hill’s Earth: Part Two is Back in Print
08/20/2012 Jon Anderson To Tour South America In September 2012
08/15/2012 G. W. Hill’s Earth: Part One is Back in Print
08/13/2012 Clark Colborn Will Be Interviewed on Arrow 95.9
08/08/2012 Byron Nemeth Will Be Interviewed on Arrow 95.9
08/01/2012 The Critics are Showing Some Love to Clark Colborn
07/20/2012 Jon Anderson To Play Special Concert In London At Sadler's Well On August 8, 2012
07/18/2012 The Aaron Clift Experiment releases debut album, "Lonely Hills"
07/11/2012 Clark Colborn Releases “Eleanor Rigby” as Digital Single
07/06/2012 Announcing Expedited Reviews
07/02/2012 Six Elements Release “If - ” EP
06/28/2012 G. W. Hill”s Excursions is Back in Print
06/21/2012 New Song Released by Rockers Magellan
06/12/2012 “Hello Goodbye” Gets Interpreted by Magellan
06/06/2012 Sacred Heart Announces Reissue with Bonus Tracks
05/21/2012 Magellan Releases Cover of Immortal Kansas Hit
04/24/2012 Clark Colborn Music Video Set to Debut
03/31/2012 Second Annual Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off Competition Announced
03/20/2012 Partner With Music Street Journal
03/07/2012 New Single By Music Legend Jon Anderson and Renown Italian Composer/Producer Marco Sabiu “Limitless Lives” Now Available For Digital Download
02/10/2012 Progressive Rock meets Rudyard Kipling’s “If”
02/08/2012 A Statement To The Press By Original YES Vocalist / Songwriter Jon Anderson
01/13/2012 Original YES Vocalist / Songwriter Jon Anderson To Play Select US Dates
12/28/2011 Clark Colborn Releases His Second Album
12/07/2011 CIRCA: New Year's Eve Internet Concert December 31st 2011
11/22/2011 Jon Anderson To Play Select Concerts In South America
11/04/2011 Yes Legends Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman To Release 'Anderson / Wakeman -The Living Tree In Concert Part One'
11/04/2011 Dave Brockie AKA Oderus Urungus Comments on Passing of GWAR Guitarist Cory Smoot AKA Flattus Maximus and the Status of GWAR
10/11/2011 Young Circles Release "Ninety-Nine Percent" Single
09/15/2011 YES Legends Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman To Tour The US Fall 2011
08/25/2011 The Strange Sound of Cthulhu - In German
06/29/2011 Jon Anderson To Play Select Summer Concerts In Support Of New CD Release
06/07/2011 The Strange Sound of Cthulhu to get German Edition
06/07/2011 Contact to post news here
06/07/2011 Ad and Sponsorship Discounts
06/07/2011 Music Street Journal Members Area Demystified and Classified
06/04/2011 Contact to post news here
05/23/2011 Jon Anderson To Release Long Awaited New CD 'Survival & Other Stories'
05/20/2011 Partner With Music Street Journal
04/08/2011 Ian Anderson's Out Of This World Concert
03/16/2011 Lazarus A.D. Need Your Help
04/04/2008 Music Street Journal Members Area Demystified and Classified